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  1. H

    Random play from usb

    In a recent software update, the interface for playing music from a USB drive was changed to move certain things closer to the driver. Good but the random play selector disappeared. Is it still accessible somewhere?
  2. R

    Model S 2021 showing Model 3 in interface on screen.

    I notice this when I tried to remove the Wall connector from the Model S 2021 (with Yoke), but the car wasn't unlocked (phone is not in the pocket). The screen shows this Tap Key Card to unlock briefly, however if you look at the image on the screen, the car shows Model 3 (based on the door...
  3. N

    Need help with music - think I may have a bug?

    Hi everyone. I need your help. I had a Tesla Model S from March 2018, which I returned in March 2021. I ordered a Plaid then, and just got it. I accepted delivery right away because I figured that it can't be that much different than my old car so I'll figure out all the interface stuff. But...
  4. J

    What should a generic charging station look like?

    I have been reading recently of President Biden's aim of getting 500,000 EV charging stations installed across the US. I got to thinking about some of the ramifications of having such a network. Just off the top of my head, here are a few considerations that I was thinking about--I'd love to...
  5. geekdad

    Neuroscience + Tesla: DIY neural interface for Model 3

    My kids and I built a myoelectric neural interface to control a Model 3. Why? Because, SCIENCE!
  6. GalacticHero

    Wipers stopped working, then headlights and Lane Avoidance

    I have an M3 AWD with f/w 2019.20.1. This morning the wipers wouldn't activate via the screen or the turn signal button. They also wouldn't move into the Service Mode position. When I got to work I discovered the headlights weren't coming on. I leave them in Auto and they turn on when going into...
  7. S

    Get back those dropped framerates with v9

    With roughly 150k+ S/X units that run v1 MCU hardware, at least, I've been pretty disappointed with the interface interactions in general of v9. In particular: 1. The choppiness of switching between screens 2. The extra steps do things (for example, if you had the cold weather screen up in v8 in...
  8. aikisteve

    Tesla v9.0 interface (2018.39.7) also has a new Easter Egg

    Of course, we need to do the mandatory V9.0 interface review as well. A lot has changed and even though I was afraid it would not be good, it is actually a quite logical makeover. Camera at the bottom of the screen should be resolved in a next release, Elon promised. Please forgive the static...
  9. Minecon_CA

    Is there a way to block software updates?

    I feel that the user interface of version 9 is too flat, like how the background of the instrument cluster is flat grey instead of a gradient. There are also many annoyances in version 9, such as how you can't adjust the "auto" setting for each section of the climate control. Overall, the user...

    R and D vs Hold - Dangerous!

    This one's dangerous if not addressed. "Hold" is not a very safe indicator of "Still in D or R, ready to launch" There really needs to be a clear indicator that any touch of the pedal will cause the car to move. My wife pointed out the PRND on screen, top/left corner. Seeing it for the first...
  11. mlondre

    Swiping wiper settings in 2018.4.9

    Is anyone else having issues swiping between the activity cards and accidentally activating the wipers in 2018.4.9? If I swipe about 1/3 up from the bottom when transitioning between the main card, wiper settings, PSI, and energy usage, sometimes I’ll accidentally turn my wiper settings from...
  12. fasteddie7

    Finally! New voice and maps!

    im so excited to hear the new navigation voice and map ui! I was beginning to wonder if it would always have the crappy Siri like voice! First look at Tesla’s new maps and navigation engine