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porsche taycan

  1. doc5339

    For Sale: 2021 Porsche Taycan (RWD), 12,025+ miles, Jet Black Metallic/Black, Chapel Hill, NC $95,899

    $95,899 firm. Have to make more room in the garage for a Model Y. Purchased new, however, dealer gave us a CPO Warranty as it was a driven by a Porsche executive. Equipped with dashcam (CarCam front and rear) CarCam. Vehicle has a lien. Loan must be satisfied prior to transferring the title. PM...
  2. Maximillan

    Worse than waiting for your Tesla? The ship could be in fire...

    You've probably already heard about the ship on fire off Portugal full of Porsches, Audis, and Bentleys. This headline that the fire is continuing to rage because of the Lithium-ion batteries on board caught my eye. Why? Because Tay-can. ;) Lithium-ion batteries 'keeping the fire alive' on...
  3. G

    Model S Performance Cheetah vs Taycan Turbo S

  4. TMC Staff

    Porsche To Expand Taycan Line, Offer Smaller Battery, Cheaper RWD Variant

    The more Taycan choices the better. According to Car Magazine, Porsche is working on a lower-cost 2 wheel drive version of their Taycan all-electric sports car. We think that’s great news because we love the Taycan, and as far as we’re concerned, the more variants of it the better. How much...
  5. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model S & Porsche Taycan Among Quickest Cars Ever Produced

    This definitely says something grand about all-electric powertrains. We’ll start by saying that we don’t believe any car that’s intended to be driven on public roads should accelerate at supercar speeds. It’s simply unnecessary. However, at the same time, we disagree with people who say the...
  6. TMC Staff

    Porsche Reveals Taycan Sales Figures For Q1 2020

    Porsche Taycan production is ramping up, but the rate must further improve to fulfill all the orders by the end of the year. Porsche sales during the challenging first quarter of 2020 decreased by 5% year-over-year to 53,125, which is actually not bad compared to other brands, especially...
  7. TimothyHW3

    Porsche Taycan Turbo vs Model 3 vs Roadster

    I did a Porsche Taycan Turbo run recently and made a kind of extended video comparing charging speed, efficiency, range and the charging infrastructure. In my oppinion, the Taycan can barely hold up to a Model 3 in terms of range (at higher capacity) and efficiency and once the Roadster comes...
  8. TMC Staff

    Porsche Taycan Vs Tesla Model S: Review, Road Test, Race, Charging

    It’s high time to take an extensive look at how these two all-electric beasts stack up. To quote Top Gear, “It’s the EV heavyweight battle you’ve been waiting for.” Perhaps some of you haven’t been waiting for anything of the sort, and we totally understand that for a multitude of reasons...
  9. TMC Staff

    Blog Porsche Announces Cheaper Version of the All-Electric Taycan

    Porsche has announced a lower-priced version of its highly-anticipated Taycan electric vehicle, which could further entice consumers to stray from Tesla. The model is called the Porsche Taycan 4S, which will carry the same battery size as the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S that were previously...
  10. TMC Staff

    Could Tesla Model 3 Performance Match Taycan’s 24-Hr Endurance Record?

    We use track data, charging data, and some simple math to estimate results. Our preliminary estimate is that the Tesla Model 3 Performance, due to high battery temps, would not be able to charge at 250 kW like the Taycan at the high ambient temps encountered at the Nardo track. Also, the total...
  11. calidreamz808

    Porsche Taycan - Tesla Rival Seen Today

    I was awfully excited to pull out of my community and see the Taycan in local traffic. I'll say it's a very handsome car, but it was camoflauged around the rear and front lights. It's surprisingly LONG. Anyone see these out and about yet? I assume it's being tested or something being out in...
  12. TMC Staff

    Porsche Taycan Is Completing Its Final Test Drives: Videos

    Everything needs to be buttoned up to the last button Porsche Taycan has entered the final stage of testing before the launch of series production. Tests are conducted in a total of 30 countries at temperatures from minus 35 to plus 50 degree Celsius. The total mileage soon will reach about 6...
  13. TMC Staff

    Porsche Taycan Turismo Electric Wagon Spied Winter Testing

    Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Electric Wagon Spied Winter Testing