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phone charger

  1. J

    Best Practices for Wired Phone Charging in 2021 Model 3/Y?

    To owners of 2021 Model 3/Y's who have phones that can't charge wirelessly (either because they use a thick case, or a pop socket, or they just have an older phone without wireless charging), what are some approaches y'all are using to charge your phones? For example: Where do you place the...
  2. Xambler

    Easy usb connect for iPhones or android phones

    Found these little magnetic connectors on amazon. Think for $20 I got 5 cables and 15 device connectors. You put the connector on the device and then just drop any device down near the cable and it will jump through the air and connect by itself. Works great in the car and actually throughout...
  3. Daniellane

    Model S Wireless Phone Charger in Tesla Store

    Just placed my order. Model S/X Wireless Phone Charger
  4. C

    X items

    I have three X items to get rid of. I have a trunk liner from Tesla (the all weather one) and a NEMA 10-30 P adapter for the Tesla charger, and a center console magnetic charging tray. Details available upon message to [email protected]. Tesla bought my X back on lemon and I am moving on.
  5. W

    Qi charging worked then stopped working

    i need some help understanding my problem. I had added 2 Qi charging disks to the phone platform for my M3. They seemed to work great for several months then stopped. The phone detected the pad for a second then flipped off charging with a net effect of draining the battery. I’ve changed out the...
  6. R

    Anyone received the new Jeda wireless phone charging pad for Tesla

    Has anybody received the new Jeda wireless charger for phones?
  7. Doutt

    Wireless phone charging dock

    I can't take credit for the design but I can tell you it works great. I 3D printed one and it fits perfect in the new 2018 P100D Model X. * Charges my phone wirelessly (granted might not be real fast) * Hides away when the lid is closed * and doesn't look horrible. Just wanted to share...
  8. T

    Front USB ports not working

    All, Ecstatic new M3D owner! Unfortunately, within 24 hours of delivery, my front USB ports no longer work. The rears still work. Thru these forums I have discovered 2 methods that might fix it, unfortunately, neither worked. Method 1: Screen reset by holding down the scroll-wheels on the...
  9. FalconFour

    Front USB charging problems

    I can't seem to get the front USB ports to charge... it charges for a few seconds, then stops, then charges, then stops, then charges, then stops... like the USB supply in the car is so appallingly wimpy that charging a phone overloads it. First tried it with an Anker PowerLine 1-foot MicroUSB...
  10. R

    Tip for USB key + charging

    As you probably already know, the front USB ports are the only one that work with a USB key for music. This "uses up" one of them as far as charging goes. I experimented and found that this cable solves the issue...
  11. Nerdy_Engineer

    Desktop Supercharger Phone Charger from Tesla

    Tesla just launched a desktop supercharger smartphone charger on their website. The best part is it's only $45! I just ordered one, can't wait to get it! Desktop Supercharger
  12. C

    Blind Holster for phone

    This feature is quite cool, although I fear that I am missing parts. In a ziplock bag I received one of the smaller sidewalls of the holster labelled with a number 1, but they didn't include another of the same sized sidewall for the other side of the holster. Is this normal? Also, I received...
  13. H

    Drop-in phone charger with a case?

    Hi - has anyone been able to use the drop in phone charger with a phone case? When I picked up my car, they told me that my current phone case (iphone 5s) wouldn't work with the drop-in charger. My case is pretty standard - just a rubber grip thingie around the back and edges of the phone. If...
  14. rickgt

    Phone charger slot in console

    I read that the Model X charger slot has "guides" to make it easy to dock the phone on the charger plug without having to look and fumble around. Any chance this would be available as a retrofit for Model S console???