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lease takeover

  1. A

    Looking to take over Model 3 lease in CA

    Hi! I'm looking to take over a Model 3 lease with anywhere between 9-24 months left (ideally around a year or so). Located in Los Angeles and also Bay Area so pretty much willing to pick up from anywhere in California. Please let me know if you can help! Thanks :)
  2. E

    SoCal Model Y Performance lease take over

    Hi, I'm looking to have my leased Model Y performance getting taken over. I paid $14k down to lower the monthly cost and monthly payment is $578.91/mo, 3 year lease, Dec 5, 2024 lease maturity, current milage is 14,063 I have Premium Connectivity expires December 5, 2022 and Autopilot included...
  3. V

    Looking for someone to take over my 2021 Model Y lease

    2021 Tesla Y long range Driven 10,673 miles AVAILABLE FOR LEASE TRANSFER. CASH DOWN REQUIRED $5,000. You can lease this Tesla Model Y for $739.20 a month (plus tax) for 26 months. You can average 1000 miles per month for the balance of the lease or a total of 25,347 miles through the end of the...
  4. G

    Model 3 or Model Y Lease Takeover

    Hi all, I'm looking to take over a lease for Model 3 or Y. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA. Please message me if interested!
  5. O

    Model Y lease take over (or finance)

    Greetings all, First time buyer looking to take over a lease for a Model Y (or X) or buy via financing. I’m located in Massachusetts but willing to travel to pick it up or pay for delivery. I would like something with a monthly payment between 400-650, 2+ years remaining on the lease, and $10k+...
  6. C

    2022 Model 3 Long Range Lease Transfer at $600, Bay Area

    Hi, I have a Model 3 Long Range lease picked up in Dec 2021, Monthly Payment: $602/month 6 months into 36 months ending Dec/2024 Maturity date: 12/21/2024 Mileage: 6000/30000 Black exterior and white interior Location: California Bay Area Tesla Leasing Transfer fee: $500 Vehicle is in...
  7. A

    Looking for a lease takeover :)

    Hi all! I’m looking to take over a lease (Model Y) preferred. I’m located in Northern CA but willing to travel to pick it up within reason. Ideally looking to keep payment <$900/mo w/ at least 2 years remaining on the lease. Any leads are appreciated! Thanks :)
  8. R

    2021 Model Y Performance Lease Transfer (So Cal)

    Getting the Model X Plaid. Wanting to transfer my Y. Put down a ton to get the payment this low. 2021 Model Y Performance (White exterior/Black Interior). Carbon fiber interior accents inside (You can take off) -$544.11 including tax -Lease Maturity 6/19/2024 -10k mi/yr -9500mi on car now -Has...
  9. J

    Looking for Lease Takeover - Northern California Bay Area - Model 3 or Y

    Hi everyone! New here, so hopefully posting in the correct place. I’m in Northern California (San Francisco) and am looking to takeover a lease on a Model 3 or Y. Ideally, at least two years left with a minimum of 10,000 per year mileage allowance. Preferred payment of $600 or less per...
  10. D

    Lease Transfer 2021 Model 3 Long Range Black Exterior / Black Interior (Los Angeles)

    Lease Transfer 2021 Model 3 Long Range Black Exterior / Black Interior Delivered June 22 2021. Lease Maturity - June 2024 12,000 miles / year $6000 Down + $696.39 / month 7600 miles on the odometer showing 350mi at 100% Thanks for reading!
  11. E

    LEASE TAKEOVER: Model 3 or Model Y

    Hi Everyone! Looking to takeover a Tesla 3 or Y that has 13 months to 24 months of lease payments left. Color doesn’t matter and mileage remaining must be greater than 1k a month. Also will not pay 6k down. Message me if interested!
  12. T

    Lease Takeover: Model 3 LR (non-white)

    Hi -- I'm looking to take over a lease on a Model 3. Must be Long Range. Willing to drive to anywhere within US... I'm located in DFW. I've been approved by Tesla Financial for a lease takeover as recently as yesterday. Prefer there to be at least 950 miles per month left in your lease. Prefer...
  13. N

    2020 LR Model 3 Lease Swap

    Posting this for a friend, Car is in IL. Has about 12k Miles on it. $709.14 monthly payment, 10k miles per year. Lease expires 9-12-2023. Has about 950 miles per month left on the lease. Please let me know if you have any questions, etc! Great condition, no accidents. $150 credit app fee and...
  14. T

    Lease Takeover: Model Y (prefer non-white)

    Hi -- I'm looking to take over a lease on a Model Y. Willing to drive anywhere within US... I'm located in DFW. I've been approved by Tesla Financial for a lease takeover as recently as 2 days ago. Prefer there to be at least 950 miles per month left in your lease. Prefer non-white Teslas but...
  15. P

    Looking for model 3

    Looking to take over a model 3 lease. Located in SF Bay area. Prefer a local transfer but willing to drive in California for right deal.
  16. I


