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  1. M

    2023 MYP 21” Uberturbine Wheels for Sale. Pirelli P-Zero Summer Tires. ~200 miles on tires. Full Set. Chicago

    Brand new 2023 Tesla Model Y 21” Uberturbine wheels with ~200 miles on the tires. Full set with TPMS sensors. Located in Chicago. $3500 OBO.
  2. W

    Used Model 3 Order - How long did shipping to your location take?

    Ordered a used Model 3 last week. Shipping from Lathrop to Chicago. Said 2-3 weeks for shipping. Has anyone else done this? How was your experience? I’m having trouble getting a hold of my sales rep. I’m hoping closer to 2 weeks since I think California to Chicago is basically 100% train.
  3. M

    Looking to take over a lease-Tesla Y 7 seats, 15k miles/year, located in Chicago.

    Looking to take over a lease-Tesla Y 7 seats, 15k miles/year, located in Chicago.
  4. R

    20 Inch rims for sale with tires! Chicago Area

  5. R

    Tesla Model S 20Inch rims for sale(Chicago)

  6. I

    FS: 2021/2022 Model Y WeatherTech FloorLiner - Chicago, IL

    I am selling a set of one month used Tesla Model Y 2021/2022 FloorLiner’s from WeatherTech. They are in like new conditions purchased only one month ago. The set comes with 1st (driver, passenger) & 2nd row liners. They retail for $189 + tax/shipping, I’m asking for $100. Free pickup in...
  7. C

    New Model Y TSportline TST 20" All Season Wheel and Tire Package (Satin Black)

    $3,500 OBO Ordered new tires for my MYP in anticipation they would be delivered with the Pirelli PZeros, but they were delivered with Michelin All Seasons instead. Tires are brand new and still in the packaging they were shipped in. Link to the website with all specs is here. Wheels are TST -...
  8. K

    2021 Model Y LR AWD - Chicago NW Suburbs

    Selling our 2021 Model Y LR AWD. We love it but want to get a new Model X. Pearl White Black Interior 5 Seater 20” Induction Wheels Tesla Paint Protection Film and Mud flaps Window Tints Slipstream Front Plate Bracket Matte Carbon Fiber Spoiler ToughPro 9-Piece Complete All-Weather Floor...
  9. S

    Selling set of Model Y Continental ProContact RX 255/45 R19 Tires (~100 miles)

    Switching out for a different all weather tire for my new Model Y. Looking for any interest in picking up in the west suburbs of Chicago, near Oak Park. ~$600 or best offer.
  10. K

    WTB Tesla model 3 red long range AWD - Chicagoland area

    Looking to buy red model 3. Preferably less than 25,000 miles. Thanks, Kevin
  11. C

    Tesla Body Repair - Chicago Area

    Sadly my Model S was just hit in an accident last night! :-/ Does anyone have recommendations for Tesla body and maintenance repair shops in the Chicago suburbs area?
  12. T

    Tire Package From Tesla- Back Order or Just Terrible Service?

    Hi, First time post. I took delivery of a Long Range Raven Model X over the summer and love it. I ordered a winter tire package from the Tesla online store in mid-October, exactly 48 days ago. Given the significant amount of time that has elapsed, and no outreach whatsoever from Tesla regarding...
  13. S

    Chicago Condo 240V outlet installation cost

    New Model 3 owner here. I received 2 quotes to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage here in 60610 - Old Town, Chicago. Both quotes were approximately $1,000 each. I live in a newer construction 3 unit condo building built in 2015. At first I needed to consider the use of a charge...
  14. J

    Ceramic Coating - Chicago

    Can anyone recommend a place in Chicago that does a good ceramic coating at a reasonable price?
  15. B

    Techs/mechanics in Chicago

    Can anyone recommend any mechanics anywhere in the Chicagoland area that do work on Teslas? I know they'd probably be limited on some of the big issues, but I don't want to have to go to a Service Center on every little thing and get price gouged ... especially for an out-of-warranty Model S...
  16. J

    2017 Model X 90D 13,000 Miles FOR SALE IN CHICAGO

    I have a 2017 Midnight Silver Metallic Model X 90D with 13,000 miles. I am leaving the country and need to sell it. $82,000 priced to sell. All Black Interior, 6 seat, Enhanced Autopilot, Premium Interior and Premium Sound Packages.
  17. O

    FS: OEM 21” S Arachnid Wheels/Tires (Silver/Set of 4) Chicago (Western Suburbs)

    I have a full set of Tesla 21" forged Arachnid staggered wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. These exclusive wheels are only available through Tesla's referral program which is how I received them. The wheels are forged, and are lighter than stock. They fit all Tesla Model S. They are...
  18. R

    Chicago Meetups

    Tesla Chicago (Chicago, IL) Just another reminder... For those that haven't signed up yet on the Tesla Chicago Meetup site, do so soon. There are a bunch of fun events planned now that the weather is starting to cooperate. Meetup BBQs, track days, car test drives and showings and just to...
  19. Mickie

    CHAdeMO adapter for sale, new.

