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2017 MX Creaking Under Mild-Hard Acceleration/Now It Failed

MX Baseline Stats:
2017 MX with approx 25k miles.

Over the past year plus I would hear an intermittent creaking noise under mild to hard acceleration ONLY from the right front suspension area. Not bad enough for me to feel like it needed attention.

Yesterday, as I was mildly accelerating into traffic, I heard the creaking then a loud pop. Something now sounds loose/broken on the right front suspension area. And from a slow start from a stop it now has a grinding noise until 5-10 mph then it goes away.

Using Tesla customer service, I had it towed to the Service Department. Per the Tesla service department, I have to fit the towing bill until it's determined to be a Tesla warranty issue. So I paid towing nearly $250 to have it towed.

Wanted to hear back from the group with any similar experiences or constructive feedback. I'm obviously a bit concerned with Tesla not warrantying this issue as I've read in some threads where Tesla has considered issues as "wear and tear".

By the way, can't wait till November to hear about the Tesla truck news!!!

Thanks for taking time to respond,