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drive unit replacement

  1. J

    2012 Model s WiFi does not see networks

    Hey all, I’ve scoured this forum and been looking all over the web for a similar issue and can’t find anything thus far… Main issue: When I tap the WiFi icon at top right to connect to a network the dropdown menu appears and says “searching for WiFi” with the cycling circle for approx 30...
  2. C

    Diagram of powertrain components and their connections?

    Does anyone have a diagram of the powertrain components and their logical connections? It would be helpful to have a map of how drive units and controllers connect to each other and a bonus if there’s any additional CAN data. For context I just want to understand the differences between the...
  3. K

    Model s 70 compared to 75 0-60

    I've been looking around at model s 0-60 times ,specifically the jump from the 70kwh RWD battery cars to the 75kwh RWD battery cars. The drivetrains are identical with a large rear drive unit but the 0-60 times are 1.3 seconds apart. Why is this? Are 2 more modules active in the 75kwh for more...
  4. T

    How to calibrate Model S 2014, Drive Unit?

    I have replaced drive unit from another damaged car and looking for help to calibrate this drive unit with different VIN, Any suggestions by experts? I appreciate your help ; )
  5. T

    Drive unit replacement worth it?

    Hello all looking for a little advice, I recently purchased a 2014 model s P85D and not to long after I got the two warning -BMS_u008 - Acceleration and top speed reduced -BMS_w172 - Vehicle may not restart The car is now out of warranty and took it in to tesla service center to have them look...
  6. S

    Drive Unit Repair SCAL Independent Shop

    I have model 2013 Model S that the Drive Unit likely needs replacement (per service center). The car has 180k miles. Do you know independent service center in SCAL that can perform this ? SC quoted me close to $8k. Much appreciated of your help
  7. D

    Would a new DU in 2016 S75 increase range?

    Hi all, I purchased a used 2016 S75 from Tesla. Website said range of 249. When I went for pickup, badge said “70”. They said “oh it was updated to a 75 via software updates”. I went home and charged fully, and max range is 220. Of course, Tesla rep said, degradation, 249 was just an estimate...
  8. Sanderpman12

    Drive unit out of warranty?

    Hey all i have a 2013 model s p85. It recently started making the milling noise but its not that bad. I called the service center because i thought i had warranty because my car is only 72k miles. They said my warranty ran out. What do i do now? I do not want to pay out of pocket for this issue
  9. C

    DU Replacement P85 wrong part number?

    Hi All, I have a P85+ (2014 pre-AP) that is in need of a DU replacement. Clearly has milling noise. I scheduled an appointment with my SvC and they sent an email saying that parts had been ordered. Great because they knew exactly what the problem was and seems like they have no problem...
  10. D

    Drive Unit Replacement

    Red Triangle. Performance limit and no regen braking,. Brought in. Rear drive unit replaced (P85D). Anyone know the differences and whether they impact driving? Old unit part #: 1002633-01-M New unit part #: 1025598-00-T By the way brought in Monday and car done Wednesday 8am. Thanks Tesla.
  11. N

    Model 3: Breakdowns

    Definitely not a hater thread, just for information. 2018 Model 3 LR EAP FSD Premium, 19" rims etc...all available options at the time, $60500 VIN 012XXX Manufactured March 2018 Delivery 7/3/18 Marina Del Rey, CA 8 Miles on pick-up Drove a total of 61 miles during the day to reach 69 on the...
  12. E

    Drive Unit Replacement

    Question: I'll get a new DU for my 2014 P85+ in a couple of weeks. Which components will this encompass? Engine, inverter obviously... anything else? Based on experiences in this group will it be most likely one of the "next generation" with higher durability? Anything to watch out for...
  13. jerjozwik

    burbank service center, post of appreciation.

    so here i am, sitting on a traffic controlled on-ramp, about to do my normal pop up to speed that p90d owners are accustom to. only today will be different, mere seconds after i activated the accelerator i received the achievement; "drive unit needs service, avoid hard acceleration." i think...