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fsd autopilot

  1. Tam

    Redundancy Steering Component Dropped

    https://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/07/tesla-cut-a-steering-component-to-deal-with-chip-shortage.html It happens in China: Instead of beefing up the redundancy system for Robotaxi by the end of this year, this is the reverse and making it a Level 2. Of interest is China's uptake of FSD is only about 1%.
  2. A

    Online survey on fostering and improving electric vehicles and the adoption of its services (Tesla cars as case study).

    Hi Australian Tesla owners, My name is Awatif Khalid Alotaibi from the Information System School, Queensland University of Technology (QUT). I’m doing a PhD research project for Electric Vehicle ecosystems. In this online survey, we ask questions about your electric vehicle adoption and issues...
  3. Mm2021

    FSD/ Robotaxis and UNECE Regulations

    Forgive me for my ignorance in this area but I was curious if anyone knew- does Brexit mean we will no longer be held to the archaic car regulatory policies of the EU that substantially delay the timeline to receiving FSD here? (I mean the FSD that is being beta tested in the USA at the moment...
  4. M

    2020 Model 3 Performance with FSD

    Located in Riverside county, this 2020 Blue with Black interior, grey wheels, FSD with only $8k miles. Also includes, all-weather floor and trunk mats, wireless charger and remote. Always garaged, photos to come. Asking $58k.
  5. birdsquared

    Question about FSD behaviour

    I just ordered FSD, and am trying out the various features (I had the cah pahk itself), tried out summon, and am slowly getting a sense of Navigate on Autopilot. However, one thing I am unsure of, and after assorted searches and search terms can't find the answer to: If I am NOT using NOA, is...
  6. SimonEV1

    Autopilot and the B word (brexit)

    I was wondering what is your opinion regarding Autopilot's full features being unlocked if the UK leaves EU and obviously not under EU regulations anymore. Do you think it will happen? Not interested in a brexit debate :) Just hoping that we will sometime in the future enjoy the full features...
  7. T

    AP features unavailable after small repair !

    I have a 2017 MX with MCU1 and AP2.0 with FSD. My car was in the SC for replacement of the rear bumper (Just the black trim piece at the bottom) because of an small accident. The painted piece of the bumper was not replaced, hence I am assuming the sensors too were not changed.. There was at...
  8. I

    Disabled driver assist features?

    The Thames Valley winter sun and damp roads seem to be causing my Model 3 to disable cruise control etc very frequently when driving into the sun. How can Tesla hope to deliver full self driving in the foreseeable future - or is this just my car?
  9. R

    What’s next after FSD?

    Is there anything after FSD or is that it? Kinda worried if I pay 6k and then they come out with something like FSD plus.
  10. B

    FSD price drop to $3000

    Just logged into my account and saw FSD is back down to 3k. Not sure how long it will stay at this price. Just a heads up for those that want to upgrade!
  11. M

    Model 3: SR+ w/ FSD vs LR

    So been saving for a while and it’s finally time to purchase my first Tesla. Basically I can comfortably purchase a SR+ with FSD or a LR without FSD (just the basic autopilot)... But both makes it a little tight. Although still doable. If you had to choose one of the two options which would...
  12. K

    Buying used tesla with no Autopilot and FSD. how much to upgrade?

    Hi, I found a car in craigslist 2019 Tesla model 3. It has neither auto pilot nor FSD nor EAP. How much does it cost me to just upgrade it to EAP? I dont know if I have an option to upgrade it to EAP or not? Can any one please suggest if it would be less expensive if the original owner buys...
  13. M

    Rare MX unicorn for sale! FSD, Free Super Charging, 4 year extended warranty

    Rare 2016 MX 75 D unicorn with Auto Pilot 2.0 hardware, FSD [Free upgrade to AP 3.0 when available], free super charging for life [transferable], 4 year extended warranty from tesla [expiration: Feb 8th, 2023], 6 seats and excellent condition [comes with all weather mats]. Current Mileage...
  14. Garlan Garner

    Wait... more Autopilot features...or FSD features?

    Hmmmm…. Here we go again. Elon is speaking of ( I think ) Autopilot features. I'm totally confused at this point as to why I purchased FSD. https://electrek.co/2018/12/09/tesla-autopilot-soon-traffic-lights-self-driving-elon-musk/ IMHO - The more features Autopilot acquires....the less...