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model x 90d

  1. J

    2016 model x 90D speaker system and Bluetooth microphone(s) location

    Hi there, Does anyone know how many speakers are in the model x 2016 90D? I just got one and wondering if anyone has a speaker array image or information. I noticed the front left and right door speakers aren’t working. Perhaps they are blown which makes me want to check all of them. Also my...
  2. C

    2016 Model X 90D vs 2017 Model X 100D (Features vs Budget)

    Hello All. Thanks in advance for any replies. I am currently an owner of a 18 M3 LR RWD and while I do like the car, I am in need of something much bigger and definitely will be trading my M3 for an X. I prefer the 6 seater above all other configurations and the MY is off the list for me. I...
  3. L

    Is it possible? Swap 2016 dash, console and mcu with 2022 parts?

    Hey guys! I own a 2016 Model X 90D and was looking into swapping out all of the dash and console parts with the updated versions. I wanted to get everyones input on if you think this is possible or if you have seen anyone pull it off yet? I know there are a lot of factors and design changes, but...
  4. N

    Model X Roof Applique - Spine - Center

    Has anyone experienced the issue with plastic Roof Applique - Spine - Center ? On my Model-X, I see that glue is not holding the plastic where the windshield meets the plastic. Any simple solution?
  5. Kurt'sX

    Extended Service Plan Issues

    I could use some advice......I have a 2016 MX 90D that I purchased new. At the time, I also purchased the prepaid service plan to provide 4 years of recommended factory service. I have now taken my car for service 3 years in a row and had the prepaid service done without issue. Today, as I...
  6. J

    Tesla X dead, charger stuck, doors won't open

    The car is currently stored long term in a garage. It was plugged in, but the breakers were turned off in a storm. They remained off for some weeks. The car subsequently died, and I couldn't get in next time I tried. I turned the breakers back on, the cable lights up, car doesn't get a charge...
  7. N

    Looking to Trade GLS450 <> Model X

    Hi, I'm looking to trade my 2019 Mercedes GLS450 for a 2019-2020 model X GLS450: $91.5K MSRP 6400 miles no accident, never smoke in, no pets, hand washed from day 1, massage seats Looking for model x with <10K miles, full auto, 6 or 7 seat config, willing to top up depending on the spec/trim
  8. G

    FS 2016 Tesla model x 90d 45k miles titanium metallic 53k location Dallas,TX

    Hi everyone, I bought this car very recently and felt like this is a big car for me, coming from a sedan (planning to use my Infiniti for few more months before jumping on to Tesla model s). Nothing wrong with this car. Kept in garage all the time. Will upload more pics if someone is...
  9. M

    2016 Model X 90D - $55,000 - NJ

    Looking to sell my Tesla Model X 90D since I transitioning to the Y. Comes with Tesla's warranty for an additional 25,000 miles, confirmed with Tea rep that the warranty is transferable. Located in NJ so no sales tax associated. I have also attached the build sheet. Car has free transferrable...
  10. B

    2016 Model X 90D 6-seater 35k, extended warranty near Seattle

    $62K. MSM with black interior. Clean carfax, covered by two transferable warranties: Battery capacity: minimum 70% retention until June 2024 or 150,000 miles Tesla Used Vehicle Limited Warranty until Sep. 2023 or 75K miles Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/aeW5vAs6Ltc8jVj9A
  11. M

    2016 Model X 90D , 31,000 miles, NJ - $62,000

    Looking to sell my Tesla Model X 90D - I purchased this CPO from Tesla December 2018, looking to sell because I purchased this for my business which I no longer own/work for. Comes with Tesla's 4 year 50,000 miles warrant (30,000 miles left on the warranty), confirmed with Tea rep that the...
  12. B

    Battery Degradation Math

    I have a '16 MX 90D with just over 29k miles. It is my first Tesla and EV, and I got it used a couple of months back. I know that it is not a brand new car, and I have read alot about degradation and range. Most of the time I accept the fact that the rangd is not what it used to be. This...
  13. R

