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OEM 19" Wheels on P3D PUP

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I have a Model 3 Performance with the performance upgrade package that includes the 20" wheels and the tires are nearing end of life. The car was delivered with a bent wheel, which Tesla replaced, and I've bent another one and had it repaired. At this point I would like to get a little more impact protection and move to the OEM 19" wheels. I'm well aware that there are better and less expensive options out there. But the driver of the car really likes the OEM style, so that is what it will have to be.

The Tesla web site says their 19" wheel package is not compatible with the Model 3 PUP, but I'm not so sure that is the case. I've read in various posts that maybe some will fit and some won't, or maybe the will fit with a a spacer, but I couldn't really find anything definitive. So I'd like to tap the collective wisdom of the forum to gather this together in one easily accessible place for the next person who searches for it. FWIW, I emailed my service center with this inquiry last week and so far have not received a response.

Will the 19" wheel fit the P3D w/ PUP?
If rumor is true that there was a running change to allow them to fit, is there a different part number?
Will they fit with a spacer? If so, do you have a good source?
If they fit, will Tesla sell a complete package for my VIN even though the web site says incompatible?
Will Tesla sell bare wheels with no tire, center cap, or TPMS so that I can have my tire shop do the work?

Any other tips or tricks to getting this done will be greatly appreciated.
My understanding is that new-ish 19's will fit the PUP trim, as it has the stepped bore for the hub. My car, which I purchased with the 19's is a late December 2018 build (12/31/2018), and it appears to have the stepped bore. I've attached a picture with an example from my car.

A good bet might be to find a local trade, as there are likely 19" owners who want the 20". Well, I know I've been looking for a local set of 20" performance wheels, but nobody wants to trade around here :rolleyes:


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