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traction control

  1. P

    Is it possible to drift a Tesla Model 3 on a track better than a 350z?

    Just wondering to see what you guys will vote on.
  2. G

    M3 Performance - Traction control on hard acceleration

    I have a 2022 Model 3 performance, with Pirelli P Zero tyres. It's done around 1050 miles so tyres are all new still. If the road is not 100% dry, if I floor the accelerator down from stopped, the traction control comes on almost all the time. The icon is displayed and it limits the...
  3. A

    Traction Control Briefly Activating on Sharp Turns

    Hello! My 2021 Model 3 SR+ briefly activated the traction control today while I was making a sharp turn. I noticed the car all of a sudden slowing down and the traction control light blinked for about 2 seconds then turned off and everything resumed to normal. I was driving down the street...
  4. V

    Multiple errors on Screen

  5. J

    enable slip start from home page

    In snowy conditions not being able to enable slip start (disabling traction control) can be a safety hasard. Currently, when you are about to get stuck driving on a slippery road, you have to frantically navigate through the menus to try to get to the option to activate slip start; when you...
  6. A

    Unnecessary acceleration ticket

    I got an unnecessary acceleration ticket in my model 3 AWD. After reading the statute this obviously is not true. This is basically a noise violation ticket (see below). I can easily argue that I did not create loud noise that would disturb the peace. I also know I cannot spin my tires but I am...
  7. selfbp

    How to turn off Traction Control on a Model S

    Disclaimer: Instructions only. If you do this and mess something up, I am not responsible. If you hurt someone because you were irresponsible, I am not responsible. If you don't understand how your vehicle acts when these systems are off, I am not responsible. Use your brain when doing this...
  8. S

    How do you drift in snow with your Model 3?

    I know the model 3 performance has a Track mode, which can be used on track, or to be able to drift when roads are covered in snow. I live in Quebec and I drive a model 3 LR Dual motor and drifting in this car is really not smooth and doesn't work well at all. I was wondering if you had found...
  9. RedModel3

    Possible cause of traction loss warnings

    I've seen a lot of you have problems with loss of traction control warnings, along with loss of EAP, loss of regen, and loss of emergency braking. I've had it happen to me several times myself, and it always goes away after parking the car and letting it sit awhile. I've determined WHEN it...
  10. Brando

    ICE, winter driving, traction control watch testing

    EXCLUSIVE: Winter driving all Teslas in Alaskan snow | Sideways Included January 4, 2019 How are Tesla cars "... for winter driving? We [Roadshow] traveled to Alaska to put every one of the company's current production machines through their paces on snow and ice ..." cnet/roadshow An...
  11. rpavlicek

    Strange throttle failure -- possible traction control defect

    I received my S60 in January, 2013. I had a few problems throughout the years (drive unit replaced), but overall its been fine. The last couple months I had some strange issue when trying to accelerate from a stop (and sometimes accelerate when the car is decelerating during regeneration). It...
  12. ishareit

    0-60 in 4.3 seconds on new RWD Model S

    Waiting for get delivery of my Model S RWD 75 next week. The 0-60 specs are 4.3 seconds on this car and I was wondering if that is reasonable - given that its a RWD and might lose traction if floored. Can't wait to try it myself, but wondering if anyone who has the newer spec'ed Model S can...
  13. ChooseGreen

    RWD for rookie RWD-er

    I have some advice to ask of experienced RWD Model S drivers. I have searched around a bit here, but didn't come across this. I'm likely to get a RWD Model 3 largely due to cost. I live in a snowy part of Canada, but have driven RWD ICE cars with good snow tires before. I feel as though that...