    For Sale 2016 Tesla Model X 90D - Low Miles & Extended Warranty

    For Sale 2016 Tesla Model X 90D - Sale Price $66,900 OBO (Original price - $113,000). This 2016 Model X 90D is fully loaded, includes the six seat interior, and is in excellent condition with only 20,660 miles. No accidents or major problems of any kind. Garage kept and professionally detailed...
  14. B

    MODEL X 90D 2016 for sale

  15. I

    MX used vs new

    Hi Folks, I'm debating between an used 2016 MX 90D vs a new display model 2018 MX 75D. The 2018 cost about 10k more, but while I'm leaning towards getting the new MX, I wanted to pick your brains on the following. 1- Resale value difference. If I sell either MX 5 years down the line, would the...
  16. T

    2017 Tesla Model X 90D AP-2 ( 32000 miles)

    For sale is Model X 2017 (July 2017) Enhanced Auto Pilot AP-2 Six Seat Interior ( Black) Ultra High Fidelity Sound Heated Front seats ( Not a sub zero Package) Smart air suspension Third Row Seat Premium upgrade package. Window sticker is attached Asking 83 K. (Have tried to keep...
  17. copyhacker

    WTB: Model X 90D w/AP2 HW

    After browsing dozens of mispriced and misadvertised dealership listings, it's time to bring the search to the people. Exterior: Titanium, midnight silver, or silver Interior: preferably white or tan 7 seats would be great, 6 would be ok. 5 is Right Out. PUP Mileage not a factor as long as it's...
  18. jsollender

    Model X June 2016 90D AP1 for Sale in Denver

    For sale, 2016 Model X 90D with 20XXX miles. Original owner. Originally wanted 5 seater, but changed mind to 6 seater and could not have been happier with choice. Last kid off to college and ready to downsize to Model S, preferably AP2. My specs from window sticker: Model X 90 D...
  19. T

    2016 Model X 90D 80K for sales

    Moving to Europe in 2 months and need to sale my X 90D car. Price 82K Vin: SYJXCBE20GF008106 Upgrades: * 90kWh Battery * Six Seat Interior * Lifetime unlimited Supercharging * Obsidian Black Metallic Paint * Autopilot Convenience Features * High Amperage Charger Upgrade * Subzero Weather...
  20. joeblau

    Hey From Pittsburgh

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the Tesla family — we just bought our first Model X about a month ago and I just signed up for the forum. We took one long trip (about 240) miles where we got a chance to test out the Super Charger network. We also got a charger installed at my parents house. Here is...
  21. A

    Hong Kong Model X issues.

    Got my Model X 90D late Jan. Drives great when it works...already brought back to service twice with the following issues: 1) A/C not working. Have since been fixed 2) Left side senor sensing phantom objects. Have since been fixed. 3) Right (driver side) door rattling noise, since been...
  22. J

    Disassembling frunk parts

    Hi, I plan to install a pedestrian warning streetcar bell on my X. I had one on my previous S, and it was rather easy to disassemble the frunk parts in order to get the wireds in the cabin. The X's trunk looks much more complicated to set apart. Anybody with some experience to provide some...
  23. rentmyx

    White Model X for rent for Weddings - GTA

    Booking into May 2017 right now. www.rentmodelx.com
  24. J

    Tesla won't send me my own logs

    So, I hit a deer this morning and watched the thing get smashed with my BlackVue over and over again trying to figure out how I never saw the poor thing and I'm not surprised AP didn't see it either. Even though I had AP engaged I'm not going to be one of those people who blame it and say...
  25. Britannia

    Custom Wrap Model X

    Can't imagine a better fit for our newest comic! " Artwork for the upcoming steampunk graphic novel, Sioux Falls, can now be seen on a Tesla Model X. Featuring artwork by J. Wichmann and colors by Ula Moss, the Tesla X 90D features the cover from the first issue on both sides, along with...