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2015 Model S 70D stops charging when full but then starts again in 30 seconds

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Hi all
We have a 2015 Tesla Model S 70D and recently I have heard a knocking sound at night outside our house, I found out this was my home charger turning on and off about every 30 seconds. I looked in the car and found that the display said "Charging Complete" and then it would change to "Charging" (the wording may be wrong but you get the idea), it would then charge at 1 to 5 amps for a short time and say "Charging Complete" again. I'm guessing if I didn't unplug the car it would go on like this all night.

We have the charging set to 90% on the car and we are using a 240V 32A 7.2KH Rolec WallPod with a Type 2 socket if this helps.

Has anyone else had this problem or know what we can do, we have booked in a service with Tesla but I would rather avoid this for the time and money it will cost.

I bet the issue is the Rolec.
That was my first thought but then I thought that if the Tesla was fully charged it wouldn’t start charging again no matter what the Rolec was doing.

My thinking was that there needs to be a “handshake” between the car and the charger before the power gets turned on and even if it does get turned on without being asked then the car just won’t use the power.

I could be wrong though so I will try the granny cable tonight.