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  1. B

    Installing wall connector questions

    Hi, I have a 6-20 outlet in my garage currently. I know it’s not the fastest and I’m okay with that. My question is: 1) can I hardwire using the existing wiring? I believe it’s 12g Or 2) can I wire the wall connector to a 6-20 plug and just plug into the outlet? See photos below for reference...
  2. M

    Charger supplied? UK

    Hi, I’m collecting my Model 3 next week, but I can’t find a definitive answer as to whether Tesla will supply the £180 3 pin Mobile connector with the car when I collect it or do I have to buy one? Im not sure whether my google searches are bringing up UK stories or USA ref them no longer being...
  3. A

    Model 3 Ambient Lighting Wiring Question

    Hey all, I'm installing a ambient lighting kit on my 2020 M3 Long Range. Everything has gone well except for the last part which is connecting the controller box to power, the kit came with this 12 pin connector but I cannot seem to find out where it connects in the car. Install guide says under...
  4. R

    Should I avoid an electrician who asks a homeowner to apply for a permit?

    Hi, I've been getting quotes from electricians on the Tesla website to install a wall connector. Some wouldn't apply for permits. Some wouldn't show up on the inspection day. If I apply for a permit myself that makes me responsible for all the work. Should I only hire an electrician who...
  5. ZIBI

    Wall connector Gen 3. 22kW

    Łącznik ścienny Gen 3. Kupiłem ładowarkę 22 kW i daje SR+ tylko 11 kW. 32A ustawia się w aplikacji na telefonie. Co może być niewłaściwie ustawione?
  6. M

    14-50 Amp Adapters and/or sockets for Australia

    How to make this work in Australia?!!..... (got me stumped... even the Tesla recommended electrician I called couldn't advise) Just bought my first Tesla (Model 3) this week. I'm on the Sunshine Coast... Australia. I have seen that in the USA you can just have a Nema 14-50 socket installed by...
  7. L

    Model 3 12V socket connector

    Hey all, I'm soon going to be taking out the center console to put in the usb c retrofit to my 2018 model 3. While i'm taking the center console out I was thinking of running a 12V socket to the trunk for future use. I was wondering if anyone knows what this connector for the center console 12V...
  8. Haxster

    Wanted: Pinout for Model X Lift Gate Motor Strutt Actuator Connector

    It looks like this:
  9. G

    Model Y Trailer Wiring Harness - Part Number?

    Hello Tesla People! I've been hunting high and low for this. Like many of you I've ordered an aftermarket EcoHitch for my Model Y and am happy to work through the installation on my own. Re: a wiring harness, I have not found any 7-pin connector solutions and also can not see a reasonable way...
  10. J

    Tesla wall connector / charger For sale $500 - Los angeles

    Selling my brand new Tesla Wall Connector -the one with Elon Musk's signature. New in box. Never Opened. Still Sealed. Part #1050067-11-H, 24 foot cable and mounting hardware. Designed to work with Model S, X, 3. Can be installed indoor/outdoor. seeking $500, local pick ups only, Marina del...
  11. AlexP

    WTB: Tesla Wall Charger Gen 2 24 Foot Cable

    Tesla Wall Charger Gen 2 24 Foot Cable New or Used For the right price I would settle for a Gen 3 18 Foot Cable New or Used
  12. NormVA

    HOA Charger Installation Requirements

    I live in a townhouse in Reston, VA. Last November I installed a Tesla connector in my parking space. I got the necessary approvals from the Cluster assn and Reston assn. I, also, got the necessary permits from Fairfax county. The work was done by a licensed electrician selected from the...
  13. M

    Black Wall Connector Signature Edition - Gen 2 (Bay Area)

    $520 New in opened box (never used). Would like local pickup in Bay Area (Cupertino).
  14. S

    not sure what this connector is...

    hi. i recently bought a 2017 model s 75 and one of the first things i wanted to do was update the interior lights. i ordered a complete set from abstract ocean. upon further investigation i realized that my car doesn’t have all of the lights connected, so my car was not premium. i located...
  15. dualmotor44

    14-50 Tesla Corded Mobile Connector Charger *FOR SALE* $350

    Selling my Corded Mobile Connector features a NEMA 14-50 plug and improved charging speeds (versus standard Gen 2 Mobile Connector with NEMA 5-15 adapter). Includes: 1 x NEMA-14-50 corded mobile connector (with 20’ cable) 1 x storage bag CAN SHIP.
  16. Duke9th

