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  1. I

    Navigating to The Home Depot

    Every time I ask my Model Y to drive to The Home Depot, the screen shows that it understands what I am asking, but then it changes and says, “navigating home”. Anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions?
  2. M

    Can’t “go home” after 2023.44.30.2?

    I’ve routinely used the voice command “go home” on our 2023 M3LR. After the holiday update it doesn’t appear to recognize home as the intended destination, instead looking for similarly named businesses. Clicking directly on Home on the Navigation display works just fine. Deleting and...
  3. L

    Car Locks at home despite setting to not lock at home

    To one and all, I have set my 'Home' location in Navigation using the 'enter your address' process, however despite having the 'Except at home' setting marked it locks my Tesla Y every time. Very annoying when you need to get something out of the car and you don't have your phone with you...
  4. Z_Lynx

    Random car locking noises when at home?

    Anyone hearing locking and unlocking noises when their car is parked at home? Been doing a weeks worth of work near the car when it's not charging, not recently driven, being completely ignored (not opening doors). I am hearing what sounds like a quick locking then unlocking noise randomly...
  5. S

    Plan for Connecting Wall Charger 100+ Feet Away and Future Proofing Setup?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the best plan for running power to my wall connector. I live in SoCal. My electrician is coming next week, but I want to have a jump-start and possibly start buying materials ahead of time. My box is a 100 amp panel and only has one more space for a 50 amp double...
  6. F

    Recommendations for mobile car cleaning service SW London

    Normally clean my car myself but after 2 years it could do with a good clean inside and maybe outside too. Looking for recommendations for companies that come to your home and clean it there please.
  7. C

    Home Efficiency

    This is an off-topic thread; I hope this is the best area to post. I would like to start a discussion about energy efficient home construction and renovation topics. I will start with windows. I recently moved into a 30 year old home, built pretty well for 30 years ago, still 30 years ago...
  8. Space_CowBoy

    Car wash in winter at home [Need advice]

    I'm planning on setting up my garage to do car washes at home. Not sure what my requirements would be given that the winters here can be brutal. Additionally, what type of waterproofing would I need to do to the walls(bathroom paint) and or floors(epoxy). Also, would the drain need to be...
  9. B

    Phone Key When Home

    I have just set up phone key on my new model 3. I now seem to be able to walk up to the car, unlock it and drive, just by having my phone in my pocket... perfect. However, when I'm at home and the model 3 is in the driveway I notice that my phone is sometimes connected to the car. Does this...
  10. n.one.one

    Cabin Overheat Protection - Turn off @ home - Feature request

    Cabin Overheat Protection has an option to turn it off. I like to keep it on during the hot summer. Unfortunately when left on it keeps the vehicle from sleeping and leads to phantom power drain (not so phantom when we know what causes the drain). It would be nice if we had the option to turn...
  11. M

    Need help with homecharging options

    Hi all I'm looking into buying my first Tesla but I'm really comfused about the homecharging options I found that i can use the 230V outlets that are already installed at my house how fast is this going? should this be a special one that's alone on a circuit? install a homebox I have 3...
  12. DucaTinus

    M3: Strange sleeping behavior when parked at home

    Hi Some of us European model 3 owners see some strange sleeping behaviors that we con not explain.. When parking on route on or favorite and taged locations the cars goes to sleep after 12m-15m When parked at home it takes the car always 2:05h -2:07h to get to sleep. Meanwile it spoils energy...
  13. B

    2018 P10D - Tesla Performance Dwelling 10kWh - For Sale or Rent (Denver Metro, CO)

    Are you or someone you know moving to the Denver area or looking for a Tesla Home? We moved, but it was not without some real heart tugging for the home that we created. Not just any home but a: Tesla Performance 10kWh Dwelling (P10D). Located in Centennial, CO (south east suburb of...
  14. I

    Tesla car battery to power my house

    No answers, only question! If I buy an inverter, can I use the power in my Model S to power my house at night? If yes...how do you get the power from car through inverter, to house use? Seems like a good wheeze!
  15. T

    Feature request - keep car unlocked at home location

    i prefer to keep car unlocked when parked at home, since it allows my son to get in the car before me. With auto locking this doesn't work. I don't want to disable auto locking feature, but would like to prevent it when parked at home
  16. cstromme

    Tesla Wall Connector - Any way to attach this to a pole coming out of the ground?

    So we're debating wether or not if we should replace our current wall charger with a Tesla Wall Connector, but if we do I would love it if I could move it away from the house and closer to the parking space itself. But to do so I would need to put something in place that the Wall Connector could...
  17. fasteddie7

    Home delivery vs. In store pickup

    does anyone have any thoughts on home vs. service center delivery? I live 3+ hours from the closest service center so i have the option to do either, and my delivery specialist explained the difference was there is no new vehicle orientation with home delivery. Am I really missing out? I've been...
  18. fasteddie7

    Will this 14-50 work?

    I'm still trying to decide if I should buy a HPWC or just install a NEMA 14-50, I stopped at the local hardware store and picked up on 14-50 outlet, it is different than the others i've seen and it doesn't say NEMA anywhere on it. I attached pictures and was wondering will this work if I got...
  19. Mike Tuccelli

    Powering home from Tesla

    Would it be possible for a software change to use Tesla battery to feed power into the NEMA plug during a power outage? With 90 KW available, it would be super to be able to run the refrigerator and lights during an extended power outage. In 2004 when we had four hurricanes in Florida I was...
  20. J

    Imagine a Tesla Home

    I'd love to have home automation by Tesla. 17" touch screens in major rooms with controls for: Doors Lights Windows and curtains A/C Entertainment Appliances (make coffee from bed!) Pool/jacuzzi Security/cameras Car Auto-presenting door handles, automatic doors Solar panels and PowerWall...
  21. SabrToothSqrl

    PowerWall and "The Missing Piece..." Event

    Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk 1m1 minute ago Major new Tesla product line -- not a car -- will be unveiled at our Hawthorne Design Studio on Thurs 8pm, April 30 My guess is a home battery system based on Tesla Tech. or hey, maybe it's a...
  22. V

    Charging Station Installation

    Hi folks, I just ordered my Model S (85 non-performance) and am extremely excited to get ride of my gas guzzler. As I am waiting for the car to be built I was looking at getting the charging station installed (NEMA 14-50 with 50amp) at my place. I called the SolarCity recommended electrician to...
  23. FlasherZ

    FAQ: Home Tesla charging infrastructure Q&A

    I have posted a FAQ that I intend to maintain in the Charging Standards and Infrastructure Section with the commonly asked questions about home electrical infrastructure for charging your Tesla EV (including the Model S). It is located here. I hope this post -- and that one -- will be made...
  24. FlasherZ

    FAQ: Home Tesla charging infrastructure Q&A

    Charging/Electrical FAQ for Tesla EV’s Maintained by FlasherZ Last updated 2016-04-24 15:15 CT The contents of this FAQ (since it's becoming very, very long) -- use your browser's search function to look for the question in which you are interested: WHAT ARE THE FIRST THINGS I NEED TO KNOW...