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  1. D

    Model Y RWD Tesla App for travel

    Hi, Have ordered a Tesla Model Y RWD (didn’t need LR or performance although would have been cheaper on insurance) which arrives in February. Looking to drive to Ghent then Brussels pretty soon after but he be looking at Tesla app it doesn’t have the RWD as an option?! so isn’t giving me the...
  2. TRON

    Tesla 3rd circumnavigation hosts wanted

    Dear Tesla fans and friends, some of you may have heard about #80edays, the world circumnavigation Tesla trips I organized so far in 2012 and 2016. Next year I am planning to drive again around the world and I am having some preparation work to do. All started 2012 with my Tesla Roadster...
  3. M

    5700 Mile Model Y Road Trip noob style

    Sorry for the long post, I wanted to share our road trip experience as a positive example for other electric noobs like me. I have had a 2022 MYP since November 2021 and have over 13k miles on it so far. I started in Sacramento early Saturday morning at 90 percent and drove to Salt Lake City...
  4. K

    What items would you take on a long road trip?

    I will be taking my MYLR on a 1,500 mile (each way) road trip come the beginning of May. For those that have done long road trips, I'm wondering what items you would pack that you found to be necessary, or just ones that made the trip a lot nicer. I'm hoping that this thread will be useful to...
  5. A

    First 2000+ miles road trip with family

    Wanted to share my thoughts from our 1st road trip in 2019 M3 (AWD) and general summary concerns with Tesla. (It’s a fantastic car for family - yes tight in space but other things make up for it). Having said that I’ll list the negatives here (for others to point workaround(s), or user error to...
  6. R

    New MY owner Planning for a trip

    As a new owner of MY, planning for a trip. Please suggest any app(s) where I can setup the trip details and also have an idea of super chargers on the way.(free app's please)
  7. damonbrodie

    Driving from Ontario to the Maritimes

    Hi, I'm about to buy a MY LR and I'm curious about the driving experience to the Maritimes - say Moncton, NB. I've plotted the route through a couple of route planners, and it seems quite doable, but I'm still curious about some real-world experiences with Super Charging along the Quebec...
  8. D

    Trip LA <-> Yosemite

    Hi everyone! I have Model 3 SR+ and thinking of taking a four days trip to Yosemite. Looking at the Supercharger map makes me worry if I will be able to feel comfortable and enjoy a trip rather than counting miles and constantly adjusting route to the charging needs. Has anyone had experience in...
  9. R

    Sr+ first road trip

    Ok I’ll try to keep it simple. Canton Ga to Panama City beach FL ABetterrouteplanner is completely different then the Tesla planer. My usual route with an ICE would have gone through Dothan AL where of course the supercharger is (coming soon). Could usually make it 6 hours with stops. I...
  10. G

    M3 due to arrive today, 580-mile trip tomorrow: Am I crazy?

    This is my first post and my first Tesla, an M3, long range, AWD. I did not determine when it would arrive, of course, but my wife and I really want to be with our daughter in Atlanta for Christmas so tomorrow is the travel day whether we like it or not: Little Rock to Monroe on the other side...
  11. BruceInFlorida

    Model 3 Mid Range on 1,300 Mile Trip - Some Questions

    Hi All I've had my Model 3 Mid Range for a little over a month now and love it. Charge at home with Level II at 16 amps. My wife and I are planning on making a trip from Tampa Florida area to the Muskegon Michigan area in about 3 weeks - about 1,300 miles over 3 days. Supposedly the car will...
  12. UncaNed

    Charging map showing directions for trip planning?

    I'm planning a trip that includes minor roads, but google maps doesn't show charging stations; where can I find a website like google maps that shows me the charging stations so I can plan my route without having to leave the office and use my Tesla navigation system?
  13. pipestem

    Mid Range trip report - 268 Wh/mi.

    Weekend trip to from Durham, NC to Athens, GA. Start temp 44F (rain) ; mid trip temp 70F; end temp 39F (more rain). Not much elevation change. 90% on Interstate 85. Frequent use of defrost, some heat. 717 miles, 192 kWh, 268 Wh/mi. No waiting at superchargers in Charlotte, Greenville...
  14. fasteddie7

    60 to 75: what are you charging to now?

    For those who upgraded, what are you charging to now? I used to charge to the "trip line" about 197 mile range, on super cold days or on trips I'd charge to the 100% or 219 miles. Now the trip line is about 230 miles. I changed it to the line before the trip line, photo attached, is this what...
  15. fasteddie7

    Any experience with Tesla rentals in the Northeast?

    Hi all! My wife, son, and I are looking to take a trip from Pennsylvania to Disney in Orlando in May. We are model s owners and we're thinking about renting a model x for the trip. Does anyone on here have any recommendations on companies they've deal with and had a positive experience that they...
  16. R

    very errant trip meters

    Before 7.0 or 7.1, the trip meters behaved themselves, incrementing by an annoying 0.2 km. But at least they were in sync. After one of the recent updates, they're seriously out of it. One piece of evidence is the photo here. Note the meters for "since last charge" and "current trip": same...
  17. benjiejr

    Road Trip Tips/Advice

    I searched the forums and have seen several posts related to specific road trips, which I enjoy reading, but I don't see one dedicated to tips and advice for planning road trips specifically in a Tesla. What are some of the most important things you think someone else should know before...
  18. P

    Austin, TX to Atlanta, GA Roadtrip (winter)

    This is my messy text log of my trip. Thanks to PlugShare for info for charging. I logged my charges on this trip thru their app as well in hopes of helping others. 2013 Model S P85+ Dual Charger - VIN P27699 (Dec 2013 delivery) 1/9/15 - 1:30p leave Austin, TX. Rated Range 248 miles 290 East...
  19. M

    Casa Grande Meet-Up, January 31 at SCS

    Andy (ahm) in Tucson has suggested a meet-up at about 2pm at the SCS in Casa Grande on January 31 for Arizona owners. I'm supportive of the idea, but would encourage some discussion about what we might do together beyond a quick charge and a burger at Culvers. Is there an interest in a...
  20. M

    Arizona - Get Connected; Join the Arizona Club

    At 104 members, the Arizona Tesla Motors Club is one of the largest in the U.S., but that number represents only a fraction of the estimated 500 Teslas in Arizona. We've sponsored a few meet-ups and day trips, but we've got a lot more potential for fun, socializing, road tripping, networking...
  21. MrBoylan

    Trip planner?

    As I wait for any news on the Model X (RSN 4787), I was curious to see if there are any good trip planning apps that specifically allow you to plan a trip based on availability of Tesla Super Chargers along the route. Ideally it would fall back to other charging stations and also list hotels...