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Winter-charging cover?

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I’ve searched but not found an answer...

Does anyone have a good idea for covering the charge-plug and port when charging at home in winter?

If it snows I suspect that snow will accumulate in/around the charge-port - and perhaps staying there when the port closes.

I seem to remember seeing some sort of plastic or cloth that could be mounted on the charge-cable, but cannot find it now.


Same as my other post, but a pic and another link. No idea how good or bad it is.

ECO-DOME – Alex Industries

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Beware of the ECO Dome. I've seen report of scratched paint if you're not careful...

There another alternative if you want. Didn't tried any of those (and don't plan to unless there a recurring issue next winter):
Housse protectrice pour port de recharge - Protection et plus

That looks.... interesting.

Somebody’s going to come by and make a “looks like a car charger birth control device” joke about that.

I mean, not me. I’d never do such a thing.

But I bet somebody will.
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