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2016 P90D X to 7 vs. 5 seat Y

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Hello Model Y'ers - I currently have a 6 seater loaded 2016 P90D X with 140k miles on it and looking to take advantage of FUSC transfer. When I got my X I was obsessed with 0-60 acceleration, but now I realize that any Tesla is plenty quick enough for me.
I still love my X but am sick of spending anywhere from $1k-3k per year on suspension related issues and/or tires so I'm gonna switch over to a Y. I will miss having the screen behind the wheel and the big portrait mode screen but I'll deal with it. Found an inventory Y at our local dealer but it's a 7 seater. I will probably rarely use the back row if ever. Is there any major downside to having those seats there and just keeping them folded? Is the frunk the same and if you have both rows down is everything the same height in the bed?