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Updated S75 DU01; Gearbox updated as well?

Probably going to run my car at our dragstrip before it gets too cold outside this year, anyone know if the DU01 motor vehicles got an updated gearbox to keep everything A-Okay if I were to do some hard launches on the stick? Don’t wanna go out there and rip through the gear. I know the P series cars would be fine... but now the S75 has the same performance as those pretty much... any thoughts?

... or are the gearboxes all the same across the board for the RWD motors? Not brushed up on this much yet..
You shouldn't have any problem with hard launches with traction control on, I do it at every traffic light. If you are able to turn it off and do a burnout you'll probably get a better launch and I still doubt you could damage the gear or shafts.
Tesla promoted these cars buy launching customers on airport runways so I can't see them rejecting a warranty claim for launching the car anyway.
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