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tesla vision

  1. C

    Anybody using AUTO-VOX wireless camera on front bumper plate/grille?

    Auto Vox Wireless Solar Camera and monitor I'm considering buying this to provide low level front vision in the cabin and overcome the park assist limitations of my new Model Y. Has anybody tried this product or a similar wireless camera please? Note: I'm purposefully avoiding any product...
  2. Tiger

    Poll: would a Tesla vision operated lawnmower (perhaps via licensing) make a good low hanging fruit mvp for FSD?

    Is the concept of a Tesla-controlled lawnmower that leverages Tesla's self-driving technology a worthy idea? In addition to autonomously trimming the lawn, it would offer offering a safe testing ground for Tesla Vision. Lessons learned could be useful at least for Summon and Optimus, and...
  3. seenhear

    When was USS removed from MS production?

    Simple question. As I look at used Model S cars, I'm curious how to tell if they do or do not have USS in them? Is there some other obvious feature change (e.g. yoke?) that corresponded with USS removal?
  4. S

    Tesla Vision Updated

  5. N

    Tesla Vision - To buy or not?

    Hi All, I have a 2019 Tesla Model 3. I need to upgrade for more space... I have put down the deposit of $250 for 2023 Tesla Model Y and I am scheduled to pick up the car in 3-4 days. I just discovered (unfortunately) there are no more USS. I am late, I know. I have been watching some videos...
  6. I

    Tesla vision parking assist bug

    I have a 2023 USS-less Model 3 and upgraded to 2023.6.9 when it came out. The new Tesla vision parking assist has been incredibly buggy and many many times when I leave a red light, I get this: It does not matter whether it's rainy or sunny, it happens multiple times per trip and it is...
  7. black knight 3

    Tesla wants to physically disable Front Radar in my 2022 Model S for Tesla Vision

    Looks like they just added a new service bulletin (proactive “upgrades”, usually for reliability) for my 2022 Model S VIN. Reason is as follows: “In 2021 - 2022 Model S vehicles running firmware version 2022.20.9 or later, Autopilot and Active Safety Features that were using front radar sensor...
  8. M

    Poll - When do you believe park assist will be available again?

    Very informal poll :-) "For a short period of time during this transition, Tesla Vision vehicles that are not equipped with USS will be delivered with some features temporarily limited or inactive, including: Park Assist: alerts you of surrounding objects when the vehicle is traveling <5 mph."...
  9. M

    New 2023 Tesla Model Y Owner

    Hello Tesla Motors Club, I am pleased to join the community as I am now a new proud owner of a 2023 Model Y built in GigaAustin. The fit and finish were great as no issues found. I did notice drivers side door did close little hard (had to slam to shut) but owning the car for more than one...
  10. joexn

    Tesla Vision coming to radar-equipped cars on 2022.24.6

    Tesla Update 2022.24.6 release notes are now available and now brings Tesla Vision to radar-equipped vehicles. This change was first seen in the mystery 2022.20.9 release which was only pushed out to a small number of cars. Tesla Update 2022.24.6 Release Notes | Tesla Updates...
  11. Mikecm1

    Going from 2022.20.8 to 2022.24.5 – radar removal or not?

    I know that with version 2022.20.9 radar is apparently being removed, but what if you skip 20.9 and go straight to 24.5? Has anyone done this and can confirm that radar is or isn’t disabled? I’m really looking forward to the 24.5 changes but absolutely not interested in losing radar.
  12. fasteddie7

    New AP1 behavior

    I have a 41 mile commute (one way) over a ton of blind hills (where I lose sight until driving over the crest) and sharp curves in western Pennsylvania that I use autopilot HW1 for 90% of the drive. I have been recording my drive with each update and noticed improvements here and there. The car...