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Charging Standards

  1. TheTalkingMule

    Battery Pack Charge via Supercapacitor

    I'm sure this noob question has been posed....but why can't standard lithium ion battery packs be charged via swappable supercapacitor(s)? Say there were a handful of receptacles on the Model 3 that accepted supercapacitors and then somehow transferred their charge to the battery pack. Is that...
  2. hiroshiy

    Load sharing EVSEs

    Hi, I know Tesla Wall Connector offers load sharing among up to four units, and also there are products out there from Clipper Creek and WattZilla. However when it comes to billing both products lack universal solutions. It seems for Clipper Creek units I have to build my own hardware, and for...
  3. LCR1

    How Long Before You Can Drive To Fairbanks

    I was looking at ABetterRoutePlanner and was wondering some crazy routes I could take in my car and it got me wondering how long before I could drive to Alaska. For the West coasters they would get in through Vancouver but there are some issues with me coming from Texas. Either way there's...
  4. B

    EVgo lowers pricing, gets rid of 30 minute auto-shutoff

    EVgo Lowers Prices For DC Fast Charging Of Electric Vehicles New shutoff time is 45 minutes (60 minutes for subscribers during off-peak hours). About damn time, I say. Also, if I'm understanding correctly, the new $9.99 monthly fee will also cover the first $9.99 in charging fees for the month...
  5. Nilnoc

    Frederick, MD supercharger

    Does anyone have information on the location and timing for the planned Frederick, Maryland supercharger? It is supposed to be coming this year. My bet for the location is the Sheetz at East Patrick Street and Monacacy Blvd. Easy access to I-70 and not too far off I-270/Rt. 15. Fast food...
  6. jimmyz80

    Quick Sanity Check on Dual Wall Connector Plans

    Since it looks like my wife's Model 3 will be arriving in the coming months to join my Model S, I really need to get off my butt and convert our garage from a one EVSE to two EVSEs. I think I have a sound plan in mind, but want to make sure there are no obvious flaws before I have at it. I'm...
  7. WinjesFarm

    Destination Charging site questions

    Because we are a new public destination charging site and because we are in a very remote area at Winjes Farm, North Eastern CA, I am wondering what kind of range the various models (3, x, s) depend on to travel. For example, we are 204 miles from Reno, NV, or 187 miles from Redding, CA, or 145...
  8. jb007gd

    The new Workplace Charging initiative

    I saw this article that mentions Tesla is going to provide Wall Connectors to businesses. Tesla launches a new ‘Workplace Charging’ program to supply free charging stations to businesses Before I pitch this to my company I want to know if Tesla plans on adding in a j1772 style charger as...
  9. W

    Opinions on install

    I am installing my NEMA 14-50 and I came across language in the city guide (California). Please see pics for my install plan and the language. Since I am only installing an outlet will there be any issue with my install location for my outlet?
  10. KArnold

    Sitting Idle - Plugged In

    I just returned from a 3-week trip to Uganda. My 7-month old MS100D sat idle during that time plugged into my garage Nema 14-50, in the garage, with max SOC set to 75%. Ambient temps were 20's and 30's. Upon return I'm getting the "12v Battery needs service, replace". Email' d the local SC to...
  11. C

    Are future Superchargers more marketing than reality?

    Don't get me wrong. I love the Supercharging network and it makes it easy to travel to different parts of the country. Lately in the mid atlantic area, I have seen more superchargers pop up in areas not listed on the map, example Mt. Jackson in VA. There is construction in Fredericksburg, VA...
  12. L

    Supercharge.info back dating....

    Is there are a way to set a specific date in history on the supercharge.info site to see which superchargers were online for that date? I know there's the "way back" feature which will take one on a long trek back from 2012 on up but I'd like some specific dates and available superchargers for a...
  13. tinm

    Supercharger - La Jolla CA (Location not found, permit not found)

    So I see Tesla has a La Jolla, CA place-holder on the official superchargers list, and an "by end of 2018" due date for it, but does anyone know any more about this? Permits? Location? Any rumors?
  14. C

    Need help determining if I can use the charger in my garage

    Hello all. A couple of years ago, we had a house built and an electric car charger was an add on option so we went for it. I did not know anything about electric car charging back then so I think I may not have the best set up for charging a model 3 when I eventually get one. What was...
  15. avoigt

    Petition to allow Tesla build more SC in Germany

    This is a German Petition asking to change the German legislation that did stop the expansion of Superchargers in Germany since 2016 likely triggered by German Automaker Lobby Groups. If relevant for you please sign it as it helps to expand the already good German SC net and close all white...
  16. D

    Personal Charging Infrastructure

    I currently have 3 EVs in the family, 2014 Tesla Model S85, 2017 Chevy Volt, and 2017 Chevy Bolt. The Volt will be replaced this summer by a Tesla Model 3. My current Personal Charging Infrastructure consists of 1 HPWC on a dedicated 100 amp and 2 Juicebox 40 Pros load balanced on a shared 50...
  17. RubberToe

    Easy way to help EV adoption in multi-family buildings

    Just had this idea after having one of the unit owners in our condo building asking me a bunch of questions about EV charging. The background here is that I live in a 50-unit complex with underground parking. I installed a Level 2 charger about 3 years ago, and it is still the only L2 charger in...
  18. ummgood

    Is 6 gauge wire big enough for a 60 amp upgrade?

