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  1. ElectricIAC

    2018 Model 3 Performance for Sale in Texas

    Hello all! The time has come to take delivery of our newest arrival so we’re selling our 2018 Model 3 Performance. We’re in N. Dallas area but often in Houston where the vehicle will be sold (has to be transacted at dealer to receive trade tax credit) 2018 Model 3 Long Range Performance...
  2. D

    MY PUP Speedo Issues Going to 19 inch Wheels?

    The MY PUP has a staggered wheel config, 255/35R21 front, and 275/35R21 rears. Looking at winter tire options and I decided to go with a set of four 19 inch x 8.5 wheels and 255/45R19 tires and no longer stagger. According to tiresize.com the 19 inch config is an identical match to the PUP...
  3. J

    MY Track Mode Coming per Elon

    Track Mode coming soon to the Performance Model Y - Drive Tesla Canada Discuss...
  4. FrankTUTB

    Rotating Tires with Überturbine Wheels

    One thing that concerns a lot of PUP option purchasers is the long-term use of the Uberturbine wheels. I ordered the PUP due to the upgraded brakes as I intend to haul a trailer a LOT with it. I'm still a few weeks away from getting mine, and I'm still narrowing down replacement wheels & tires...
  5. N

    WTB: Zero G +34 wheels SoCal

    Hello, I am willing to buy New Zero G wheels with +34 offset in SoCal, if anyone willing to sell or planning on selling them please contact me. Thanks
  6. LoL Rick

    OEM 19" Wheels on P3D PUP

    I have a Model 3 Performance with the performance upgrade package that includes the 20" wheels and the tires are nearing end of life. The car was delivered with a bent wheel, which Tesla replaced, and I've bent another one and had it repaired. At this point I would like to get a little more...
  7. NowIsGood

    Tesla 19” sport wheels on Model 3 Performance with PUP?

    I’m gonna need new tires soon and I’m thinking about swapping out the 20” sport wheels on my Performance Model 3 (with performance upgrade package, or “PUP”) for the Tesla 19” sport wheels at the same time. But I’m not sure what all might be involved, due to the extra “lip” on the hubs of the...
  8. T

    Premium connectivity seems to be free now

    I noticed the Model 3 order page no longer mentions that premium LTE connectivity (music streaming, live traffic, etc) is no longer set at "free for one year". It's just included now with the premium interior package. I wonder if Tesla intends never to bill all existing Model 3 buyers (who...
  9. michidragon

    MVPA confusion. No premium upgrade package?

    So I'm taking delivery, tomorrow, of an Inventory S 75D produced October 22nd 2018, VIN 286229. I actually selected this one because I -wanted- the Sunroof, which It has, and I prefer the Textile seats vs the 'vegan leather'. However, I was under the impression that since about June or July...
  10. flashflooder

    Details / Specs on PUP audio system

    Ok, so I've had my car for a couple months... love it of course, but now I'm starting to get the itch to see what I can do to improve the already amazing stock (Premium) stereo. This made me realize that VERY LITTLE is known, in the way of actual specs / configuration. So I figured I'd start...
  11. barjohn

    December 2016 Silver S 75D For Sale

    I am offering for sale my December 2016 Model S 75D. It is Metallic Silver with black interior and has just less than 16,000 miles on the odometer as of 4/2/18. The car is in excellent condition. It’s 12 month service was done in February at the Tesla SC in Costa Mesa, CA. A set of 4 new...
  12. S

    Anyone else find their MX unlocked when they don't expect?

    I'm just coming up on a month of ownership of a new MX and I'm concerned about the car's security. I keep coming back to the car and finding that it's already unlocked before I get there. When this happens, I come to the car and the lights don't flash/turn on when I walk up. Nor does the...
  13. SucreTease

    X P100D now comes standard with all the PUP features and seat upgrades

    As of this morning, the P100D now includes the Performance Upgrade Package and the upgraded interior (and carbon fiber, if desired) in its base price.
  14. Haxster

    PUP is kind of a rip-off now

    Without adding the automatic rear liftgate, it's price is STILL $3,500! I ordered it on my 90D mainly for the liftgate. For me, the other features were mostly useless or of little value: Bioweapon filter: I may use this noisy air blaster every year or so when I drive thru the stockyards on...
  15. S

    Premium Upgrade Package always come with leather?

    We have selected the default "multi-pattern black" seats (no extra charge) but want to add the premium upgrade package (pup). on of the bullets in this option is for "leather arm rests, steering wheel . . .when paired with leather seating" Does this mean that since I have selected the...
  16. P

    WTB: Model S 85/85D/90/90D

    Hey everyone - I am looking to get my first Tesla and would like one 2014 or newer with Autopilot, leather, pano, and PUP if possible. Looking in the $55-65k range. I have a few good options already, but want to see what else is out there. If anyone has an S that they are selling or are about...
  17. F

    Alcantara Liner

    Anyone else noticed that when they switch the ordering page to the AP2 version Alcantara headliner have become a standard option now instead of part of the PUP? Just wondering anyone had a recent delivery of the X/S with AP2 without the PUP. Did you get the Alcantara headliner or the regular...