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  1. A

    battery charging, is this possible?

    Is it possible to plug your car into a standard 120v or 240v outlet, use the Tesla app on your phone to set when you want the car to charge at what capacity and have the ability in the app to change the capacity? I assume all this is probably possible with a smart charger, but do you have this...
  2. Tampert

    Control your Tesla with Google Calendar

    For some time now I have run into the problem of the easy automatic control of the heating and air conditioning of my MX. What I want is to automatically turn on the HVAC before I leave. For example, that the car is cleared of ice on time (really a must with an MX) or to get in a nice chilled...
  3. R

    Unable to schedule service due to existing phantom appointment

    The only way to schedule service these days is through the app. When I go to "Schedule Service", it shows an appointment for a service I did back in November. I'm not sure why it's still showing there, but the net result is that I am unable to schedule a new one. On that same page, a button...
  4. Cwmwd

    Efficient home charging

    Now that I'm getting used commuting and topping up every night I got to wondering whether letting the battery drop lower and charging less frequently might be more efficient by making the most of the part before the taper? For example, last night I charged at 28A and topped up the car from 70%...
  5. djroberts

    Can't schedule service from app

    I scheduled a mobile device last week. Tech told me he needs to order the parts and can't fix one issue so I'll need to bring it in. He told me someone would call me to schedule. No one called so I tried. No answer so I asked customer service via chat and they recommended I just schedule from...
  6. J

    Is it normal to take more than 2 weeks of transit to CA?

    I am in SF area, near Dublin. I ordered the car June 30, and the order status was updated "in transit" status 2 weeks ago I was expecting the call from Tesla for delivery scheduling, but there was no contact for the last 2 weeks. Is this normal? I tried to call my delivery manager, but she is on...
  7. C

    Chances of getting LR, RW, Black, 18", EA, and FSD...

    Hi all, First time post long time lurker. I've studied/looked at all the spreadsheets that have been posted about different, make, models, tires, colors, etc. coming in. Just wanted an opinion on if I were to order right now what are the chances of getting my car in my possession before Dec...
  8. J

    Can I delay pick up schedule for 1-2 weeks?

    Finally I got the message that the car is in transit from the factory. My local store is near SF in CA. How long usually it take before ready for picking up the car? 1~2 weeks? Because I would not have the down payment money ready until the first week of September. I am wondering it is possible...
  9. S

    Delivery Location Changed Last-Minute

    Has anyone else here had the Tesla store call them the day of their scheduled delivery and try to change the appointment to a different location? Here's what the rep said on the phone and I'm quite irritated: Hi Mr [name], I'm calling to tell you that we have a great opportunity for you! We're...
  10. N

    Android app to schedule charging

    I have been working on an app called Ctrl+T in my spare time that allows the vehicles charging level to be scheduled remotely within a 24 hour period. The app works by waking an android device and sending commands to the vehicle at a designated time. It requires a My Tesla login, but the...
  11. mklcolvin

    Getting near end of 2015 - Any word on new Superchargers in Louisiana and Texas?

    The Tesla Supercharger roadmap is still showing Superchargers to be completed by the end of 2015 in Alexandria and Shreveport, Louisiana, as well as East Texas (Longview?). Where do people go to find permit applications for these areas, or are these areas immune to the inter-webs? :smile: