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winter tires

  1. A

    Model Y Performance Winter Tires Anyone?

    Hello Everyone New to the forum and Tesla customer! Does anyone happen to have a set of Winter tires available that will fit a 2022 MYP? I'm interested in getting this purchase out of the way. Expected delivery is Aug 2022. Location: Toronto, Canada Any advice or direction would be great! Cheers
  2. G

    FS: Model Y Winter tires (4) Michelin X-Ice Snow 255/40R20 (Upstate NY)

    Still in excellent condition. Purchased and mounted on 5 November 2021, taken off on 20 May 2022. I have about a 13 mile commute to work, so I'd estimate about 5,000 miles on these tires. I have the original purchase receipt and I paid $417 a tire. I'm moving to Georgia, so I'm not going to need...
  3. V

    FS: 2021 Model Y Performance 19" Gemini Wheels and Pirelli Winter Tire Package w/TPMS

    Purchased the winter tire/wheel package last winter and put ~3K miles on the tires. Stored in a garage. Originally $2,750, asking for $1,750 OBO. Won't ship, pickup in Frederick, MD. Payment via cash or PayPal.
  4. Y

    2021-2022 Tesla Model S 19” Tempest Wheels for sale

    Original Tesla Tempest Wheels Have been used for about 5k miles Last photo is what the wheels look like without the caps Pirelli P Zero 255 / 45 R19 104Y 285 / 40 R19 107Y Tire sensors included One of the rear wheels has a minor scratch can send close up photo upon request Looking to...
  5. F

    Selling Tesla Model X 20" Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tires

    For the 2015-2020 Tesla Model X Tread is in good condition. TPMS sensors are not included. 2x 20X9.0 Slipstream Wheels 2x 20X9.5 Slipstream Wheels 2x 265/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tires 2x 275/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tires 4x Tesla logo wheel caps The covers are included Price...
  6. N

    Model Y Performance Winter Tires For Sale

    New to the forum but I remember seeing others sell their winter tires on here. Is this the right place to do so? I have some 3 month old Pirelli Sottozero 3 275/35r21 winter tires for sale. I ended up trading in my Y for a X.
  7. E

    Tesla Model X - barely used winter tires with rims - Toronto GTA

    TORONTO/GTA RIMS - EURO DESIGN SPA 8.5x19 SPA1985D4067GBP WHEELS - Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 265/50R19 003636 with TPMS Sensors overall usage less than 2k Selling for $1500 Only Pickup and Serious buyers only
  8. N

    Toronto/GTA - Winter Tires - Bridgestone Blizzak 235/45R18 - Tires Only Low Mileage

    Price: $375 Set of 4 Bridgestone Blizzak 235/45R18 Winter Tires LM01BZ (**tires only, no rims**). Fits Tesla Model 3 with 18 inch rims. Low mileage, less than 20k KMs on them, should last another 15-20k KMs. Message me for pictures or more details or see FB Market place posting: 登录 Facebook...
  9. B

    FS: Michelin X-Ice Snow 255/45R19 Winter Tires (4) - Fits Tesla Model Y

    For sale is a set of Michelin X-Ice Snow tires in size 255/45R19. They are XL load rated and fit Tesla Model Y w/ 19" wheels. I just had them dismounted and only have about 1,200 miles on the tires. They are nearly new (no punctures or repairs). Tires have excellent traction in snow and ice...
  10. D

    Do I need winter tires for my 2021+ model S LR?

    I live in eastern Iowa and my tesla S has the 21 inch arachnid wheels. We get some pretty good storms in February March and even April. I plan to drive the factory installed tires in the chill acceleration mode, but do not know if this eliminates the need for winter tires. Your thoughts please
  11. F

    Selling Tesla Model X 20" Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tires

    For the 2015-2020 Tesla Model X Tread is in good condition. TPMS sensors are not included. 2x 20X9.0 Slipstream Wheels 2x 20X9.5 Slipstream Wheels 2x 265/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tires 2x 275/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tires 4x Tesla logo wheel caps The covers are included Price...
  12. B

    Studded winter tires for Model Y

    I bought a second set of 19" Gemini rims (used) and put on Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 SUV (Studded) 255/45R19XL 104T tires from Tires-easy. Have had them on about a month, and we love them. I was surprised how quiet they are in the model Y compared to studded tires on our other cars. I'm not a...
  13. jrc91

    Tsportline Model 3 Winter Wheel and Tire Package

    $1600 obo Locate in Colorado Springs TSportline 18 inch Wheel and Winter Tire package. Winter Tire package was selling for $3,300 before tax online and winter tires are out of stock. Includes: Michelin X-ice tires (Practically brand new, 1,000 miles, still measures full tread) 4x 18x8.5"...
  14. U

    Performance winter tires for M3P and 18" vs 19" wheels

    Hello! I have worn a set of winter tires in 2 1/2 winters and would like to get input from the community on the new ones. First a report. I am a skier in Seattle area and drive my 2018 M3P to ski resorts in Seattle area and also to British Columbia, Canada many times a year. I wanted a balance...
  15. R

    Y Performance - how to minimize tire costs?

