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2023 Model Y flat tire off wheel

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I had my first Tesla flat tire on my new model Y. Only has 1,800 miles. We had the car towed to the auto shop. Once we got there the tow truck driver backed it off the tow truck and went to park it in a stall. When he did so the tire came off of the wheel.
Has anyone else had this experience?

Additionally, I dropped it off late last night. Called them this morning and they didn’t have the tire in stock, so they ordered it but it should be there tomorrow. What are the odds that my wheel and/or rim is going to need to be replaced from sitting? 😞

I’ve had a normal amount of flats in my life but never have I ever had the tire come off of the wheel….
It’s not unheard of for the bead to seperate. But I’d be surprised if it was just moved straight at low speeds.

It does look like it was rolled on the rim a bit. Will scuff it up.

Ordered a tire? Do they even know where the hole is?
Not a big deal. Unless there is a visible hole in the sidewall they should have already taken that wheel off the car and patched it.

I am thinking you know very little about cars because you asked if it being parked on the wheel overnight damages it. The tire shops will pick up on this and try to sell you two new tires if they can. Ask them why it's not repairable. If they tell you it's because there is foam in the tire then yea it's a made up reason.