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  1. MrBravo

    Amazing driving skills of a Tesla driver in Brussels

    Yesterday I was walking not far from my home in Brussels, on Rue Froissart. I saw a blue Model S owner getting out of her parking with an amazing skill: she went up the ramp out of the parking garage of her building backwards! On top of that, it was so tight that she had to fold her mirrors on...
  2. S

    Small body repairs in Brussels - tips?

    Just noticed some light damage on the front wing of my Tesla. Nothing major, just a small series of scratches. No way I will take this through insurance, and I believe the body repair shop of Tesla in Belgium is quite expensive. I went to Wondercar in Zaventem but they told me they couldn't get...
  3. MrBravo

    Charger test in Brussels during Easter

    I am a proud Tesla Model S future owner. And since the car should arrive in "late April", I have to get busy equipping the garage... Taking into account the Belgian neuterprobleem (see http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/31507-Oplossingen-Belgisch-230V-neuterprobleem), and the fact...
  4. S-19910

    E-BRUSSELS 2014 - 2 rally’s met vertrek vanuit het Jubelpark

    brussels-electric visite de Bruxelles avec les acteurs de la mobilité et du développement durable. (opmerking : nogal prijzig ! en met dinner dan nog als optie. ) wie neemt deel ?
  5. G

    Model S: Belgium Brussels to Switzerland Neufchatel

    Greetings! We've rented a Model S and are currently en route to Switzerland. Charged without a hitch in Trier although there were roadworks going on in the parking itself (near theater building) so be advised. Will post more later on. Bye, Philippe.
  6. T

    Brown Model S85 - Tan Interior - 1-GKJ- XXX - Parked in Central Brussels!

    Your frunk is open!! :redface: If anyone knows the owner, perhaps send them an SMS or something? Cheers, Dave - - - Updated - - - Problem solved - I contacted Tesla and they called the owner. Frunk now closed. Let's look after each other, brothers and sisters :cool:
  7. M

    Charging in Brussels/Metz/Dijon/Lyon/Avignon

    Hello again, Yes - I am the one who started the thread "Roadtrip Tilburg-Brussels-Lyon-Nice" :) The reason I am starting this one too is to particularly find out about specific stations in selected cities as quickly as possible. I will do the roadtrip next week and I promise to post a detailed...
  8. M

    Roadtrip Tilburg-Brussels-Lyon-Nice

    Hi all, I am super excited to receive my Tesla S 85kw in February :smile: as you can imagine: Of course I will pick it up personally and will drive it down to Nice/France. I will go via Brussels (first overnight stop), then Lyon (via Luxembourg) for a second overnight stop then onto the south...
  9. T

    Electrician Recommendation in Brussels, Belgium

    Hi Folks I'm looking for an electrician who can firstly check my power situation at home and then do the necessary installation for charging. I don't want any fancy high power setup, just a well installed normal socket that's not going to cause the house to burn down. I'm also probably going...
  10. T

    Brussels Autosalon - Telsa Special Offers?

    Hi Folks Annoying Englishman here... About to place my MS order, but I'm now hesitating. Why? Because we have the motor show here in Brussels mid January and traditionally the car manufacturers have special offers/discounts in conjunction with the show. One wonders if it's worth to wait a few...
  11. T

    Any Model S owners in Brussels?

    Hi Folks I was wondering if we have any forum members living in Brussels or perhaps driving around Brussels on a regular basis? Basically I'm wondering how the car copes with the challenging road conditions: pot holes, cobbled streets and speed humps. The latter is perhaps my greatest concern...
  12. Soulopoulos

    RoadTrip Brussel -> Parijs (26/11/2013)

    RoadTrip Brussel -> Parijs Dinsdag 26 november zal ik van Brussel naar Parijs rijden. Een roadtrip van 336km in +/- 3u15. Hier zal ik documenteren hoeveel kWh ik verbruik en waar ik zal laden. Zodat als iemand anders ook eens naar Parijs wil rijden ze gebruik kunnen maken van de lessons learned...
  13. Soulopoulos

    Grand Opening Tesla Store Brussels (The first one in Belgium)

    Come to the exclusive reception for the opening of the first Tesla store in Belgium! Because of the limited space you can invite one guest. Register by sending an email with your contact details to: [email protected] Subject: RSVP: Opening Tesla Store Brussel Location: Tesla Store...
  14. Rla

    Tesla recruiting in Brussels