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7 Seat LR Delivery Issue Today

Hey guys...
I had ordered a white/black MY 7 seat LR, basic autopilot on 1/22
Yesterday Tesla called me saying that I had gotten a VIN(113xxx, has heated steering and new console) and the car was ready for pickup. I inspected my car with a checklist, and everything looked good, so I accepted delivery. The paint was good, and there were no panel gaps.

Afterwards, the car rebooted to get assigned to my account, but the screen kept on glitching and didn't turn on. So we tried a reset by pressing both scroll wheels, and the screen still glitched, and kept flickering black while trying to turn on. So since I had accepted the car, they said they would take it to service and gave me an MYP with FSD to use. They told me they are trying to fix the car and will get back to me later today. Apparently the car is getting remote service from California.

Has anyone faced this issue before?
Someone posted about this on the Reddit r/TeslaMotors page about a week or two ago, similar situation where they would remote into it from California. I don't have a link to the post, but it sounds like you're not the first. At least they took care of you by providing a comparable loaner for the time being! Still, unfortunate that this happened at all.
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