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15 minutes Charging for 400km (250miles)

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Today Porsche claimed to bring in 2017 a car that Will drive 500km on a single charge and that Will charge in 15 minutes up to 400km (80%). This would BE due to 800 volt batteries in stead of the standard 400 volt.
no need for supercharger... Hopefully tesla Will bring something Like that soon! Even beter If they can offer it on model 3 ... Super sales comming up!

Anybody Some ideas or info on the 800 volt batteries and the "fast" charging?
I have no idea, but rather, this is just a PR from Porsche, IMHO.

If it charges more than two times faster than Supercharger, the battery needs to be at least double the size of Model S, so it could be 170kWh. Assuming that battery, the car should be able to go 0-100km/h below three seconds, but Porsche said it's a bit slower than 911 turbo. I think they are trying not to disappoint 911 owners.

Moreover, with a battery at 800V, no CHAdeMO and Combo chargers work with this car, if it exists, so Porsche needs to build their own charging network in ALL countries they export. :)
I do think we need to take all this with some skepticism. First, these are nothing but prototype / concept cars which don't always see the light of day. Second, as Hiroshiy pointed out there is no infrastructure in the US that will support this. Further, adding that kind of power to a home isn't going to be cheap. And finally, if Porsche wants to get in this game they will have to develop another type of charger and deploy it to their dealerships across their target markets. That takes money and time so I don't think that is viable until around 2019 minimum.