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  1. zef3215

    Problems with “energy app”?

    Hello, I was chill driving yesterday on a highway hoovering at about 95km/h fascinated about relatively low consumption of 140wh/km considering misty wet roads and wild wind. The consumption tab was also showing more or less the same (10,25,50 km) as always however, at some point it started to...
  2. L

    2023 Model Y LR Poor Mileage in real world

    I recently picked up my 2023 model y LR and have driven it less than 400 miles (600km) but noticed it has really horrible mileage. Two Instances: I would go 10 miles (16km) in city driving and it would eat up 6% battery making the mileage 166 miles (270km) on full charge. In another instance...
  3. S

    Effect of wider tires on range

    I'm thinking of scrapping the 20" Uberturbines and Pirelli tires from my (soon to be delivered) M3P in favor of 19"x9.5J ET34 wheels with Michelin PilotSport 4S 265/35R19 (square setup). I was able to find plenty of info about ET, J, tire sizes and so on but nothing (at least not consolidated)...
  4. M

    Tesla Inverter + Neurio

    Hello everyone! I tried searching through the forums first but could not find anything that seemed to directly relate to what I was looking for. If this has already been discussed I am very sorry.... Hopefully my first post doesn't get buried, but I was hoping to find out some information...
  5. P

    Tesla Energy Visualizations

    Hi there Tesla Motors Club, I’m kindly asking for your voice I’m currently conducting graduate research on the expression of efficiency metrics in electric vehicles. As part of my research, I’m hoping to learn from drivers’ experiences and use my research to amplify drivers’ needs. I noticed...
  6. AlanSubie4Life

    Request for info on SR (NOT SR+) 2020 Range & Constant Info (and a 2019 datapoint for reference)

    Up until today I didn't realize there were any SR vehicles sold in 2020 model year (or in 2020 in general). But, it seems that there have been. I am not talking about the SR+ - obviously those have been sold this year. For range/constant documentation, for anyone who has an SR (not SR+)...
  7. E

    Energy usage of streaming Netflix/YouTube?

    Does anyone have an estimate of the energy usage related to streaming video such as Netflix or YouTube? I assume most of the extra cost would be from the LTE/wifi connection, as the screen is on anyway in idle. I'd be curious to know also the idle consumption with the car on (2018 75D). Taking a...
  8. L

    110 mile range with 330wh/mile consumption!

    The real-world range on my 2014 60Kwh model S has degraded big time in the last few years, despite having driven only 35K miles, never supercharged and rarely charge to full. After my last 90% charge, I let it run down to almost empty with before and after pics. Right after charging, the dash...
  9. A

    SR+ Consumption and using ABRP

    I have been a SR+ owner for just under a month ~2500 mi including a ~700 mi road trip. While the Tesla routing works great and the energy graphs are surprisingly accurate it doesn't provide any planning capability for a longer trip (with breaks etc), also the SR+ is not an option that is...
  10. willow_hiller

    What's your SR/+ single-charge distance record?

    My wife and I just took a 1,300 mile road-trip to Montreal, and our last leg was relatively efficient. There's been news floating around that the SR+ has a real-world maximum range of under 200 miles, so I thought I'd start this thread to see how far y'all are making it. Here's our trip details...
  11. Janssen_Ronald

    Rijden met aanhanger met de Tesla Model 3

    Ik heb vorige week mijn M3 LR DM verkocht met als enige reden de ontbrekende trekhaak. Vrijdag 21-6 in de trein een inventory DM LR met trekhaak gekocht en die is donderdag 27-6 geleverd!!! Kortom -> dit weekend even het trekken uitproberen. Ons doel is om over drie weken met de vouwwagen...
  12. K

    My Trip and Range math does not work.

    Good afternoon, I would like to better understand the Indicated Range and Trip screen. I know about vampire drain, but I wonder if this is normal. Yesterday's morning, the car was showing 181 miles. This moring - the remaining range was 87 miles and distance since last charge was 78. 23.4 KWh...
  13. aikisteve

    Unit Police - kW vs kWh vs Wh/km (or Wh/mi)

    Since I'm still seeing a lot of confusion about EV energy units and when to use which one, I made a video to hopefully clear this up once and for all.
  14. ohmman

    Model X Travel Trailer Consumption Analysis

    There has been discussion about energy consumption in a number of Model X towing threads (1). The real world information from these threads provides value to those who are considering purchasing, renting, or otherwise using a travel trailer. The data are extremely sparse right now, but at least...
  15. GasKilla

    My car flatlined (on consumption) recent trip screen frozen...

    Anyone have similar issues? It says I've been driving 13 hours and 31 minutes when I was only driving for about 1/2 hour.. Also the miles since last charge is very wrong. I've reset both screens twice since I first noticed the problem and nothing has changed, still frozen. Also my home link...
  16. Matias

    European Model S typical consumption?

    What is European Model S typical consumption? I mean, what wh/km car uses when calculating typical range?