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mcu 2

  1. A

    MCU upgrade

    Hi, Recently i bought Tesla Model S 2015 year and MCU1 doesn't work properly, my screen becomes frozen after about half an hour use. The car is in Armenia, where we don’t have Tesla official service center and the closest one is very far from us. So I decided to upgrade MCU1 to MCU2 myself...
  2. S

    Question Regarding Infotainment Upgrade Cost (Received Estimate, Believe to Be Incorrect)

    Hi All, I requested an appointment for the Infotainment Upgrade on our 2017 MX 100D with Full Self Driving. The estimate included the line item 'INFOTAINMENT UPGRADE FOR AP2.x VEHICLES' for $2,250 plus tax. I went back and forth with the service center through text explaining that, based on...
  3. J

    MCU2 Upgrade - Car images missing and door handle stuck in

    Hey everyone! I just got my MCU2 upgrade done yesterday on my 2015 85D. Screens look great and they did a good job with the install. Only issue I have now is that the car images do not appear on either screen (screenshots attached). IC shows red lines when object/vehicle is near but my tesla is...
  4. tonyj01

    Moving on to another brand

    Good morning friends, I'm coming to the end of my Model S journey, soon to take delivery of another EV. We are lucky to have an M3 too, so I will stay in the group. I have enjoyed all my time with my 2016 Koala 90D, I've enjoyed all the things I learnt and shared, all the Tesla groups full...
  5. G

    2016 Model S 75D November Build (Unicorn)

    Model S 75D For Sale. Unicorn Transferable FUSC, Free Premium Connectivity for life,FSD, MCU 2, HW3, Sunroof, Carbon Fiber Trim, Premium Upgrades Package, 21' Black Turbine Wheels. Ceramic Tint all the way around. Absolutely nothing wrong with it mechanically but a few cosmetic dings. Still...
  6. C

    MCU1 -> MCU2 Upgrade + AP3 Cost

    Hey All, My Vehicle: - 2017 Tesla Model S - AP2.5 - MCU1 I recently set up an appointment at the SC to have my MCU upgrade from MCU1 -> MCU2, I also requested to have the FSD computer (AP3) installed so that I can subscribe for FSD. The SC is stating that its $2250 for the MCU2 upgrade PLUS...
  7. J

    12v battery / vampire drain / humming noise... Tesla errors?? Warranty??

    Hi everyone! I’ve recently buy a S70D 2016 and notice a daily vampire drain up to 8%!! (No summing or sentinel) Also notice humming noise from the front that I don’t know if is related... but from yesterday I’ve got the message “schedule service to replace low voltage battery” when it was...
  8. Brown1428

    2018 Model S 100D without AutoPilot

    Looking to buy a a 2018 Tesla Model S 100D from Carvana. This particular vehicle was manufactured in early March 2018 and is not equipped with AutoPilot (no B pillar cameras). - Does Tesla offer a retrofit option to make these cars AP and/or FSD capable? If so, how much? - Does Tesla still...
  9. D

    2014 Model S85 97.7K Miles, MCU2 upgrade, Unlimited Supercharging $35K

    I am the second owner of this clean "classic" RWD Model S with unlimited free supercharging and connectivity. Built first half of 2014, it does not have autopilot. Bought from Tesla as a CPO @24k Miles. I think it has the most important options: tech package, panoramic sunroof and interior...
  10. Brycesail

    Old vs new

    Comparing my old 2013 Model S P85+ to the 2022 Plaid. So many little features have been updated it’s amazing it’s even the same vehicle
  11. Vinc

    MCU 2 screen came with a plastic cover?

    Hi! I got my MCU upgraded and I have just noticed that the screen has a clear plastic cover. I assume that needs to be removed, but I have not seen of anybody having to do so. Also, it seems to go under the edges, so I am afraid of messing up things if I just pull. Has anybody found the same...
  12. L

    Bought a used 2018 X with 19,500 miles and I can see defects... does warranty still apply?

    Hello fellow Tesla owners! The last time I bought a car was 2005 and I am sure warranties have changes. I do know the basic warranty is 4 years 50K. Can I still bring it I’m for defects on the car? -Like it is not smooth lines in certain places and there is some shotty work near the roof where...
  13. K

    90 degree turn at higher speed makes MCU reboot

    Model X 75D (late 2017) with MCU2+FSD upgrade I noticed a pattern when the MCU goes black during driving.. today I got it two times.. and both at similar street situation. A 90 degree turn, at higher speed (maybe 30-35) and accelerating going out of the turn. Going out of the turn, the...
  14. FrankNL

    MCU2 upgrade mogelijk, maar hoe?

    Elon heeft nu voor de 4e keer op twitter bevestigd dat we een upgrade zouden moeten kunnen "kopen" van een MCU1 computer naar MCU2 computer. Twitter Waarom zou je willen upgraden? Betere snelheid/ 5 Ghz wifi verbinding / betere bluetooth / nieuwe spellen zoals Beach Buggy Racing etc ( MCU1 to...
  15. MX75D

    MCU2 Upgrade - Backgammon not working

    I know this is trivial compared to almost any other issue, but when charging I would always play Backgammon. Earlier this year I had my HW3 and MCU2 upgrade completed and other issues aside that were fixed, my Backgammon doesn't work. When I select the game and press the button to play, the...
  16. T

    MCU1 memory issues vs. MCU 2 offer from Tesla Service

    Hello Everyone! I need your help! In brief, since owning in January 2020- my 2016 P100D has been in svc 3 times for screen issues. All 3 times they say the memory is full, clear the cache, and the screen works fine now. This time it was because of saving map tiles when we drove it out West...
  17. M

    Location on GPS stuck and Autopilot not working after FSD and MCU2 upgrade

    I recently got FSD and MCU2 upgrade in my 2017 Model S. After the upgrade the location on the GPS is stuck and autopilot is not engaging. I have reached out to Tesla service center and they like usual do not respond. I have 2500$ for this shitty MCU2 upgrade. Before the MCU2 upgrade my FSD was...
  18. Ramisanders

    AP1 MCU2 Upgrade?

    My AP1 Model X is in for service to upgrade the MCU for $2500. Couple questions. Has anyone out there upgraded their AP MCU? Why or why not? Have you notice big difference? What do you use the most? Do they give you back the MC1? Thanks
  19. J

    $5k MCU2 / HW3 Upgrade (MX) (Help!)

    Hey everyone so I'm not sure if you guys remember but about a month ago i made a post on reddit in regards to Tesla wanting to charge me a $2700 fee (On top of the $2500$) for my MCU2 Upgrade...SO I THOUGHT. I made an appointment June 27th and My service was scheduled for July 16th. They called...

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