    Which option would be the most economical in the long run (requiring less maintenance, replacement, lower tire cost, etc)? (A) Keep the 21", and get Michelin Pilot Sport AS4 (I save the cost of changing wheels & buying TPMS sensors) (B) Change to 19" for the benefits of square setup, more tire...
  16. T

    For Sale NJ: Used Tesla OEM model 3 winter wheel & tire package 18" - need to clean my garage

    i have 4 USED Tesla OEM 18" Model 3 Aero Wheel Winter wheel/tire package for sale original cost is $2185.81 - you can have a copy of the receipt they came off of my 2018 model 3 rear drive long range ordered on 11/07/18 i purchased new from tesla and used for approx 10k on the car ONE tire...
  17. Electric Steve

    Tesla Model Y T-Sportline 19" TSS Winter Tires and Wheels, for pickup in SW CT, 15 miles driven

    4x 19x9.5" Wheels 4x 255/45-19 Tires (Matte Black Pirelli Sottozero 3) 4x Tesla Factory Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) 4x T Sportline Wheel Center Caps Under 15 miles driven. Clean and with no known defects. Stored indoors since April. Currently listed at $3,700 plus $225 shipping...
  18. LightningLu

    Winter Tires For Sale - Pirelli SottoZero 235/45/R18

    I ordered from Tesla and they come with the rims - Pirelli SottoZero Winter 240 Serie2, 235/45/R18, 8,000 miles. $800. I'm moving to a warm climate. Tires available in Rockville, MD, for pickup.
  19. Adonzil

    Pirelli Sottozero 3 Model S Winter Performance Tires with TSW Matte Black Wheels [MICHIGAN]

    Hello! I recently sold a model S and have a set of Winter wheels and tires that I am looking to sell. These tires only have one season on them, I would guess about 1000 miles. They were a fantastic set, but I had to get rid of the car so I no longer need them. The Wheels themselves are in...
  20. H

    Model 3 Winter Wheels & Tires TSportline TST FLOW Pirelli Softzero

    TSportline Tesla Model 3 19" TST Flow Forged Wheel Pirelli Winter 4 Tire Package. Set of 4 TSportline TST Matte Black Wheels with Pirelli Softzero 3 tires. Condition is "Used". Yes this does fit on the Model 3 performance These work with tesla model 3 including performance version...
  21. neilalexalover

    For sale(Seattle): Model 3 19 Inch(grey) TSportline Wheels with Pirelli Sottozero 3 Tires

    Only 5K miles on the tires. Comes with Tesla TPMS sensor embedded and works right away. One small curb rash and shown in pictures. Threads are still excellent with less than 5k miles. Specifications 4x 19x8.5" Wheels 4x 235/40-19 Tires 4x Tesla Factory Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) 4x T...
  22. Electric Steve

    Tesla Model Y T-Sportline 19" TSS Winter Tires and Wheels, for pickup in SW CT, barely used

    4x 19x9.5" Wheels 4x 255/45-19 Tires (Matte Black Pirelli Sottozero 3) 4x Tesla Factory Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) 4x T Sportline Wheel Center Caps Under 15 miles driven. This is the configuration with identical tires. They're small, so their sidewalls are tall enough to avoid...
  23. R

    Model 3 Parts and Accessories (Moving, everything must go) Denver, CO (Updating)

    235/45R-18 Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II XL and Pewag servo sports tire chains (never used/mounted) Plenty of life left, were purchased and used to move during winter from Portland, OR to Denver, CO in late 2019. They were taken off and stored shortly after. Tire rack receipt posted in...
  24. A

    Question About Winter Tires

    I'll be picking up my Model S soon and the car will only have summer tires when I take delivery. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to go to get some winter tires? I have a few more snowboard trips I want to do, so I absolutely need them. I'm interested in 245/45R19 winter tires...
  25. rklip

    19" Gemini [Mostly Winter] Tire Replacement - Vredestein Quatrac Pro?

