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Recent content by toothfixeralex

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    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    We were told by the Service Center manager today that our MYP had Ryzen, heated wipers, and Li-Ion when we asked as we started our delivery process. When we asked he looked up the build date and said that it would be in there. Sadly I trusted him and didn’t verify while in the lot. Low and...
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    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    The software needs to be updated for me to know for sure since it came with 2021.43.101.2 and the wipers weren’t activated in that software…but based on my call it seems unlikely. Rep said no way to know what you’re getting until it shows up, so no option to defer delivery either.
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    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    Just called the customer support number and was told that “we’re in a transition period so some cars have Ryzen and some have Atom” When I asked about a retrofit he said no option for retrofit. He also stated that if it is Atom then there is also no new Li-Ion 12V or wiper heaters.
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    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    We just took delivery of a new Model Y Performance today after delaying our order back in December for possible tax credit and 2022 model year updates (Heated Wipers, Ryzen MCU, and Li-Ion 12V) Unfortunately the MCU is the old Intel Atom MCU. Prior to going out to the car I asked the SA about...
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    Lost my AP after 2019.16.2

    Same issue on my end. AP worked fine for the first day on 16.2, but then the next day when I got into the car the high beams were on randomly (I life in a city and never turn them on, so definitely wasn’t left on by accident) Then when I when to engage AP I got an error that cruise control...
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    VIN... VIN... Where's My VIN...?

    Just want to chime in with a bit of a warning. I believe you’ve been given a bit of false information. They are re-routing the cars to Tyson’s Corner, but they aren’t matching them with Richmond orders. Call your Inside Sales Assocaite and ask them to change your delivery location to...
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    VIN... VIN... Where's My VIN...?

    I’m with you man. I confirmed in 1/4 and no VIN. Also in VA. Are you in Richmond? If so I wonder if our store is cursed.
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    It appears that many find it from their Tesla Account page. However I know that the Internal Owner Advisors will also reach out with it as I had my OA mix me up with someone else and call me the other day stating my car was on its way. Once he said it was going to another state I knew there was...
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    So I've reviewed the data in the spreadsheet again and there's definitely a trend in the VINs and color. It seems that they produce roughly 100 cars for each color and then switch to the next. For example, almost every 12xx VIN is Midnight Silver, 13xx are Red, 14xx are Blue, 15xx are white...
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    It’s probably some odd algorithm at work. I ordered on the 4th and still no VIN. Based on the spreadsheet I see VINs and deliveries scheduled North South East and West of me for people who orders after me. I’m assuming it has a lot to do with the local Tesla store. If I had selected the store...
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    VIN Assignment

    I called my local DS yesterday and was told that from their perspective these deliveries are different than S/X in that they don't have any visibility on the status. He said Inside Sales is managing all of the Model 3 sales so he doesn't have access to the file like he would on an S/X. Sounds...
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    VIN Assignment

    I’d love to get the front wrapped and then the whole thing treated with Opti-Coat Pro, but it’s hard to justify the added cost. If anything I’ll do the Opti-Coat but even that is a tough sell to me.
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    VIN Assignment

    Man, sounds like they made a mistake and assigned you my car. I’m in VA too with a Metallic Blue on order...sadly I don’t have a VIN yet :(
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    East Coast timing

    Just got the invite. Registered address is Michigan with Alternate Address in Virginia. Will be taking delivery in VA. 4 week estimate. Model S owner. Nov-Jan delivery estimate. Ordered online when they opened up before the reveal. Now just have to decide if I should wait for my white seats to...
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    Tesla owner configurations begin

    Just got the invite. Registered address is Michigan with Alternate Address in Virginia. Will be taking delivery in VA. 4 week estimate. Model S owner. Nov-Jan delivery estimate. Now just have to decide if I should wait for my white seats to order or just pull the trigger now.

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