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Winter setup (Pirelli PZero Winter 19” ?)

I’ve been scouring the forums for feedback on the PZero Winters, as well as reviews online from Tesla owners, but I’m not seeing a lot. I’m looking to sort out my winter setup for my MYLR.

They are up for a pretty good deal at Tirerack right now it seems. I have a hard time finding good deals in Canada outside of Tirerack. My local options all seem pretty expensive.

These look like they’re EV friendly with noise reduction too. Think I’ll be happy with them versus shelling out the extra $$$ for some Micheline X-Ice?

My plan is to mount them on my existing Gemini 19” wheels, then get new wheels for next Spring for my Summer setup.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
I just ordered some Michelin X Ice and Snow from Black Cirlcles dot ca for a pretty good price (~$1400CDN shipped). They currently have a 15% off code familyxicesnow and free shipping. IDK how they stack up to the Pirellis but they are a very well rated winter tire.

And that was my exact thinking for new wheels next Spring.
Just the rubber. I'll look at wheels in the Spring. But IDK. A $1000+ for wheels and $350 for TPMS can pay for a lot of tire changes at the local garage.
Yeah it’s true. I have just really been debating 18” winters for the extra cushion. We get a lot of potholes. But then I’d probably be smarter to get a new set of wheels at some point for summers and keep the 19” Geminis for winters, for exactly the reasons you’ve pointed out. The cost is astronomical!!!