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Will Tesla repackage autopilot to include summon?

Now that smart summon is officially released, I wonder if Tesla will include the forward/reverse only summon as part of the autopilot package. Smart summon will remain a FSD feature.

... for the record, I have FSD and smart summon (not trying to start another complaint thread). I just think it could potentially be a demand lever down the road.
I don't think so. I think they want to keep as many features on FSD to warrant the price tag. I'm definitely considering it now because I got used to automatic lane changes on my X with EAP and have used the summon a few times. Smart summon seems really cool but I think once the next set of FSD updates comes it will almost be worth it but question is do they raise the price at that point. If I could get it for $3k right now I think I would do it.