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Who Lost The Total Tesla Twitter War? An After Action Report - TTAC

Discussion in 'News' started by Lanny, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Lanny

    Lanny ~

    Nov 29, 2011
    The Truth About Cars website posted a retrospective and opinion on the war of tweets between Elon Musk and the New York Times, Who Lost The Total Tesla Twitter War? An After Action Report

    Note that members of this forum were part of the battle as some of the Model S owners here set out to recreate Broder's drive and were acknowledged by both Musk and the New York Times.

    Below is a compilation of some key tweets and retweets by Elon Musk made during the seven days between when he alleged the NY Times article was fake and accepting Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan's response admitting that the reporter used poor judgment.

    The @TeslaRoadTrip recreation organized by members of the TeslaMotorsClub forum is mentioned three times in Musk's Twitter stream. At one point he retweets the conclusion of @LawrenceChanin who said "The driving public is the winner thanks to the efforts of these intrepid owners."

    Feb. 11
    NYTimes article about Tesla range in cold is fake. Vehicle logs tell true story that he didn't actually charge to max & took a long detour.

    Tesla blog coming soon detailing what actually happened on Broder's NYTimes "range test". Also lining up other journalists to do same drive.

    Feb. 15
    Retweeted by Elon Musk
    @elonmusk Elon - 6 of us East Coasters are recreating the NY Times trip this weekend.... @TeslaRoadTrip

    Feb. 17
    Instant poll. I'm curious. Who do you think is winning the #TeslaPRwar? @elonmusk or @nytimes

    @TEDchris @elonmusk @nytimes I think @TeslaRoadTrip is winning

    Retweeted by Elon Musk
    @TeslaRoadTrip @avantgame @TEDchris @elonmusk @nytimes The driving public is the winner thanks to the efforts of these intrepid owners.

    Feb. 18
    Retweeted by Elon Musk
    #TeslaRoadTrip All - thanks so much for following our twitter feed. The trip was a success and everyone has diverted to their homes!!!

    Appreciate thoughtful @Sulliview article. Faith in @nytimes restored.
  2. Norbert

    Norbert TSLA will win

    Oct 12, 2009
    San Francisco, CA
    From the article: "Where I worked most of my professional life, CEO’s of car companies did not tweet."

    Welcome to the 21st century. As electric cars become part of life, so will occasionally such discussions. It's not the first time: I remember the upset-ness of EV- and Volt-advocates when a reporter claimed the Volt ran out of charge in a tunnel. Or something like that.
  3. ForIn

    ForIn New Member

    Feb 22, 2013
    Here is my answer to the TTAC article, since my comment did not appear there:

    It's all been said and done. But all you experts, including the writer are at best shortsighted. You only see what you want to see. I understand the writer and the PR people, of course they can't say he was right - otherwise why would one need PR firms, and start questioning media. For the exact that reason you should not need PR firm if they genuinely interpreting this Tesla story as in this article. That's why Tesla does not have external ad agency or PR.

    Look at it this way: this was the best Tesla PR move ever: millions $ worth of free press and media, there are now millions of people who heard about Tesla for the first time, and no matter NYT story (they admitted their bad) - a lot of them who are interested in a new or EV car will look Tesla up and will see great reviews. (Some of course will follow these kind of opinion too). See all comments on Quora if you care for another fact based perspective:

    Eunu Fos PR team hope to accomplish by attacking prominent members of the automotive press? - Quora

    Remember Musk build 2 successful Internet companies - and expert here say he does know know how to use marketing/twitter etc? You are kidding yourself and your gullible, uniformed readers too. You need a proof, here's 1 minute of that:

    Stanford ECorner

    Tesla knew exactly what their car was capable of: a minimum of 200 miles, and when the car failed that, it was bright obvious that something was not right. Why did NYT shut up and 'retracted'? But what about Tesla falsifying the data some say? You know why - because it was not the only data that was publicly available, there was more. And NYT could not argue that, and did not want to embarrass themselves more. Musk's businesses track rocket performances - you think they can't put 2+2 together for a car and give it on a plate to the NYT?
    Plus also remember these king of articles have power to put a fledgling business out of the business. That's why when Musk heard about the issue he called to apologise - anything can happen, but then he saw the article and the data..

    The points about the stock price in the article is pure speculation or fantasy. (Not like a financial expert wrote this article.) The stock started falling because of the upcoming options expiration Friday and had to hover around $38-$40 mark for most option calls to expire worthless - this happens all the time on the market. The timing of the negative article was definitely a help for that. But nothing to do with the tweets. The price falling on earnings is no wonder and happens all the time, - the lower it falls the cheaper one can buy it in the future once the company's manufacturing is in full swing and when the results are ready for the prime tim - towards the end of the year...

    I don't care about Musk's attitude etc - he's creating the best products in the world, a lot of jobs and moving the world ahead singlehandedly. If there was not for him there would be no Tesla Motors (the pre-tesla team wanted to only build kit cars, plus they didn't have money), and there would not be SpaceX - what sensible person would go to Russia 3 times to try to buy ballistic missiles just to reignite people's interest in space programmes? The would not be SolarCity and who knows what the PayPal would be like, if at all here.
    Whatever couch-pundits and experts a like, say - that's the only thing you can do, only say... Easy but also worthless ..
  4. brianman

    brianman Burrito Founder

    Nov 10, 2011
    To the article author...
    Twitter didn't exist for most of your professional life. Or are you that new? If you are, then why do I care about your "long" career? ;)

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