    Gloss Black Wall Connector Restocking

    FYI: Just got email from Tesla online shop that Gloss Black Wall Connector will be restocked around mid of November.
  17. L

    Hint: HPWC cable from indoors to outdoors

    Hi. I sometimes charge inside and sometimes outside my garage. I also MUCH prefer a simple look outside without a lot of stuff. So I mounted my HPWC inside and drilled a 2" hole through my wall. I passed 2" ABS pipe through and out collars on the inside and outside to trap the "conduit". And...
  18. archon810

    Brand new Tesla 80A Wall Connector charger with 24' cable (1050067-01-E) $450

    Location: Montclair, CA (Oakland, CA). Pick-up only, not interested in shipping, sorry. PM me if you want it. For sale is a brand new, unopened Tesla 80A wall connector with a 24-foot cable, part number 1050067-01-E (picked up from Tesla service in late 2018). I'm pretty sure it's the regular...
  19. M

    New Signature Wall Connector / Charger (Phoenix)

    Hi everyone, I have a new Gen II Elon Signature wall connector, just received it via referral. Have not even opened the box. $500 local pickup in Phx area. Attaching pictures of box and part numbers. Thanks.
  20. DutchTM3

    What type of connector used for tail lights

    Hi, I am looking at installing a trailer harness. Rather than splicing or piercing the little wires that end up in the connector of the tail lights, I would like to get my hands on a set of similar male and female connectors (well, two sets actually, one for the driver side taillight and one...
  21. Bill D

    Signature Wall Connector $500 - South Florida

    New in-the-box Signature (signed by Elon) Black Wall Connector with 24' Cable. I just received this referral award (after a 3-month wait) and I already have 2 HPWCs installed. I much prefer pick-up here (near Ft. Lauderdale) but I'll ship at cost if necessary.
  22. Ostrichsak

    Want to Buy: Referral Reward Black Wall Connector (HPWC) for $350

    I'm not in a hurry to buy as my NEMA 14-50 is doing the trick just fine so I'm not looking to pay the higher prices some are asking for one of these. If you have one you got from a referral (read: Free) that you want to move quickly w/o needing to take photos, create a listing or deal with tire...
  23. M

    Tesla Limited Edition Signature Black Wall Connector - $500

    Tesla Limited Edition Signature Black Wall Connector Brand new, in sealed box. With 24’ power cord Please see packing slip and box label: “GEN II Matte Black HPWC North America 80A , 24 FT, REFERRAL ONLY” (This was only available to existing owners who referred new sales to Tesla) $500...
  24. heytae

    High Power (Limited Edition Autographed by Elon, black) Wall Connector, HPWC

    I have a referral award that I'm willing to have drop shipped to you. Brand new, sealed in box, autographed special edition Tesla Wall Connector / Charger. Generation 2, Matte Black Charger, 24ft cable, 80 Amps These are NOT available for purchase from Tesla. You can only get them for...
  25. T

    F/S Referral Reward Signature Matte Black HPWC

    Received my email to redeem my referral prize but I already have a charger mounted in my garage. Asking for $650. I would just need to enter the preferred shipping address of the interested buyer into the online form and forward the confirmation email so it ships directly to you. Payment can...
  26. tizio

    Tool Balancer: My new favorite home charger hack

    You know how gas pumps have that retracting cord that keeps the hose off the ground? I bought a tool balancer and made the same thing for my wall charger. I'm really happy with the results would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a more organized charger area or needs to charge more...
  27. S

    Where to put charging port/power socket?

    So a question For those who have experience and can help. In few months, I will hopefully own a model 3 [Much excited]. In meantime, I'm trying to figure out where to setup charging station for it. The options are, 1) inside garage, 2) outside garage, 3) one inside, one outside. 3) seems...
  28. fasteddie7

    Official USB c for center console?

    I've been to the service center several times, and asked about a USB C adapter for my center console that replaces the lightning one that came with my model s. No one seems to know if they even exist. Has anyone successfully had an official one installed? I know there are some non official ones...
  29. E

    WTB: Mobile Connector for Model S

    Hi I'm looking for mobile connector in the range of $300-$400, depending on condition. Please PM me, if you have an offer. Thanks!