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seat covers

  1. D

    Has anyone ever tried or seen these sport seats?

    There $1,189.00 for all 4, so pretty comparable to T-Sportline. They also have a ventilated option which i've never seen before. https://www.teslasy.com/products/tesla-model-3-y-sportscar-style-seat-ventilated-cushion-full-seats?variant=92165c88-b364-46b0-99b3-8469ed70ffec
  2. M

    Taptes Seat Covers - Custom

    I have a custom black and white set of Taptes Nappa leather seat covers for sale for Model Y 5 seater. This is a complete set - front and back. I ordered them and then upgraded the interior of my Model Y order to white interior so I no longer wanted these seat covers. I unboxed one to take a...
  3. K

    Need advice on seat protectors

    Hi everyone, I need your advice. I'm looking for a seat protector under a child's car seat. My friends recommend those that have passed a crash test, but I don't like how they look. I like seat protectors that look cuter but don't have any crash test information. If someone uses a seat...
  4. E

    FS. : Model 3 Taptes White Vegan leather Front seats & Real CF Repeater caps

    Have 2 things for sale, first up a set of Taptes white vegan leather for the model 3. Accidentally got these instead of the “Premium white vegan leather”. These are an off-white and don’t quite Match the factory white. Asking $120 shipped for the pair. Second up is a carbon fiber repeater...
  5. H

    Model S NAPPA Leather Seat Covers (White, full set)

    Hey all, I have for sale a full set of White NAPPA Leather Seat Covers for the 2012-2020 Tesla Model S. These are from TAPTES (product link) and are in excellent condition. Driver side seat has light creasing on the left side but only noticeable when looking up close. Center console arm rest...
  6. J

    FS: Like New - TAPTES Nappa Vegan Leather - White Seat Covers, For 5 Seater (San Diego, CA)

    Like new, white seat covers. Really great if you originally have black seats and want something fresh. Decided I didn't want them since I didn't like the look. Used them for about a week. Paid $600 MSRP, asking for $500. Available for pick up in San Diego, CA or shipping.
  7. D

    Model 3 Seats Causing Excessive Sweating, any breathable cover recommendations?

    Last month I purchased a new Model 3, and I've just picked it up this week. One thing I've noticed when getting out of the car (despite having AC on pretty chilly) is that my back and bum are quite moist from sweat. I did not have this issue in my previous car (a KIA Cerato with fabric/mesh...
  8. john85775

    FS: Taptes MY Premium White Nappa Seat Covers

    For Model Y. Used for one week. No pets, no kids. Wife changed her mind and doesn’t like white. They fit and look great. Full set includes front seats, back seat, headrests, armrests. Cost $600 plus tax new, asking $400 (or best offer) shipped (US only).
  9. B

    FS: Model 3 Accessories - Steering Wheels, Chargers, Spoiler, Front Lip, and More

    Hello TMC! I recently sold my Model 3 and have some accessories to sell including some brand new one's never installed. Will edit once sold and/or to add more pictures in the future. Open to offers but pricing sharply for quick sales. Located in NY but frequent CT, prefer local pickups but can...
  10. E

    Front Seat Cover Recommendations

    Hi all... I am one of those types who go over the top to keep my cars looking new for as long as I can. I love my Model Y seats that I want to protect them from the enemy - dog hair, wife’s food crumbs, coffee spills, , etc. Most of the seat covers I have seen look like they don’t fit...
  11. E

    Front Seat Covers Recommendation

    Hi all... I am one of those types who go over the top to keep my cars looking new for as long as I can. I love my MY seats that I want to protect them from the enemy - dog hair, wife’s food crumbs, etc. Most of the seat covers I have seen look like a cheap pair of socks. Any recommendations...
  12. E

    Seat Covers - Model X - Wet Okele

    Original Product: Seat Covers for Tesla Model X (6-Seat) Retails for $999 USD + Shipping + Duties (so CAD you are looking at $1500). I am selling a used set for $1000 CAD. They are in great condition, the middle row covers are a bit worn on the piping (no longer a bright white, but still stand...
  13. D

    TapTes Leather Seat Covers - Experience

    Did a lot of research on these before placing the order yesterday and there were not too many posts or pictures showing and reviewing the seat covers, other than from users who were banned. Creating this as a real user review for anyone who would like to understand if buying a used Tesla with...
  14. J

    Model 3 Car sea covers

    Just recently got a 2019 Model 3 but we ended up getting the black interior but really wanted the white. So I wanted to know if anyone has any good suggestions on good car seat covers whether it from Amazon or whatever that they would recommend for me to look into possible getting, thanks.
  15. AQQU

    Lambskin seat covers

    I know I know, I have to watch out for the style police... But hey, I am no Mario Cipollini and have reached an age where I just don't give a damned anymore... ;-) Hence, hello comfy lambskin seat covers. Yes, of course I do have working seat heating - but the warmth with the lambskin is...
  16. carter_seattle

    Any recommendations on rear seat covers & child seats?

    I have two child seats that I've installed in the back of my S85D. I'm belatedly realizing that these seats are going to be pretty hard on the leather seats, not to mention the random crumbs and other artifacts that are going to filter down there. Does anyone have a recommendation for a rear...
  17. E

    Read threads but still have seat cover installation inquiry......

    Hello! I'm new to the Tesla Family and this forum. Taking delivery of my Model S at the end of September. I purchased seat covers for the front and rear from Evannex. I finally opened the box today and see that the covers are by Wet Okole. I have them, now what? I am located in MD and want...
  18. Kleijne


    Zijn er nette en mooie stoelhoezen beschikbaar voor de tesla S? Ofschoon ik nog blijde verwachting ben van een S70D die medio september 2016 geleverd wordt, toch alvast deze voorbereidende vraag. Ik zou graag de stoelen voor en achter (zwart textiel) willen beschermen met stoelhoezen, bij...
  19. EV-lutioin

    Protecting the MX Piano Finish on Seat backs

    When I test drove a Model X in Sacramento I noticed several pronounced scratches in the piano finish seat backs. Personally, I would have preferred a more durable surface like the Model S, but now I am wondering what I can do to protect the finish. Like all my cars, I intend to use my MX for...
  20. mjcostajr

    Tesla owners who Crossfit (or sweat profusely)

    Now that it's starting to warm up in the southeast again, Crossfit workouts have been leaving me drenched. Our gym has no air conditioner and is a traditional "box" - just a couple of big fans to blow the hot air around. I typically carry a towel around in my car to cover my seat, but I was...
  21. DITB

    Seat covers for RHD model S

    As it seems I am one of the few textile seat customers, I wonder if anyone is even thinking seat covers. I am planning to get seat covers, so I can pick the colour, protect the seats and have all those options like sunglasses pocket, seat pockets and so on. http://www.wetokole.com/TESLA.html...