    So I was having my NEMA 14-50 installed for my model 3 last week. The electrician (who is a master level in Texas) told me that the 6 gauge wire that he was installing was big enough for increasing my breaker to 60A. I'll only do this if I buy a Tesla Wall Charger so I could set it at 48Amp...
  19. OCRyan

    SDGE is Overpriced for EV Rates

    SDG&E has super off peak EV-TOU rates @ $0.22 (EV Rates | San Diego Gas & Electric). This is insane for super off peak! I'm on the edge of SDG&E and on the other side of our main street SCE customers are at $0.08 off peak (https://www.sce.com/NR/sc3/tm2/pdf/ce114-12.pdf). Has there ever been a...
  20. M

    Wall Connector on Ebay, safe to order?

    Sorry if this been posted already, anyone purchased the Tesla Wall Connector on Ebay.. for under $400 dollars. I love the price but not sure if it is safe to order plus if it is original and if it fails, will Tesla warranty it? Help!
  21. EdisonFire

    Supercharger Openings at Standstill

    I follow multiple sites to remain current. Teslarati lists a supercharger opening in Norway a month ago; Baker CA opening 2 months ago. Does it seem the pace of new superchargers opening is at a crawl when with the M3 hitting the streets it should be ramping up much faster. I've also noticed...
  22. K

    Regarding to ultra chargers

    Respected all tmc members, I kamlesh patel interested in to give on lease supercharging stations or my ohio state motel. So any one can let me know, what is the procure to procure and lease procedure for super charging station. Regards Kamlesh patel
  23. R

    Removing charge cable during power outage?

    I don't recall ever seeing a mention (maybe I was not paying attention!) - since you have to click the button on the UMC to unlock the port and remove the cable - what happens if the power is out to the house? Is there a way to remove the cable via the car? Or are you stuck until the power comes...
  24. Blup85

    Trip to Universal Studios and Disneyland from Norther California

    Planning a trip to Universal Studios, then on to Disneyland for a 3 days in a couple of weeks. We did this trip about a year and a half ago and stopped in Manteca, Harris Ranch (Long lunch), and Tejon to get to Aneheim. This year I think I'm going to have my long stop in Gustine for dinner...
  25. TheTalkingMule

    Car-to-Car Charging

    I'm sure this has been discussed, but....does it not make sense to have the ability to charge off another car? Pretty much anyone would be willing to charge a stranded EV for 6 minutes. So much for range anxiety. Has Elon addressed this in the past.
  26. Fiver

    New Tesla Workplace Charging program

    Was chatting with the (super nice) staff at the SLC store earlier tonight. They know I've helped get a few local businesses (Ski resorts, restaurants, gyms) to join the Tesla Destination Charging program in the past. They mentioned that today they got an email about a new program Tesla is...
  27. TonyPham

    DIY Wall / Mobile Connector cabinet - organizer

    First post here! Has anyone built an organizing cabinet to store the charging cable slack? Is it also acceptable to use the Tesla logos at home in the garage?
  28. T

    Supercharging vs Urban Chargers

    OK, so from my understanding of it, the urban chargers will help increase the rollout of chargers being installed quicker than if it continued to solely be SuperChargers. My questions has to do with the differences therein: What are the significant differences between the two types? Does...
  29. S

    Jalopnik article on EV charging infrastructure - comments from ChargePoint

    I actually found this to be an interesting read: https://jalopnik.com/maybe-its-not-as-hard-as-we-thought-to-solve-the-electr-1821934370 especially from a Tesla owner's perspective and using Tesla's Superchargers and charging at home. The ChargePoint CEO, Romano, talks about their new app...
  30. Blup85

    EV Charger Recommendations for a Facility Manager

    Purely hypothetical :rolleyes:. Your a Facility Manager and are tasked with specifying and installing electric vehicle chargers (Not Tesla this time, but they will be right near by of course!). So, my question for you multi-EV folks out there, and Tesla owners too since we can use j1772, what...
  31. Missile Toad

    1kW charging at an airport: Awesome or Weird?

