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Handle problem, hard to diagnose

Hello, I am looking for help with the problem with the door handle in Model S, facelift from 2017. While the problem seems to be quite common and easily repairable, in my case since April, both the Tesla service in Berlin and locally in Poland, I have not been able to solve it. Passenger side front door handle.
in short:
The problem is that the front handle slides out correctly, but pulling it does not open the door, from the inside the door opens normally. The last days the handle is in the extended position all the time. What was checked in independent workshops was the handle replaced with gen 2.1 (1135715-S0-A) and door control UNIT 1003101-00, unfortunately without result. What's more, both my handle and the module 1003101-00 work properly after inserting into another S.

1st visit 28/04: according to the invoice - external handle ver 2.1 (1135715-S0-A) and handle version 3.0 (1100300-SO-A) and door controller 3.0 - (1069651-00-E) - no result, no problem stopped, the service in Berlin suggested another visit, according to them and the diagnostician's opinion, the door controller UNIT 1003101-00 is the culprit) I think OK it could have failed the first time, but my surprise increased when I was charged for the entire repair, including 2 generations of the handle to the same door 🙂
2nd visit 08.05 - door control 1003101-00 replaced, after 8 hours of waiting on the spot, bad news from an employee in Berlin - unfortunately the problem has not been solved, the service manager came and said that the problem is with the software and not with the hardware, and they encourage me to arrange another service, in order to make a diagnosis, I think to myself, let the next trip wait for me, but it doesn't say 🙂 I set the date, postponed twice by Tesla,
3rd visit 31.05 after arrival I found out that I will have to leave the car for 2 days, knowing the reality of the Tesla Service in Berlin and the employee's complaints that the diagnostician is sick and did not come to work today, and that they only have 2 diagnosticians, the rest are mechanics about 10 people, and there is still no one there, I left the car and returned to Krakow, waiting for the development of events, after 6 days and poor contact in the chat, an update appeared in the application - to replace the hardness beam ( 1004424-00-u) and the mirror ( 1041322-00 -H) If the replacement of the beam does not raise my objections, the replacement of the mirror does, so I asked what is the reason for replacing the mirror - I received information that the diagnostician suspects that water could have got in from the side of the mirror and this caused a problem with the operation of the wiring harness, I think ok , therefore, I am asking you to replace the beam itself, but the service does not reply to the request to replace the beam itself and keeps asking you to accept a new cost estimate (with a mirror).
Due to the fact that the case drags on, Tesla's service priced another repair at 1500 E, I decided to try to replace the beam myself, I bought it, postponed it, it took me about 1.5 hours, but it seems that unfortunately the problem is still there, so I wonder if it makes sense to go again, to leave the car for a few days in Berlin
Does anyone out there have any idea what the actual problem is?
Have you tried to redeploy current firmware, it depends if the car is allowing service mode. You can select partial which means the car will make redeployment and will not start new download. It’s required to perform so new modules can communicate with the car.


I'm having exactly the same issue with my 2017 model S
so far, ive had two gen 3 handles and door controller and front an back door looms. still the problem persists. its got to be a software but or a bad rear door handle control unit.