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  1. K

    Tesla cloud account won't update!

    Hello all! I am needing some help with my new Plaid Model S. The cloud account that is one of the driver profiles that automatically set on the vehicle will not properly update, and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue. The profile picture finally updated after changing it on...
  2. S

    I’m not getting “special” emails from Tesla

    When the EAP option for $4000 was release several days ago, many people online stated that they got an email explaining the details, but I didn’t receive such email. I’d like to know how; my Tesla account has my correct email address, along with my Tesla app. I got all of the necessary emails...
  3. T

    Unable to Login to Tesla.com or Reset my password

    I have always had a Tesla.com and a mysolarcity account. I am unable to login into Tesla.com because it says my account/password is not recognized. When I try to Reset my password, It says my email address is unrecognized When I try to create a new account it says my email address is already in...
  4. FrankTUTB

    Email Subject - "Tesla Model Y Order"... I have questions.

    So, a few minutes ago, I got an email with the subject, "Tesla Model Y Order" welcoming me to the Tesla family. It notes 5 things to prepare for delivery. I have everything prepared and just need a VIN assigned. I'm wondering, how long between getting this (or similar) email and VIN assignment...
  5. J

    Asking for details without email

    So my order page asked for details including registration information and financing yet I have not yet received an email. It says drafting contract is the next step (being in NY I can’t get insurance without a a VIN). Has this happened to others?
  6. im4uttx

    Roadster Service E-Mail Poll and info

    To get a little clarity on who has or has not received the service e-mail outlined in this thread: Roadster Service E-Mail Any information that that have attempted contact through the provided information, if you want to provide more information regarding how the response appears to be handled...
  7. B

    Can't change my email address

    I need to change my email address to my gmail address so that I can interface to Google Home, but whenever I try to do so the Tesla Account website comes up with and yet the email address I am changing to is my own gmail address and so cannot already be in use in Tesla's database. I get the...
  8. Gabzqc

    New Supercharger online notification

    Dear All, Planning summer 2016 trip back home to England in a Model S and would love to have notification/email when a new supercharger in Europe goes online. At the moment the only way to check is by going to Supercharge.info and checking the Changes page. Anyone has any ideas how to make...