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  1. D

    Would a new DU in 2016 S75 increase range?

    Hi all, I purchased a used 2016 S75 from Tesla. Website said range of 249. When I went for pickup, badge said “70”. They said “oh it was updated to a 75 via software updates”. I went home and charged fully, and max range is 220. Of course, Tesla rep said, degradation, 249 was just an estimate...
  2. T

    Acceptable Degradation?

    2017 Model S 75D (259 mile range) Has not been charging to capacity for a couple of years, expected. However mine has 33,532 miles and is showing a battery degradation of 10%. Avg 347 times 163 mile projected range, divided by 84% = 0.897793650793651 First is this correct n the calculation...
  3. llirk

    2017 Model S 75 For Sale - Northern Nj

    Immaculately kept 2017.5 S75 - 22,500 miles - Autopilot (not EAP) added after delivery - Clean title - No accidents, no pets, no smoking - Garage kept - Hand washed only, no paint swirls visible - Zero curb rash - Normal paint chips on front end for 22k miles - Asking $54,000
  4. Marrus

    2016 S75 refresh, 21" Grey turbines, Midnight Silver, CF Spoiler, $44,500, Texas

    2016 TESLA S75 refresh (Tesla upgraded from S60), $44,500, 21" Grey turbines w/new tires, Midnight Silver Grey paint, CF Spoiler, AutoPilot 1 w/summon and auto-park, Free lifetime LTE data, Transferable Unlimited Free Supercharging, Red Brembo Brake Calipers, Performance Aluminum Pedals, Carbon...
  5. F

    2016 Model S75 - 42k miles - excellent condition

    - 42,000 miles - Excellent condition inside and out - Lifetime Supercharging - Pearl White Multi-Coat - Autopilot 1 - All glass panoramic sunroof - Grey next gen seats - WeatherTech floor mats - Brand new tires (maybe 1000 miles on them) Asking $59k
  6. seenhear

    Delivery tonight: inventory S75, tips/advice/checklist?

    We finally made the jump and ordered an inventory S75 Friday, just in time for the 0.99% financing. The car has been sitting at Fremont for at least a couple weeks, and will (hopefully) get delivered to our home this evening. While it's kind of nice to have it delivered directly to our home...
  7. selfbp

    Updated S75 DU01; Gearbox updated as well?

    Probably going to run my car at our dragstrip before it gets too cold outside this year, anyone know if the DU01 motor vehicles got an updated gearbox to keep everything A-Okay if I were to do some hard launches on the stick? Don’t wanna go out there and rip through the gear. I know the P series...
  8. R

    A4 or model S

    i know it's a stretch between the prices but I was thinking about getting a model S 75 for around 74k listed on ev-cpo. It is an inventory car but are there any solid reasons to bridge the gal between them?
  9. L

    Model S - Two Tandem Kayaks

    I haven't seen any posts about two kayaks, so here's my experience. I used the Whispbars and Yakima Jaylow carriers to carry two Tandem Perception Prescsdors. The good: Super easy to load these 65lb kayaks with just my wife and I due to the low height compared to an SUV; the trunk and trunk...
  10. Krash

    Upgraded performance Metrics Summary

    Files attached below This thread, and particularly this continually updated post, is set up as a performance metrics summary and consolidated runlog collection for the following threads: 75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements? BTX8...
  11. selfbp

    Ugh.. I just dont know now.

    So I ordered a New Inventory car, a white 2017 S75 with Enhanced Autopilot and Ultrawhite seats being the options. I plan on going with lowering springs or new suspension setup. But Im also a performance kinda guy as well... and I know the S75 now has (atleast I would hope my unit does or I'll...
  12. T

    Recently upgraded my Model S from 60D to 75D and feel short-changed!

    I recently upgraded my Model S from 60D to 75D. Prior to the upgrade, I was getting about 217 miles on a full charge. I wanted to see what the "real" full range of the battery would be post upgrade so I charged it completely. I was surprised to see that I was only getting 251 miles, which is...
  13. Jsvette56

    Special battery upgrade price for MS60 and MS75

    Just upgraded my wife's MS60 battery to MS75 for $2K.
  14. Jim Holder

    New S60 > S75 @$2k -- Not Really a Deal?

    If charging an S60 to 100% results in basically same range as a S75 @ 90% (which is what's recommended to charge to on the S75 anyway), plus add to that the SLOOOW speed of charge from 90% to 100% on the S75 at SC during trips, is it really worth $2k? From what I've read here and elsewhere...
  15. DJ 240V

    Poll - 60 to 75 upgrade

    getting a pulse on how many who have 60 are going to do this?
  16. joninmelbourne

    Tesla Model S 60 to 75 kW upgrade just went to $3050!

    So originally the upgrade to a 75 was $10500 and now today it's down to $3050! I just paid. Seems too good a deal to pass up and just in case it went up again! Anyone else pull the trigger? It is going to long road trips much less stressful and improve resale eventually. People who paid $10500...
  17. KyleDay

    60 > 75 Upgrade now $2k

    Very interesting indeed. The upgrade now shows as $2,000 in My Tesla. Mistake or permanent change now that 60 is discontinued?