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$25k down, possible/ease to get return if cancelled?

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I am financing through a local bank for only the portion after $25k down. I have the option to give a bank the check for the $25k and they will cut a certified check to Tesla to bring the day of pickup for the full amount although it's going to take a few days for my down-payment to clear.

I would like to use Tesla's ACH ability to put $25 down via their website, then bring the check the day of from my bank for the remaining amount.

My question is, if I do this and for any reason reject the vehicle and order will I get my $25k back easily? Anyone experience this? I know I would be out the $100 initial deposit but that's not my question. I just want to make sure I'm protecting myself here.
Yea, I totally wouldnt do that... Get the funds from your bank... Its not like there is a benefit to do this, but I would count on a bank to give me my $25k back before I would trust tesla to cut me a refund check.

When I picked up my model Y they "Lost" my bank draft and couldnt find it for 3 months, when I finally got a request to get a replacement and needed documentation from them they "found" it and put it through. Was nice to have 90 days with no payments though.
Well for those interested and unfortunately in Michigan.... This state sucks btw...

To have the car transported into Michigan from Ohio, the car has to be paid in full. I'm sure it has to do with the lawsuit where Tesla sued Michigan to even be able to sell cars here. Tesla had someone call me from the finance department and they were very helpful. Check will be sent overnight to them tomorrow so hopefully no delays next week.
Yes, Michigan sucks. I ended up just paying cash because the loan process became too much of a burden and didn’t want to miss the March shipment.
I actually just replied to another post of yours but hopefully got the loan all straightened out. Since you are local, LOC Credit Union has amazing rates and has for a while for next time. Financed two cars through them total at 1.39%.