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bumper repair

  1. L

    What would a rear bumper fix cost ?

    Wondering what could a rear bumper replacement cost. It was a slow parking lot impact while backing out and caused a crack in the bumper. Are there any special parts in that mid area of the bumper that would need fixing (electronics, etc) ?
  2. J3ThePainless

    Minor parking garage bump fixes

    I am in the Charlotte NC area and had an incident involving a tight parking garage downtown having a pole in the wrong place. I'm not getting any error messages from the car and it seems like the damage is just the bumper and possibly one ultrasonic (see in the pic). Has anyone experienced fixes...
  3. L

    Bumper / Reflex Light Damage - First time accident advice

    My valet damaged my car while parking it. It's the first accident on the car, not quite sure what to do. I immediately made an appointment at the tesla service center & got an appointment for next week. Does anyone have any idea the estimate I'll get from tesla? I think I'm most comfortable...
  4. petershi24

    2022 S Plaid - Bumper Damage - Repair or Replace?

    A careless driver rear ended me (low speed) and my rear bumper was deformed. Any ideas on repair or replace? Thanks
  5. K

    Our Model Y got rear-ended.

    Got bumped by a distracted driver yesterday and the tailgate is dented. :( Looks like the rear bumper is also dislodged and/or broke the clips as well. See photos below. Will this be an easy fix(PDR) or does it require replacing the tailgate and bumper? The other party has GEICO and will be...
  6. lskarp

    Guide to reattach front splitter / air dam

    So, I got hooked on a parking barrier again. The first time, I paid the mobile service to come and repair. About an hour of labor, so $200. well, did it again last night. anyone know of a guide to remove and reattach the splitter? I have a 2015 S85D. I looked over you tube and I imagine I am...
  7. S

    Dealing With Insurance After a Crash

    I was rear-ended on the freeway back in early November and the defendant accepted full liability for the accident. An insurance adjuster from Geico came out to assess the damage and wrote a check for around $800 to have the bumper repaired and a section of the underbody cover replaced. Last...
  8. 3peat

    Model 3 Front Bumper in Midnight Silver (Used)

    I have a used Model 3 Front Bumper cover in midnight silver. It was pulled from my car (OEM) after someone backed into my car attempting to parallel park. Structurally the thing is great. There are thin cracks in the paint from where the bumper flexed. Also there is a scratch (on the underside...
  9. S

    Rear end collision

    My Model S 75D got rear ended Of course my car fared much better than the other guy but damage still fairly substantial, quoted ~$28,000. I would appreciate any guidance / recommendations regarding dealing with insurance, etc.
  10. AutobahnEV

    Vendor 2012-2016 Model S Pre-Facelift Complete Front Ends ALL COLORS

    These are complete front end collision repair kits, includes entire core support, bumpers, fenders, hood etc. The kit in the photos give you and idea of what these kits are! I have 10-12 kits available in a variety of colors! Message me with any questions about pricing or availability! I of...
  11. enolam

    Bumper Repair - San Diego - 5

    Just wanted to share that if you need to repair any minor damages of your Tesla without the cost or hassle of body shop and you live in San Diego... The Ding Doctor, Jason, is your guy!!!! My bumper is flawless now after a very unfortunate mishap with a "decorative" boulder in a parking lot!
  12. P

    Rear bumper damage

    Hello Folks, We had some damage to the rear bumper as a tow truck was towing it into a tesla service center. - Anyone have any experience with Pomona body shop in Southern California? -To replace a bumper - does Tesla always send clear bumper which is the painted and color matched? Or can they...
  13. G

    Has anyone had their Model 3 damaged at Burbank Service Center? What happened?

    I recently took my M3 for service at the Burbank SC, and when I picked it up, it had damage (curb rash) on the passenger rear rim, and a scratches on the rear bumper. Now the bumper on my 1900 mile Model 3 has to be repainted. Very frustrating, but has anyone had to deal with something similar...
  14. D

    75K miles and counting

    I bought my Model S P85+ Tesla in October 2013. It's been almost 4 years of happiness with my car. Amazingly after 75K miles it's just like new inside and out, except for for the regular dents of normal use. Battery degradation? When the car was new the battery charged to a max daily use of...