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  1. A

    replaced the 12V battery

    My car Tesla Model 3 2018 Errors appeared: vcfront_a192 vcfront_a182 vcfront_a402 I bought new SLA 12V battery, after replacement, after 4-5 hours the error appears again Tell me what could be the reason? Appeared after update 2022.20.7.
  2. T

    2021.40.6 Model S update alerts and loss of functionality

    I have an August 2015 build Model S 90D with AP1 and an upgrade to MCU2. I received 2021.40.6 over the air update on Nov 23 2021. I was greeted with the following alerts the next time I entered the vehicle: - Automatic Emergency Braking is Disabled - Power braking assist reduced - Autopilot...
  3. H

    2013 Model S - Many Disabled Errors and now a Dead Battery

    Last Wednesday (1/28/21), I was returning from a store 2 miles from my house. One mile down the road and these 7 error messages pop up on the screen: charge port disabled stability control disabled regenerative breaking disabled power reduced charge rate reduced traction control disabled...
  4. CertLive

    The one issue the board forgot to vote on! ( End of the Line )

    The simple last step and answer to most Tesla car owners dreams. Please take this one tip from VW.
  5. Gwgan

    Sensors, service alerts, and air conditioning

    Is there a sensor for the air conditioning refrigerant? It seems Tesla has more system sensors than other cars and now relies on those to schedule service without routine checks. After tire air pressure and washer fluid level the chiller capacity may be the next most frequent service, followed...
  6. MacGreiner

    Model 3 initial issues and errors

    We picked up out 53xx Vin about a week ago. Here is a summary of some of the issues we are finding. BTW - I offer this not as a whine session but to see if there are any quality themes appearing. I accept full well that previous owners share the double edged sword of being early adopters...
  7. Chrisizzle

    What's wrong with navigation recently? (Jan 2017-ish)

    The navigation / trip planning in my new Model X is all kinds of stupid. I did not have this issue in the Model S I traded. I assume navigation directions come online which means others may have similar problems (versus it being an isolated problem with my car). Is it firmware? Is it a problem...
  8. Hengist

    Model X: Issues and Answers

    Suggesting a sticky thread of interesting issues that have been encountered with the Model X. Here's my two: 1. Charge port would not open when I pressed the front of it. There is a small "bumper" in the front corner of the charge port. That is where the switch for the press to open function...
  9. mdavis

    Error 903?

    [I couldn't find an error decoder on the Internet] Car is a Sport 2.0 Charges fine Put it in gear (F or R) and it doesn't engage, no creep, followed by error code 903 and "start in a safe location". At one point the motor would stutter briefly (a little disturbing) before throwing the error...
  10. L

    Parking brake errors, car often immobile, service WILL NOT COVER under warranty

    Hi all, Just posting to vent some of my frustration / see if anyone has been in a similar boat. For the past two years of ownership, my car has suffered from numerous parking brake errors, that often leave me stranded far from home and having to get towed. The first time it happened was just a...
  11. tanner

    Model S non-drivable after multiple error messages

    The other day, I used a supercharger during a trip. Upon leaving the charger, and returning home, everything seemed fine. The next day (yesterday), I went to plug in and the charging port wouldn't accept the regular charging plug... It just wouldn't go in! What's more, the light around it was...