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  1. P

    Previous owner search

    Hey all! Some time ago I bought a salvage Tesla S 100D, 2019 grey, with aTm letters next to registration (prob stands for A&M university). Due to insurance company policy no previous owner information can be obtained from them. Basically I am looking for previous owner to transfer ownership...
  2. D

    I must be an anomaly?! My story and instant ownership transfer for P85D from dealer.

    Wanted to say hello to everyone and share my story. This is my first ever EV. Had looked at Audi S8, BMW M6, and Porsche Panamera. Also entertained some luxury sport SUVs as well. Ultimately decided to go for a "brand new" experience with car ownership so here I am. Had strongly considered...
  3. GigaTexas

    Tesla owners travel preferences

    As a Tesla owner, when you travel: Do you bring your Tesla with you? If yes, do you look for a place to stay with EV charger? Do you want to bring your pet? What do you want the hotel to provide you as an amenity that you do not already get? ex: Car related movies, local coffee/tea brands...
  4. adayley

    Who should buy second Tesla?

    We took delivery of a Model 3 for me a few months ago. We are going to order a Model Y for my wife. She has a tesla.com account so that she can use my Model 3. Should she place the order for the Model Y? Does it matter which Tesla account places the order?
  5. D

    Free Ludicrous Upgrade for Existing Owners

    I own a 100D Model X and I see that Ludicrous is currently free for existing owners. Does this mean I trade my car for a new one and I get Ludicrous free? Or can I buy a 2nd car and get Ludicrous free?
  6. Nathanael

    Model 3 - Tips for dog owners

    Do any current M3 dog owners have any tips to share? Im getting my model 3 next week, and I would like to prep it as much as possible for my med-large shepherd/husky mix. He sheds like crazy, and we like to take him to the outdoors often, so mud and dirt is an issue as well.
  7. fasteddie7

    Calling any Pittsburgh model 3 owners

    We are current model s owners and my wife's lease on her Jeep Grand Cherokee is up in 90 days. She isn't sure what to go to, and I so happen to have a model 3 reservation. She isn't like me and will purchase a vehicle sight unseen and she worries about the cargo capacity. Wondering if I could...
  8. EliMTA

    Tesla Owners Dragstrip Meetup - Sacramento Raceway - March 17th

    We are having a Tesla Owners Meetup at the Sacramento Raceway drag strip on March 17th, 2018. Performance and non-performance Model S, Model X, and Model 3 will be in attendance. Event Date: Saturday, March 17th, 2018. Event Time: 12pm - 4pm Gates Open: 10am Location: Sacramento Raceway Park...
  9. fasteddie7

    Help with a video series on ownership (if it's cool)

    I'm not sure if this is cool with the sites T/C (If not mods please let me know and I'll delete immediately) I've been working on a series to be put on youtube about all of the ins and outs of Tesla ownership for those who wonder or those looking to get a Tesla in the near future. From extreme...
  10. P

    Tesla Factory Tour

    Just called Tesla and it turns out you have to be an owner or an employee to schedule a tour of the factory in Fremont. I've been obsessed with Tesla and Elon for years and it would mean the world to see where it all comes together. The customer support lady hinted that if a friend was an...
  11. AlexG

    Looking for owners for "Green is Beautiful" photoshoot / project

    Hi everyone, Looking for another Tesla for my "Green is Beautiful" photoshoot in the Bay Area. This is to benefit charity and is just a fun project. We are looking for any model except for Model S in black, white, titanium and red. Please PM me for more details.
  12. D

    Model X gezocht voor film

    Beste Model X bezitters, Wij zijn een team van enthousiaste professionals in de film en draaien in de laatste week van april een speculative commercial voor Tesla. Een nep reclame dus, in de volksmond. Voor deze draaidag zoeken wij voor 4 uurtjes een Model X om te schitteren in de laatste...
  13. J

    Hello Everyone! Testdrive First Impressions...

    Just wanted to write a quick hello, had my P90S testdrive yesterday and all I can say is :eek:! As an avid car enthusiast, I have got to say, I think Tesla really has something here! My fiance and I had a wonderful time with the people at Syosset Tesla. They were very helpful, knowledgeable...
  14. Daniel Sparks

    Owner story: Why I Will Never Buy a Gas Car Again

    I thought you guys might enjoy our story. I think it is unique because Model S has been my family's sole vehicle for about a year and 27,000 miles. I wrote about it on Medium. Why I’ll Never Buy a Gas Car Again — Tech + Biz, D Sparks — Medium Enjoy, and thanks for reading :)