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charge time

  1. M

    Not able to set charge times

    I am using a trickle charger at home, drive once or twice every week, need it to be at least 80% charged on the driving days. I am trying to charge my car during off peak hours from 9 pm - 3 pm. I do not see a suitable option in Tesla. It only allows me to start the charge at 9 pm but won't stop...
  2. Ranger29

    Plugging in every day

    I've had my MX for over a month now and absolutely love it! I'm finding all kinds of reasons to just hop in the car to run an errand...where I would have accumulated errands to make one trip in my ICE car. :) Unless I'm driving on a longer trip, I can run for several days without plugging in to...
  3. I

    My Tesla does 18 mph!

    Number of miles travelled plus time driving, I have over 45 miles per hour average speed. However, when I include all charge time I accept not all charging is journey charging) it amounts to 18 mph Vroom Vroom (silently of course!)
  4. Zcd1

    V3 Supercharging tested by Motor Trend...

    Pretty in-depth, too, so props to MT for sticking with it to try to get accurate results. One key thing is mentioned in the text, but not given enough emphasis, IMO: Supercharing to 100% is rare, so the x% to 80-90% times are the useful figures. Tesla V3 Supercharger: We Put the Latest Fast...
  5. Cloxxki

    Mid Range charging speed.

    I'm curious for the first reports on how this thing will perform charging. Long Range seems to top out the Super Charger at 120kW for a bit of a session, as do Model S and X in some versions and conditions. Will the MR just charge slower or will it in fact hit a similar peak speed? This might...
  6. Rossy

    CHAdeMO 139mi/hr! Not a SuperCharger but Fast!

    Bought the CHADeMO adaptor and had a bad Blink experience this week(no charge). But second shot using PlugShare app and Apple Pay on the AV network. Went in to get groceries 5 things. Came out 10 min later and +25 miles! Pretty fast! 40 min to 90% from 68% Woot this is going to work for...
  7. Diana

    100D vs P100D Track Runs to Charge Time

    This is my first time starting a thread so forgive me if I miss an important detail you may find obvious. Quick background without getting too carried away with details. I'm sure many of you saw this article and video earlier this week, Watch a Tesla Model S assist one of the US's most...
  8. Master One

    So has anyone already received a new S 60 with software-limited 75 kWh battery?

    Is it still speculation, that the battery of the new S 60 can be charged till full (=80% of real capacity) at all times without downside? the software-limitation is implemented in a way, that the charge slider does not allow to be moved beyond 80% (capping capacity only from the top end)...
  9. GasKilla

    Anyone upgrade to dual chargers after delivery?

    I'm planning a trip at the end of the summer where an 80 amp destination charger is available and may be handy to charge at 80 amps (I won't be spending the night at the charger). How many times have you charged above 40 amps? Was the upgrade "worth it"? I certainly like the idea of dual...
  10. GasKilla

    Charging etiquette for Tesla owners

    Perhaps this is a CA problem but I've seen far too may Teslas parked at public level 2 charges not plugged into the station. Not only is this rude, inconsiderate, and against the law in CA, it gives Tesla owners a bad reputation. I know EV parking spaces are usually the best in the lot, but if...
  11. D

    Charging slower

    Hi all. I'm a new Model S owner. I remember reading somewhere that charging at a lower current is better for the battery than a higher current. So when I plug in the car to charge at night, I set the current to the minimum needed for the car to finish charging as close as possible to the time I...
  12. Rluner

    Speed vs Recharge time on Superchargers.

    I've recently read on either this forum or another Tesla section of another EV forum that I won't Speak about, that someone posted some calculations of Speed vs Recharge times on Superchargers. Try as as I may I can't find it now. I wonder if anyone here can advise please? To summarise if I...