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    Owner not getting owner priority due to technical glitch

    Yes, I've confirmed that non-owners in my store have gotten configuration invites. I've also logged in and it shows a March-May estimate. I find it mind boggling that they can't propertly manage these reservations...it's doesn't sound like rocket science to me...
  2. K

    Owner not getting owner priority due to technical glitch

    Wanted to get some opinions on this: I took off work and waited in line at the Dallas store to reserve a model 3 on the first day. I'm a huge fan and also owner of a model S. I was excited to have an early reservation as well as owner priority. I have not been invited to configure. I called...
  3. K

    Non-owner config invites have begun!

    I did check my Tesla account many times. My model S is showing up on the same page as my model 3 reservation, so I do believe it's linked. The email address in my account is also the same as my login email. I also called them just last week and they said there was no issue (although I think the...
  4. K

    Non-owner config invites have begun!

    Am I wrong to be super frustrated that I haven't been invited when: I'm an owner and Skipped work to stand in line and reserve in store at opening?
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    Where in my garage should I install my NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    Just installed mine in a position that I can back into the garage but now the wait will be torture.
  6. K

    [Poll] Would you take a Bolt over an M3 in these situations?

    I think I will be patient until December 2017.
  7. K

    My predictions re Master Plan Part 2

    Sorry about the clickbait title. I myself hate clickbait (which is so prevalent among Tesla news). Changing it to better represent what I wrote. Was just trying to have some fun speculating what we can expect tonight.
  8. K

    My predictions re Master Plan Part 2

    The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan Part 2 (just between you and me) Elon Musk, Co-Founder & CEO of Tesla Motors July 20, 2016 As you know, Tesla’s mission has been to create widespread adoption of sustainable transport. We achieved this through our top secret master plan which can be...
  9. K

    Battery Cooling

    It takes much more cooling to keep something below 150 degrees than it does to keep something below 1200 degrees. Engines and exhaust components are all metal and ceramic and can survive high temperatures. Most lithium ion batteries contain organic liquid (as lithium doesn't play with water) or...
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    Devil's advocate

    Just with general inflation (which will affect all cars). Price of steel, aluminum, rubber, energy, salaries, etc etc will likely all go up. I assume their battery production costs as well as some other costs will go down due to the scaling to high volume. I'm not so concerned with the cars...
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    Devil's advocate

    I'm assuming that they will increase in price, which I why I said that it's a placeholder not a deposit. But I do think that when Elon gets on stage and says this car will cost $35,000, you can reserve one online now, many people are under the impression that they will get the car for $35k...
  12. K

    Devil's advocate

    I've been a longtime Tesla fan and I believe they will make this happen. I just think to get there will be harder than it looks. Let's not forget, in the initial master plan, the Roadster was supposed to be expensive, and the model S medium priced (at $50k). Then they increased battery capacity...
  13. K

    X DELIVERY AND REVIEW - Family with 3 kids

    Congrats on the beautiful car! I'm sure you're aware, but doesn't hurt to repeat it: in that situation you have pictured (where Falcons have been opened while garage door is closed), don't open the garage door. In fact I would suggest don't even put it into the situation you have pictured. If...
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    Help, I think I want to change to Red....

    MaxK has a red one- you'll find some pictures in this thread: Vin 0062x pickup in Tampa 12/23 at 6pm - Page 8
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    Range between Models - is the 70KWH more than expected?

    The reason the lower energy packs are "more efficient" is that the weight of the car is lower. As you increase battery pack capacity (thus weight), the return on range is diminishing.

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