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Why does SC permitting / construction take so long

I'm completely ignorant of this process but it seems like the process of getting new SC's installed takes quite a while. Carlsbad CA has been permitting for over 7 months, and Cupertino has been under construction for a little over 5.
(source supercharge.info, click on charts)

What holds this process up?

My guesses:
1) limited resources, Tesla seems to have been building a lot on I15 between LA and Vegas
2) Utility / city takes a long time to approve
3) ?
Every utility has different rules and procedures, every government entity that regulates has different rules and procedures and timelines, every location has a myriad of issues to be addressed including available power at the site, issues with trenching, digging, cutting through concrete in parking garages, parking lots, etc.

That’s not including issues related to handicap access, surveys for vehicle flow, control of pedestrian access or limitations, approvals from property manager, property owner, or tenants who may have some connection, and on and on and on.

Just think of a typical city office that has to approve this kind of a project. Every single issue has to go through whatever bureaucratic procedure, then return to the contractor for whatever changes that may be required, then back through the bureaucratic process, and every change would have to be approved by everybody that has a finger on the project.

If an environmental impact study were required, how long do you think that would take? How about a coastal commission approval? How about legal challenge from a homeowners association or business group? What about a shopping mall tenant who doesn’t like Tesla? Or the traffic enforcement agency complaining that too many cars would be using it? What if wheelchairs can’t go up a hill at the location?

I’m surprised they get it done in less than a year. I’m aware of a project that has a $500,000 California state grant that is now in year number four to get all the approvals required.
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