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  1. R

    Tesla Model S Plaid 2022/2023 vs Tesla Model 3 P 2021?

    Tesla Model S Plaid 2022/2023 vs Tesla Model 3 P 2021 1. General opinion about Tesla Model S Plaid 2022/2023 vs Tesla Model 3 P 2021? 2. How does front light / headlight compare between Tesla Model S Plaid 2022/2023 vs Tesla Model 3 P 2021? 3. How does sound system / music system compare...
  2. R

    Comparison - Tesla MY to BMW x4

    I've been reading a bit about the MY and am surprised at all the cars its usually compared to. I see a lot comparing the interior and exterior size to the BMW x3, but feel that SUV is much box-ier and honestly a bad interior comparison. I am getting close to the end of my lease of a 2018 BMW...
  3. Jomak

    I did searches, handling anyone

    I have searched for a comparison on google and here, but I am not finding my answer. Taking out the Perf M3 can anyone give me a good review/comparision of the STD v Long range handling, fun to drive, acceleration, passing power, cornering. I'd really like to know if it's worth $9k more (I'm...
  4. IgorAntarov

    Electric Car Market Overview (comprehensive interactive chart)

    We have been building an EV comparison service and decided to create a useful and simple tool that gives you a birds-eye view of the market. It is available to anyone free of charge: Electric Car Market Overview The EV Market Overview looks like this: How to use it? Choose the cars you...
  5. fasteddie7

    Sure does feel like AP parity now

    After testing on 10.4 and now on 2018.12 driving an AP1 and AP2 vehicle feel almost the same. I say feel as the binnacle display still doesn’t show adjacent lanes, but just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean autopilot can’t. I suspect even though the rendering on the display is different there...
  6. jskenney

    Third Model S, Thoughts...

    I've recently returned from a trip up the east coast in my new Model S and thought I would provide some notes comparing the S90 to my previous cars. 2014 - 60 (vin 33415) with Pano, Air Suspension, Tech Package, HiFi Sound, Cyclone Tires 2015 - 70D (87598) with Pano, Auto-Pilot, HiFi Sound...
  7. M

    V8 vs V7.1 Falcon Wing Door Speed Comparison Video

    Just got my Model X V8 this morning and made a quick side by side comparison video of the Falcon Wing Doors speed. I think the biggest difference I see off the start is closing and locking. A huge difference. Check out the video here:
  8. O

    Using UMC vs HPWC for all charging at home

    What is the expert opinion on using just UMC in your personal garage rather than mounting a HPWC if you do not have dual chargers and only plan to charge at 40A? Any pros and cons you can suggest to help make the decision easier? thanks, -OL
  9. D

    Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model S-Same travel comparaison with different driving speed

    Video speeded 5 X My full travel starts early morning when it is night, without public lights, so I have 74 kms done that you can't see in the video. First, you have to know that in this video, we see the returns of the travel each day tested, Level road increases more than decreases. Green...