    Located in the Midwest, looking for a lease transfer on a Model Y or Model 3. Current lease is up in Aug.
  17. B

    Looking to take over Model Y/3 Lease

    Located in San Francisco, CA but willing to go anywhere in CA or even further. Looking for 13 - 36 months.
  18. J

    wtb model 3 Lease takeover in Ontario, Canada

    Hi, Looking for someone in Ontario or perhaps Quebec that has a Tesla model 3 lease that they're looking to get rid of. Would love to grab from you! Let me know any details. Located an hour west from Toronto.
  19. M

    Bay Area-folks! Looking to buy or lease or take someone's order M3

    hello! I’m new to here but wanted to give this a shot I’m looking to lease or takeovers someone’s order of A model 3. I would rather the exterior be black or white and interior preferbly white but back is fine. my account might be too new to message me so feel free to text 2me 2o4 five five 7 1...
  20. B

    Looking for a lease takeover - South Florida Area

    Hey everyone I am looking to take over a lease for a model 3 sr+ or LR. Only looking for 2021 and up. Also interested in a model y if the monthly payment is in the same range. Please reach out! Thanks!
  21. M

    Looking for a lease takeover - Bay Area

    Hey everyone, I'm interested in taking over a lease for a Model 3 either SR+ or LR. Preferably a 2021 model. Model Y would also be of interest if the monthly payment is $650 or below. Let me know! Thanks!
  22. E

    Model 3 Performance Lease Transfer

    Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance Location: So-Cal Black on Black Monthly payment (pre-tax): $786.27 Current mileage: 5,201 Maturity mileage: 30,000 Effective miles per month: ~830 Maturity date: 08/24 You pay transfer fees $1000 down Financial institution: Tesla...
  23. J

    Looking to takeover lease for Tesla Model 3 (Florida)

    Hello, i am looking to take over a lease for a model 3. I am located in Clearwater/tampa. Been searching for a tesla to takeover since production time is so long. Thank you
  24. Z

    Looking to take over Model Y/3 lease

    Hello! I am looking to take over someone's Model Y/3 lease in South Florida. I am not particular about interior/exterior color. Open to 24-36 months remaining on lease with decent miles. I have a great/high [Tier 1] credit score.
  25. H

    South Florida Model Y Performance for Lease Trade

    I have a 2021 (picked up Sept 24) MYP, midnight grey, white interior, 5 seat that I have available for lease trade. Leased via Tesla Finance. Have an X on order with now a Jan delivery date. Reach out of interested.
  26. D

    Model Y Lease Transfer

    I have a 2021 Model Y Long Range and am looking to transfer the lease. Blue 20” Black Wheels White Interior 9,500 miles (36,000 mile lease) 25 months left $795.58 monthly lease Also includes a removable mesh shade for the roof, and a Gen 2 NEMA Adapter 14-50 for use with at home charging with...
  27. T

    Lease Transfer NYC - MODEL Y 2021

    I have a Model Y that was leased end of April of this year. I Live in NYC and am looking to transfer my lease before year's end. I believe you have to be NYC resident to be eligible for the lease transfer. The vehicle does not have many miles - currently 1918 - and is in excellent condition -...
  28. C

    Lease Takeover - 2020 Model Y - Bay Area, CA

    LEASE TAKEOVER OPPORTUNITY! 2020 Model Y, Black, Black Wheels, FSD and Auto Pilot 6312 Miles Lease is 10k a year with 28 months left on the lease (Expires December 2023) Payments with FSD and Autopilot ~$738/month Located in Menlo Park, CA Small small knick in the paint on the front...
  29. S

    Tesla 3 Lease Takeover - Low Monthly Payments - Like New - Take advantage of 6455 Down payment

    2020 Tesla Model 3 Monthly Payment $462per month For $462 a month you can take over this lease. You can average 800 miles per month for the next 20 months. Downpayment $6500 Actual Payments $462 Current Miles 14,000 Total Miles Allowed 30,000 Miles Per Month 900 Months Remaining 18 Leasing...
  30. I

    WTB Model X - Take over your lease with 6-20 months left

    Want out of your lease early? I will take over your lease. Looking for a Model X that has less than 20 months left, can be as little as 6 months left on the lease with Tesla Financial. Car must be from a Non Smoker Open to any version, color or year. Although I would say if I had my choice...
  31. P

    Model X takeover

    Hello I’m looking for 2017 or 2018 model X. I’m willing to takeover the vehicle.
  32. P

    Looking for model Y

    Hello, I'm looking for a Model Y or X to takeover from someone who no longer wants the car. I'm open to White or black with black interior only.
  33. LNL_HUTZ

    2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Q4 Ti Lusso lease takeover: $535/mo. (Bay Area)

    I'm happy to provide lots of pictures to anyone interested. The car is like new, with about 17,600 miles on the clock. The lease runs through mid-July 2021 and has a total of 30K miles allotted, so you can do a lot of driving in the next 10 months. Obviously, the car has been doing a whole...
  34. S