    Greetings. So far I'm the opposite of a fan of the stock Continental Pro Contact RX tires, winter driving here in the upper Midwest. Started out feeling a bit too cushy/dead in cornering for my preference, and now in cold & light snow, care for them even less. They do not bite, sort of as...
  26. ehacke

    Tesla Winter Tires still "Enroute" after 3 weeks

    Ordered the Tesla winter tires as soon as I got the VIN for my car, and at the time was actually kind of worried my tires would arrive before my car. 3 weeks later I have my car, but still no winter tires. Sent an email to order support, but I imagine that goes into a void somewhere. Given...
  27. webbah

    For sale: Gloss Black TSportline 18' TST Turbine Rims + TPMS+ Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 Tires

    Hi everyone, I'm selling a set of 2 month old in perfect condition TSportline 18 inch TST Turbine Rims with 4 new Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 winter tires! I bought these as my 20 inch winter tires were locked away in a storage unit that I didn't have access to until December and I needed some...
  28. SeasonedTech

    Safe Jack - Jack Stands - Tesla S, 3, X, Y

    These are the racing red Safe Jacks brand, customized to work with Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y. You don't need the Tesla style jack pad; it comes with them! Purchased from Teslarati, normally they go for $545 shipped from Teslarati, yours for $500. Local pickup only (Bay Area, California) All 4 are...
  29. R

    Model 3 18" Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package: Milwaukee

    Four Pirelli Winter Sottozero 235/45R18/XL 98W with aerowheels (no wheel covers) that Tesla Shop sells. One year old, 5300 miles. Pickup or meet within 3 hours. $1500. DM if interested Model 3 18” Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package provides maximum safety and grip when driving in wet or dry...
  30. irelandm

    Should I order the official Winter Tire package or ...?

    Okay, first off, while I am sure this topic has been covered before, I was having a hard time finding any threads that apply to my case. If there is one, I'd be more than happy to follow any links to other TMC forums about this topic. Now that that is out of the way ... TL;DR The package in...
  31. T

    Tesla Model Y - winter tires and wheels in the GTA

    I'm looking for 19" winter tires for a Model Y. I was hopeful to get either Nokian Hakke R3s or Michelin X-ICE or Alpins. Thus far, they're out of stock locally and don't seem to have a line as to the next possible availability (KalTire, Go Tire, and Active Green and Ross). Looking for someplace...
  32. J

    Model X Winter Tires - changing aspect OK?

    I have a 2020 Model X LR with about 15K miles on it (picked up Nov '19) w/20" wheels and the original Conti tires. The tires / wheels are what came from the factory: 265/45/20 on front and the rear are 275/45/20. I've recently moved from Texas to Colorado, and I'm learning about snow tires for...
  33. F

    Model 3 Aero winter tires - Michelin X-Ice XI3 (Boston)

    Hi all, Selling the Michelin X-Ice XI3 winter tires I used for one season before having to sell my M3. I might have put 3000 miles on them - bought from Tire Rack in November or December 2019, I think I took them off in early March. I'd never had winter tires before (didn't grow up in the...
  34. L

    Model S Winter Tire and Wheel Package for Sale

    I'm just relocated to a warmer climate and therefore have my winter tire and wheels to sell. Used infrequently and in very good shape. Purchased directly from Tesla (total Cost ~$2700). 4 x Pirelli Sottozero 245/45R19 4x Telsa 19" wheels 4x Tire Totes (Tesla-branded) Asking $1300 OBO...
  35. ehacke

    Tesla-sourced Winter Tires vs Third-party

    Am I wrong, or do the winter tires and wheels offered by Tesla for the M3P seem way too expensive? Model 3 19” Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire Package $4700 CDN seems pretty high. Without even really trying, I found a nice set of new tires and wheels, shipped for free to my door, for way less...
  36. Jeff Wa

    Equal Winter Tire Size?

