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100,005 miles on my Roadster 1.5

My Roadster 1.5 passes the 100,000 miles mark.
Somehow I equate 100K miles as the design goal for cars to achieve. Up until that point, I hope that nothing goes wrong, but after 100K, I start to expect things will start to wear out.
Great to see Roadsters that made it to 100K+ Have you had to replace anything major so far? (Other than usual things like tires and wiper blades?)
How many miles do you get with a standard charge?

My CAC is 153.63 and my std. mode charge is 181 miles. But if you've been following our "Battery Health/CAC" discussion we really are not sure what that really means :) What I do know is the Roadster is performing as like new still!

Note that this is my 2nd ESS (really 3). I had a APS issue that was rooted in the ESS @20k miles. The replacement pack never reached my original range/CAC, so they swapped that one out, and I now am running on one that worked its way up to 160 CAC. I have about 30k on this refub ESS and my Roadster is my daily commuter as I can see yours is too. Pure Joy!
Yes, that's what the VDS displays for Ideal. I drive 128 miles 1 way to work
Your Ideal Range on a Standard Charge is 138 - 144 and you drive 128 miles to work. How much range do you have left when you get to work? Sounds like you are cutting it close.
It is impressive that your ESS has retained that much capacity after 100K miles.
Do you ever Range Charge?
Usually I get to work with around 12 miles remaining. I usually switch to range mode when I reach 30 miles . remaining. Whenever I press range mode now I only get 19 addional miles. So that 12 miles remaining is displayed once I open the charge door, it switches back to standard. I charge in standard always.
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