    Looking for Model 3 Lease Takeover w/ FSD

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to take over a Model 3 lease, somewhere in the 12-18 month range with FSD. I'll take the SR+, LR, or Performance. I don't care what color of interior or exterior. I'm located in Northern California, but would be willing to drive anywhere in California to pick it up. I...
  35. N

    Looking for 2020 model x long range with 6 seats

    If anyone wanna do lease transfer or sell, please Message me, thanks
  36. R

    2020 Tesla Model X Lease Takeover/Assumption

    Hi Guys, We have a Tesla Model S and want to add a new one to the collection. We don't want to wait for the production of a vehicle and thought it might really help someone if we take over their lease during these difficult times. Looking for someone wanting to get out of their Model X. We...
  37. M

    Model 3 for purchase or Lease Take over

    Looking for a Model 3. I am open to taking over a lease or financing one.. I am selling my car and just don't want to wait for Tesla to prepare the car for 4 weeks. I would like grey or black exterior with black interior preferably but open to other options. Please reach out to me as soon...
  38. B

    2019 Model S Long Range Lease

    I am looking to end my lease early. The details are below. 2019 Telsa Model S Long Range White Exterior White Leather Interior Current Mileage: 6,962 FSD: No but has Enhanced Autopilot Lease ends on Aug 6, 2022 Mileage per year: 10,000 Current Payment: $1,112.86 (includes MO sales tax, so your...
  39. D

    WTB: lease takeover of Model 3 or Model S

    Hi all, I have commitment issues and usually can't last 1 year in a car. Therefore, a 3-year lease is a scary thing for me. I'd ideally like to takeover a lease for someone who wants to get rid of their Tesla. Mostly interested in a Model 3 Performance at this point. Mileage allotment not...
  40. C

    Lease Transfer 2018 BMW 540i MSport San Francisco Bay Area

    Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 540i M Sport Location: South San Francisco MSRP: $67095 Monthly payment (pre-tax): $536.68 + $52.33 tax (North CA) Effective monthly payment: $589.01 Current mileage: 15500 Maturity mileage: 30000 Effective miles per month: 1035 Maturity date: 12/26/2020...
  41. M

    Looking for three Model 3 lease take overs

    Im Looking for 3 people who want to get out of there Model 3 leases. I have a model X and model S. I need 3 model 3’s. Any colors are fine. Just need to get into them right away.
  42. M

    Two models S Lease take over

    hello, I am helping my grandmother and partner join the crew and get into a new Tesla Model S. We are looking to stay below $800 per month. Can take over the lease within a couple of months. Open to different colors and different years. Need ASAP.
  43. L

    Looking for a 2018 Model S 75D lease to take over

    Hello I am looking for a 2018 Model S 75D lease to take over. If someone is looking to transfer their lease please IM me. Prefer vehicle to be located in California. Thank you!
  44. K

    Take Over 2018 Model X Lease - $2,000 Bonus

    Hello - No longer need my 2018 Tesla Model X (X 100D), so I'm looking to transfer the lease. It has the Pearl White Multi-Coat paint, 22" Black Onyx Wheels, Black and White interior with 6 seat configuration, and autopilot (does not have the additional full self driving option). Car is in...
  45. M

    I want to take over a Tesla Model S lease

    Hello, I’ve driven a Tesla Model S in the past and would love to take over a Lease for a Model S from anyone who wants to rid themselves of their car and current commitments. Im looking for something in the ball park of $600-$800, please let me know if your interested.
  46. A

    2017 Model X P100D Lease Takeover

    hello, I have a 6 seat (no console), black (non-black with wood trim and 22” rims P100D model x currently leased through Tesla. I want to transfer the lease to this car’s new home. I took delivery in March of 2018 (car was produced Nov 2017). Car has 13,500 miles, 15k/year lease, took delivery...
  47. S

    Model S Lease Takeover Wanted

    Looking for a Model S lease takeover. I am in Seattle WA, but willing to get a MS anywhere in the US for the right Tesla. :) Here is what I am looking for: - Tesla Model S with around 24 months left on the lease - No accidents, damage, etc. - Around $1k / month payments I have excellent credit...
  48. B

    WTB or Lease Transfer - Model X White Interior, low miles, EAP

    I am looking to take over a lease or purchase a Model X with white interior, low miles, enhanced auto pilot and 6 or 7 seats. Please let me know if you have a vehicle that you would consider transferring lease or selling. Thank you.
  49. Z

    Looking to take over a lease on a model X

    hi everyone This is my first post!!! I am looking to see if someone might be looking to get out of their lease on a model X. If so please let me know what you have , white or blue is always a plus. Thanks everyone and once again thanks for having me!!
  50. S

    Trying to take over a lease for Model X

    Hey everyone, New to this community and so excited to join this union. I'm looking for a tesla model X, trying to take over a lease from somebody. It can be any one of them, as long as it's a model X and a good deal. No color preference, doesn't matter how many seats it has, but autopolit...

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