    New in sealed box. $425 local pickup in Chicagoland area. I could drive probably a 30 mile radius to drop off as well. Will consider shipping, just need to get a price on your location. Thanks!
  20. BHCLUC

    Vinyl Wrap and Tint - Chicago

    Anyone with a recommendation on where to have vinyl protective wrap and tinting installed around the North Center neighborhood in Chicago? I called "Tinting Chicago" and they quoted $4500 for the two installations, though I swear I have seen others on this forum discuss this, and the prices...
  21. C

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL (Lincoln Park)

    Supercharge.info is showing a new supercharger under construction at 3030 N Broadway so went to check it out tonight and it is indeed there - on the 2nd floor of the Mariano’s parking garage. It’s tough to tell how many spots there will be - could be anywhere from 6-10, I’d guess, depending on...
  22. P

    2016 Model X 90D with Original Autopilot - Chicago, IL - For Sale

    13,700 miles. I'm trading this in for a new Model X. Every year my company replaces my car. I love this car. It's in excellent shape. My loss is your gain. Original Vehicle Spec: Description Model X 90D All-Wheel Drive Included Solid Black Paint Included 20" Silver Wheels Included...
  23. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    Tesla announces its plans to establish a factory in Shanghai. Further strengthening China as an electric car maker. When I saw a buzz meet on YouTube questions being fielded to CEO Elon Musk included production for China. Got me excited about FINALLY American manufactured goods being exported...
  24. S

    Saw a Very Unique Looking Model S

  25. Bebop

    Chicago Tire Schedule

    For those who live in the Chicago/Suburbs. What is your schedule for changing tires? When do you swap to Winter Tires and until when do you keep them on for? This will be my first time ever I will have a set of winter tires. I usually have all seasons. However, with a Model S, I'm not going to...
  26. VerityZooms

    Barely-used Model X 22" Winter Tires (Chicagoland area / Midwest)

    I've gotten myself into a bit of a situation (stuck in Montana on summer-tires.), and I'm supposing I'm going to have to purchase winter tires for my summer wheels (22"ers) to get home safely in a few weeks. -_- The tires I'd be purchasing would only be used for the ~2,500km drive home, and...
  27. M

    Downtown Chicago Garage EV power stations?

    So I just reserved a Model 3 but I live downtown Chicago and am curious about my options for a permanent spot to charge my Model 3 (when I get it) in a parking garage. How are people preparing for this? I guess this could be for anybody living in a downtown part of their city.
  28. Buckeye2320

    Chicago - Curb Rash Repair

    So mad at myself. I have gone in and out of the Bank ATM 100x and not a single issue. Today, I go to the ATM, and my Passenger Front Tire hits the curb. It must be the worst sound, almost as bad as finger nails on a chalkboard, that I have ever heard. Anyone know of a shop in the Northwest...
  29. B

    Chicago Hotel/Charging Options

    Hello, I am planning a trip to downtown Chicago. My forum searches haven't revealed the information I am looking for. Does anyone here have any suggestions for an ideal hotel to stay at that has onsite Tesla charging? I would prefer a reliable option. Are there any hotels that cater to Model S...
  30. LJordan

    Blink Chargers at IKEA in Bolingbrook, IL

    I was at the Bolingbrook IKEA today. There are now 4 Blink chargers that are operational. Oddly, the Blink Mobile App and Web Site does not show these chargers. The IKEA is near the junction of I-355 and I-55 at the I-355 Boughton Road exit. See...
  31. R

    Chicago Superchargers?

    Is there any word about Superchargers opening in the Chicago Metro area?
  32. paco3791

    Wife Persuasion Assistance Needed

    I'm a long time lover/follower of Tesla and the Model S and I'm hopefully going to be pulling the trigger on the car sometime in September. I've been trying to find time to get down to the Old Orchard store with the wife to get her in the car for a test drive and so she can see some of the other...