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Will I Regret a LR X Given Known Issue?

I have owned 8 Model X's and have had none of the issues you brought up. Tires/camber Tesla will quickly fix that if you start noticing it and tires are not that expensive. You just need to pay attention to the tires.

The only really annoying issue I had back in 2016/17 was ghosting on the windshield but they fixed that long ago.

I would also pass on FSD, it is a joke. Basic AP works great. And the charging in newer X's is super fast.

I cannot wait to sell my 2020 and get a newer one.
I dont want to sidetrack the discussion but can you talk a little bit about why you've owned so many? Are you doing a ton of miles? Aren't you impacted by the higher initial depreciation? Are you getting a lot of tradein value?

I'm on the fence about getting my first new MXLR but I was thinking of keeping it long term. Maybe I'm thinking about it all wrong.