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battery replacement

  1. K

    Third Party Battery Replacement/Repair in Ontario

    I'm always worried that the battery will die out of warranty on the 2017 Model S 100D and I am not thrilled by the idea of paying $26K to Tesla service for a battery replacement. And I'm the type to believe that I should be my own insurer and save money for repairs (not like there are any good...
  2. Z

    Model S battery replacement

    Hello, I have a Tesla model s, base model, 2013 with 67k miles on It. The car started acting weird, I took it to Tesla for service to check the car. At first, they said that they ran some diagnostic test one the car and it appears that the 12V battery needs to be changed, I said okay as long as...
  3. J

    BMS-029 - Tesla Must Do Better

    I am an early adopter of Tesla. I bought my Model S in Feb of 2015, laying out close to 90k for a car – which is something I would have never dreamed of doing previously. But I believed in the mission, I believed in the car – so I traded in my Kia Optima and subjected myself to this grand...
  4. D

    2 battery replacements in less than a year. (Model s performance)

    Has anyone had experience with multiple HV battery failures in the same vehicle? If so did tesla offer some sort of compensation or remedy? My 2019 model s Raven performance is great, when it works. I bought it from tesla preowned, it was in their leased fleet. I owned it for about 2 months...
  5. AlphaTango11

    Failed Model 3 HV Battery - Out of Warranty - DIY

    I am currently facing an interesting problem that I thought might be worth sharing with the community. A few weeks ago, I bought a clean title Model 3 LRRWD with FSD and 143k miles for $23k. The main catch was a HV battery with significant imbalance (one brick was 3.50V with all others at...
  6. chr2

    Has anyone ever gotten Tesla Service to replace a battery due to degradation?

    I'm engaged with Tesla Service on the drastic range drop my 2018 Model 3 LR is experiencing. 3.5 years and 89k miles in, I'm down to barely 200 miles in summer for a full charge and as low as 150 miles in winter. I requested service and after several rounds of email with Tesla Service, it's...

    Battery Failure after 9 months and 15k miles: BMS_a029 maximum battery charge level reduced

    Most likely will need entire battery replaced. MYP noticed degradation from 90% 271 down to 251 in 9 month 15k miles. The warning triangle popped up and no longer charging and I just drove it to SC. Now with the distribution and supply chain woes, this can take up to 3 to 4 weeks. On top of that...
  8. robertmanning

    Battery Replaced Under Warranty - 30+ miles below rated range

    My 2014 Model S60 battery failed two weeks ago. I received it back today and I looked like the range was odd. I believe the S60 was rated at 208 and when I got home I decided to charge it to 100% to check the range and at 100% it is 173. They told me I was getting a refurbished pack. I...
  9. T

    Battery Replacement

    Tesla called me yesterday afternoon to notify me that my vehicle service was complete (replaced faulty charge door), and casually mentioned that "next time I come in" they will replace my entire LR battery. I started asking questions and was put on hold for a couple minutes, then was told it was...
  10. F

    Tesla replacing some battery packs with larger capacities 60/70->75kWh, 85->90kWh

    My 2015 Model S 70D would overheat at superchargers(Heat levels would severely cripple acceleration/braking if supercharging for 45+ mins). Service center told they will be replacing the battery under warranty and it got me thinking about a trend I've been noticing for bat packs that are less...
  11. R

    Battery pack replacement

    hi everyone, I have a TMS 85 2014 and one month ago when the car was at Service Center solving a problem with dual charger, the technicians found a HV impedance problem and they suggest a battery pack change. Tried to find this kind of situation but never found anything about it. Does anyone...
  12. D

    Car shutting down - PULL OVER SAFELY on the freeway 3 days after delivery

    On the 3rd after taking delivery the car shut down on the freeway. The car completely lost power within a few seconds, luckily I was able to make it mostly to the shoulder of the freeway/bridge. I got the following errors: "Cannot maintain vehicle power - Car may stop driving or shut down"...
  13. UZJedi

    My new Model 3 has faulty battery. Needs replacement...

    Each day, since I took delivery last Wednesday, I faced my morning commute with a smile on my face and preset 80% charge in my new Model 3. As a first time Tesla owner I was thrilled to be driving my dream car. Rush hour traffic is no longer a dreaded experience when you're gliding in this magic...
  14. M

    Battery pack removal

    I've been offered to buy a battery pack but must part it from car myself. Does anyone know if this is difficult to do? Also could anyone guesstimate health of battery if it was at 50% 6 months ago and not charged since due heavy damage to front. Owner says all electricity was shut off after...
  15. jerjozwik

    P90DL battery replacement thread.

    yesterday i got the news that my February 2016 build model s p90dl needs it battery replaced. i cant help but laugh at this because of my post in the pack performance thread in January. after speaking with the SC, i find out that the P90D battery is not an on shelf item and i have X amount of...
  16. MrBoylan

    Model X Range Degradation Over Time - Estimates and Predictions

    Since there isn't much else to talk about right now, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to predict and discuss the Model X range and battery capacity degradation over time. Given the fairly extensive research done on the Model S, and the average mileage driven for personal cars, we...
  17. A

    Model S battery replacement $12,000?

    source: Economics Of Owning A Tesla Car (TSLA,TM) I stumbled on this today and wanted to query TMC to see if the 12,000 number is true...it's not sourced in the article. the money shot is below (emphasis mine): Tesla’s Model S 85D has virtually no maintenance because its electric engine has...
  18. callmesam

    Battery swap - by the numbers

    Since the concept of the Model S, pack swap has been an integral part of Tesla's business plan. Tesla has demonstrated to the California Air Resources Board, in 2012, a manual five-person, 10 minute pack swap. Stanford Seminar - Dave Duff, Telsa Motors - YouTube (Dave Duff @ Stanford) In...
  19. callmesam

    Converting his 60 to an 85: the david Nolan story

    Life With Tesla Model S: Battery Upgrade From 60 kWh To 85 kWh time: 5 hours net cost: $17,000 zero range anxiety: priceless
  20. moollar

    The Battery Solution - Home/Business Supercharger and Battery Backup/Energy Storage!

    Hi Everyone, I've been mulling over different things that have been announced recently and how some of the main issues with EVs seem to be range anxiety, charging times (particularly at home), replacement cost of the battery and the impact of EVs on the grid. I think I may have a viable...
  21. J

    Extended Service, Battery Replacement? What are your thoughts?

    I am due to receive delivery on my Model S (S85) in the next few weeks. Wondering what folks here think the value is on the extended pre-paid service, and the battery replacement option?
  22. mpt

    Do you know that you must keep your battery charged?

    There's an interesting meme going that battery electric cars can be destroyed if their battery is left to go flat. As an enthusiast and owner I'm in no doubt about the need to keep the battery from becoming completely depleted but are you? Let me know in the poll. Perhaps there's a message to...