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Auto Pilot

  1. Z

    2018 Tesla Model 3 LR (Acceleration Upgrade/FSD) - Midnight Silver/Black Interior, Low Miles

    For sale is a Model 3 Long Range (Midnight Silver Metallic+black interior) in great condition, with only 10,906 miles (driving it very little still, so may go up a little). Ceramic coated when new and battery always babied (charged to only to 70%), charged to 100% one time for a longer drive...
  2. Vustadumas

    First long road trip in my 2022 MYP (one month in)

    Heya! I received my 2022 MYP Dec. 28. Delivery was fantastic and car was perfect inside and out. I missed out on the Ryzen upgrade, unfortunately, but oh well! Happily received the car and have been driving it for about 6 weeks around town. We did our first long (1200 mile RT) trip in the...
  3. mikey_bs

    Model S refresh - Reduced Front Radar Visibility

    I recently took delivery of a refreshed Model S. Over the last few weeks when trying to engage auto pilot I am receiving an error message “Reduced front radar visibility”. It’s very spotty, sometimes I’ll be able to use AP for a minute or two when newly getting in the car for the day or trip...
  4. G

    Autopilot jail? How about driving jail?

    Just how long from now when will it be before your car can put you in driving jail and prevent you from driving? For instance, going over 10 MPH and start using your cell phone? Jail for you buddy, car drives the rest of this trip, go ahead and sit this one out. 2am, last destination was a bar...
  5. L

    Car attempts to stay in lane as I turn into the exit ramp. Cruise Control and Auto Pilot were not engaged.

    I have had my Model 3 LR for 9 days. This evening as I attempted to exit the interstate, I was about a quarter of the way into the exit when the car attempted to stay on the interstate. Neither the cruise control or Auto Pilot were engaged when this happened. It did feel similar to trying to...
  6. K

    Phantom Braking - 2021 MY

    I was driving on I49 last night maintaining a speed of 75mph. Car was on Autopilot. Car abruptly slowed down to 50 mph. It was around 1 AM. Road was clear. No rain, no bugs, no cars ahead of me. It was scary. If this phantom braking would have occurred during the day on heavy traffic I would...
  7. LeeStafford11

    Weirdness with AP/Nav after single lane use...

    tl;dr I drive home every day via multiple freeways and there is a section where there is an HOV 'flyover' lane and I use it every day that I can. My issue is that when I use AP/NAV together I have to briefly drop out of AP to make the transition to the flyover lane (the Tesla Nav will not...
  8. J

    The 2000 Mile Test Drive in my M3

    I was excited to make my first long range trip in my Model 3. It felt like a challenge and an opportunity to learn about the car. I did some research on Supercharger locations, miles between them, and hotels with Tesla Destination chargers. I discovered that the Trip Planner can do most of...
  9. Jimt29

    Cruise Control vs Auto Pilot

    I've been driving with both and the smoother more relaxing drive is using cruise control. If I use Auto Pilot the ride is jerky, hard braking, and sometimes downright dangerous. Sometime when traveling on a twisty, winding road it waits until the last second to make the curve and it is...
  10. Polie

    AutoPilot - do not let it see your spouse sweat (3 incidents in the past month)

    I am definitely enjoying autopilot but can say with all honesty that my wife as passenger is not :-) My wife does ride with me quite a bit but like a cat waiting for someone who does not like cats - AP seems to save these moments for when she is in the car. I have have phantom breaking twice...
  11. U

    Tesla Visualization Fail

    I've had my model 3 for a year now and I've flirted with the idea of adding the autopilot which made me pay more attention to the visualization of other vehicles on the screen. I have noticed that 18 wheeler are constantly an issue. My model 3 will display them as too far in front of me and when...
  12. T

    Firmware 10 is launched

    The highly anticipated firmware update 10 is now announced ready for wide release. List of features below. My only wonder is that there is a complete absence of improvements to auto pilot related stuff. My naive hope was that this upgrade would focus on making the driving experience with TACC...
  13. R

    Should Tesla give us the option to disable autopilot with a pin code?

    So in case you haven't heard there was a car crash involving a Tesla in San Francisco recently. The person driving the Tesla rented it through a peer-to-peer renting service. Police don't know if the car was in autopilot, but it got me thinking, if I ever loaned my model 3 out to someone I...
  14. EveT9641

    I was punished by Auto - Pilot

    I was on Auto-pilot mode with my hands rest on the steering wheels, not hold it very tight as I don't want to the force to turn off the auto-pilot. I got couple of warnings that I need to hold the steering wheels firmer. Then at half of the trip, autopilot turned off by itself and when I...
  15. justinchu77

    How often did you use the upgraded AP functions

    I’m debating if it’s useful and effective for the $7,900CAD upgrade Navigate on Autopilot Auto Lane Change Autopark Summon FSD computer Coming later this year: Recognize traffic lights and stop signs Automatic driving on city streets How often are these functions being used?? I know there...
  16. borugee

    AutoPilot braking on cut-in and brake-check. Does car brake enough?

    Here is what happened during a autopilot session. I am new to AP and learning how to use it too. At this point in time, I let AP negotiate the situation, but AP did not do to my liking. I Like, if AP applied the brakes more. Not sure if others have seen similar behavior. I was on autopilot on...
  17. R

    Cruise control false positive, "taps" the brake

    Just completed 1,200 mile round trip on interstates (95 and 16) and excellent secondary roads in FL, GA and SC. My car is new, as in 3 weeks and 1,200 miles, Model S, 100D. My previous car was a 2016 Model S 90D that I drove for 34,000 miles and 3 years. When using cruise control and auto steer...
  18. SamDean

    Tesla Customer Support: Auto pilot test drive and discount coming April 1

    Earlier today I spent a few minutes on the line with customer support due to some back end problems in my account. The woman I spoke to informed me that things are messed up because they're working on it and getting it ready for the free trial of AP and the upcoming discount from 5k to 4k...
  19. barjohn

    What I Learned About My Model 3 on a 3,409 Mile Road Trip

    Road trip from Riverside, CA to Mount Rushmore, SD and Back in a Model 3 First a few basic facts: 1. Round trip Mileage: 3,409 2. Average WH/mile: 249 3. Firmware VER: 2018.24.1 4. Route with Stops: a. Riverside, CA to St. George, UT b. To Grand Junction, CO c. To Vail...
  20. S

    My Favorite new Video of 4 guys experiencing a Model 3

    Just watched these 4 guys in a Model 3. Lots of great videos out there of people experiencing a Tesla for the first time but this one is my current favorite. Thought I'd share. I think another car just got sold :D
  21. B

    2016 Tesla Model S 70 w/ Autopilot ~ 11k Miles - FL

    Selling my 2016 Tesla Model S 70 with AP1. It's in MINT condition and has been garage kept every day of it's life. Zero accidents, Clean Carfax. It has Suntek PPF (Paint Protection Film) installed on the entire front of vehicle. Below is a list of areas covered: Full Front Bumper w/ Nose...
  22. Joe F

    AP2 Auto Wiper Test and video

    The short story: Here’s a video of my AP2 MS with release 50.3 testing auto wipers and Auto Steering in various road, speeds and rain conditions, on both highways and local roads. The rain ranged from heavy to light. Bottom line, as you’ll see if you watch to the end, auto wipers are not...

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