    So, Tesla has added to its 'findus' web-page a 40-slot Destination Charger near the Denver Airport: Fine Parking ( <- Plugshare). Tesla's site indicates it to be 'up to 16kW', but one Model S driver indicates it to be closer to 1kW, via Plugshare. The parking seems to be upscale parking called...
  32. T

    Tesla lounge in Baker, ca

    Is there a restaurant or food in this lounge, what else is there?
  33. S

    Byton hopes to use Tesla Superchargers

    The Chinese startup car, Byton, that just previewed at CES hopes to be able to use Tesla's Supercharger network, saying they "expect Tesla would be happy - or be forced - to share its Super Charger stations." Maybe China would force them to? Anyway here's a BBC article on the Byton. Near the end...
  34. tinm

    Microcells being added to Supercharger locations for "value-added" services?

    Yesterday I was at a Supercharger in New Mexico and another Tesla owner told me that he'd been at this location recently and there was a worker there surveying the lot, and upon questioning had told him that Tesla was planning to add a microcell to the Supercharger location which would then be...
  35. B

    GE Wattstation Key

    I have a GE Wattstation in my garage and for some reason either myself or the electrician locked it to the wall base when installing and I can't find the key. It's circular. Anyone have an extra and/or know where I could buy one?
  36. nwdiver

    eBay HPWCs....?

    Why is eBay suddenly lousy with ~$300US HPWC from Canada? Did Tesla 'lose' a truck north of the border?
  37. cantanko

    CHAdeMO adaptors, firmware, revisions and magic incantations...

    Please stick with me if this is a bit rambling, but I'm trying to straighten this out in my head as best as I can whilst typing this. A bit of background - I'm UK-based, so this all revolves around the type-2 CHAdeMO adaptor rather than the Tesla-connector type adaptor, and I have a ~September...
  38. selfbp

    Keeping battery preheated?

    I’m up a few times throughout the night(s) and was wondering if it would be beneficial to use the new preconditioning battery feature on firmware “.50” for an hour or so throught the night. It’s getting into the 10-20* range in the evenings here now so would it be beneficial to give some warmth...
  39. P

    DIY 14-50 Receptacle on a Post

    I live in a condo building with a parking spot that is in front of my window, and got the green light to install a receptacle on a post. Our building already has outdoor 5-15 receptacles with wiring inside a metal post that is used for block heaters, but I thought it would just be easier to just...
  40. B

    Picking the best stall at a crowded supercharger

    If a supercharger is crowded, I'd like the car to recommend the best stall to use! I know this information is available because I called support and asked for it. I ended up staying in the stall I picked because the partner was almost at the point of getting less energy. I saw another car try...
  41. W

    What Mph will a Tesla charge at on a Juicebox 40

    As per the title. Let’s assume a model S but may be a long range 3. Unit is connected to a 50 amp circuit 240 volt. (50 amp breakers). This is what we currently have for our Leaf and Smart ED. Thank you. John.
  42. V

    Bloomington and Evansville/Elberfield

    Any news on these locations I go from Indy to EVV often and I really need these 2 locations, present model S owner
  43. Gremlin

    SnowShoe Mountain Destination Charger

    https://www.snowshoemtn.com/about-us/frequently-asked-questions. Thank you Tesla for listening after several posted suggestions.
  44. TreborThickweb

    Supercharger - Mt. Shasta, CA - 134 Morgan Way (LIVE 04 Jan 2018)

    (Moderator note: these posts were split from the original Mt Shasta Supercharger thread on 01-04-2018 — when it went live — and moved into their own thread because Tesla considers the new Superchargers a separate location even though they are just across the street. The new location has its own...
  45. A

    Supercharging rate option

    Supercharging locations are getting crowded in some places. I believe it is time to add a very small, simple, though handy tool to manage supercharging. New button! By default, this is set to STANDARD for every location. User has the option to click REDUCED on the screen (or app) before...
  46. R

    Cell phone charging

    I know this is off topic, but should I avoid charging my phone to 100% as we do with our Tesla's? I don't know what is myth and what is fact.
  47. swengl

    Next Generation Mobile Connector

    Tesla releases 40% cheaper next-gen mobile connector for Model 3, S, and X Glad to see efficiencies of scale paying off ;)
  48. S

    Standalone electric meter + charger

    Hi forum. I'm looking for some options for a charger installation at a seasonal cottage. I currently have a 50A plug installed at the panel, but the location is less than ideal. I'd like to install a charger at a location away from the panel if possible at a reasonable cost. I had an...
  49. 4SUPER9

    Free charging at work. Declining. Here’s why.

    I work in a very large office building where I have a fantastic dedicated parking spot. It’s right next to the elevators, never gets blocked in and is extra wide, with the additional bonus of an unused walkway immediately adjacent. In other words, massive and convenient, where I can also...
  50. GMan324

    Supercharger - Fishers, IN

    Indianapolis currently only has one supercharger located on the South side of the I-465 loop around the city. I just heard that we are getting a new Supercharger located in Fishers, IN in 2018 (Northeast side of town). Telsa's website confirms this by showing "coming soon" and lists "opening...