    Hey folks I think I have posted this or something similar before. My brain hurts from trying to find a simple answer yes or no. I have a Model Y with 19 inch Gemini wheels and I am looking for snow tires and wheels. I have a set of great Nokian Hakkapellita R2 SUV that I used for 1 season on...
  37. Electric Steve

    Which Winter/Snow Tires

    To be honest, I used to just have all-weathers, even though they're not the best at anything, but my MY came with summer performance, so I need to do something about my tires before it gets cold. (I'm told that winter is coming.) I could get all-weathers, but like I said, they're not the best...
  38. AllThingsT

    19' Gemini Wheels vs 19' TST Flow Forged wheels for winter set

    Looking at winter tires for the PM3. Had intended on buying the 19' TST Flow Forged wheels from TSportline however I see now Tesla is offering a winter tire package on the model Y style gemini aero wheels which I think are an improvement over the model 3 aero wheels. While I subjectively think...
  39. C

    Model s - stock wheels and winter tires

    Tesla stock wheels for model s and Nokian’s snow and ice tires. 225/45/r19 Used only 2 seasons; 5/32nds on all tires. local pickup. Pittsburgh Pa.
  40. Jeff Wa

    Where to buy winter wheels

    Hey folks... The following are the original wheel information and I have been unable to find a source that are not incredibly expensive . I plan on getting a new set of Nokian Hakkapeliitta 3 R SUV for the winter. My local tire shop price for a new wheel in $250 and form the tire $305...
  41. Felickz

    FS: PA - Model S -19" Wheel Powder Coated Black Gloss - Sotozero 3 Winter Tire

    Looking for a wheel swap for better control in winter weather and keeping those 21's away from potholes? Asking $1500 P/U in S/E Pennsylvania Details 4 19" OEM Tesla Rims - Gloss Black Powder Coated by Pineda's Chrome & Powder Coating 4 Baolong TPMS Sensors - new ~08/2017 and used 6 months...
  42. F

    Selling all my M3 accessories

    Hi everybody, Selling all the accessories I bought last year for my M3 that I recently had to get rid of :( Everything is Sep. 2019 or newer. Pickup in Boston strongly preferred, and I'd like to sell everything together (except the tires, I will sell the tires separately). Don't have photos of...
  43. Deans

    Model S - Silver Slip Stream 19 inch Wheels with Winter Tires

    Set of 4 silver slip streams, 19 inch with winter tires. 4 x 19X8.0J SLIPSTREAM wheels 4 x 245/45/19 - Pirelli Sottozero 3 tires 4 x tire pressure sensors 4 x Tesla logo wheel caps Model S 19" Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tire Package Tires have ~14K miles and two seasons of use. No curb...
  44. F

    Tesla winter tires for sale in Toronto

    Michelin X-Ice XI 3 Tire I bought the tires last month for my 2019 Model S performance. However, I refunded the car due to some issues (you can check my other posts if interested in why). Now I give up on Tesla and bought another car. So I am selling my (almost) brand new winter tires, I drove...
  45. R

    Model 3, AWD Tires

    I am in Winnipeg, Canada. It is very clod here (average winter temp is -25C i.e. -13 F) and I am definitely getting winter tires, when Car is coming next week. My question is: We are planning a long toad trip from Winnipeg to Florida - 2,200 miles (3,600 KMs) one way. I start from Winnipeg...
  46. M

    21” grey turbine wheels with snow tires for sale

    Hey guys, I have a mint set of 21" grey turbine wheels with a set of Pirelli Sottozero snows on them that have at least 1 more season left on them. This was purchased from Tesla back when they offered the 21" winter tire package for ~$7k. Selling for $3.5k. Tires are Pirelli Soto Zero 245/35 R21 W
  47. M

    Long Road Trips. My Experience and Why Tesla's are Currently Unfit.

    My family went on a ski trip this week to Utah. This trip had been planned for months and I seriously considered renting an ICE car for it. Then I reconsidered. After all, Tesla's supercharging network means that I can take long road trips. I studied the superchargers map on Tesla's website and...
  48. J

    Model X Winter Tires

    After waiting two months for the Tesla Online Store to send me winter tires, I have decided to buy them elsewhere. Salesman at Tirerack.com is telling me that I can go from the 20" tires to 19" and have better control in the snow and ice. Currently I have 265/45-20 in the front and 275/45-20 in...
  49. P

    Winter Tires for Model X (Dual Motor Performance)

    Good afternoon, I have been searching the threads and have not been able to find a definitive answer to my questions regarding winter tires for my MX Dual Motor Performance. I have the OEM 22" black onyx wheels with Pirelli Scorpion all season tires on it now. As another poster stated, I am...
  50. C

    Model S Winter Tires 245/45/19 - Los Angeles

    $200. Set of 4 Dunlop Wintermaxx tires for Model S. 245/45/19. Excellent condition, maybe 2500 miles. Drove from LA to Tahoe 2x last winter including thru the Donner Pass during a crazy snowstorm. These tires handled great on ice and unplowed roads, way better than constantly installing /...

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