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A Model 3 Review for Corolla Owners

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TL;DR: Here’s a link to my review.

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Q: What is the style of this review?

A: Told as a story over two days of a Turo rental, features of the Model 3 are discussed as I recount my time driving around LA (Day 1) and staying in Santa Barbara (Day 2).

Q: Who is this review for?

A: Not necessarily for those of us who gobbled up last year’s articles about the rumored mixture of aluminum to steel in the Model 3’s frame. Through each step of the review, I attempt to not only talk about the car’s features, but also explain their utility (to those unfamiliar with Tesla) and potential. I use analogy, metaphor, and relevant experiences to draw comparisons that are accessible for the average listener.

So while you may not learn anything new over the course of this episode, it may be perfect for that friend / relative / coworker who is curious about Tesla, but hasn’t been exposed much to the Model 3 beyond what you’ve shared with them.

TS;WR (Too Short; Wanna Read)

On March 31, 2016, I stood in line for 3.5 hours to reserve a Model 3, sight unseen. And in early February of this year, I finally got the chance to experience the car after renting it on Turo. I spent 48 hours with the car for two reasons:

1.) To test drive the car before making the biggest purchase of my adult life.

2.) To review the car for my technology podcast, Futurespeak.

I usually release an episode every 10 days or so, but my Model 3 review took more than five weeks. Why?

Because I’ve read / watched / listened to nearly every Model 3 review in existence.

So, when it finally came time to write my review for Tesla’s entry into the affordable car market, I froze. I’d spent so much time on TMC, M3OC, and r/teslamotors, I wasn’t sure what I could add to the conversation that all of you hadn’t already heard. It wasn’t until a couple weeks after my Turo experience that I remembered that these forums aren’t representative of the wider public, and that while my show may contain some overlap with the Tesla faithful, the show largely skews towards a broader audience.

It was then that I found my “angle." Hence, the title: A Model 3 Review for Corolla Owners.

I loved the 70-minute in-depth look at the Model 3 that M3OC did, and it definitely helped me bide my time as I waited for my reservation to turn into an invitation. But a lot of the information shared in videos like these don’t reflect how I actually experience a car.

So many of the reviews of the Model 3 grind into such fine grain detail that they sometimes feel like a lot of analyzing the moss on trees, when a lot of folks out there (not us) may simply want a helicopter flyby of the forest.

So this review isn’t the kind to clinically discuss the dimensions of the frunk. I was more interested in seeing if my airline carry-on bag would fit. (Spoiler: it does.)

As a sort of preview, I've included the show notes below. (This does not reflect the entire episode. I only include topics in show notes that justify links.)

These forums have helped make these last two years a little more tolerable, and a lot more fun. I sincerely hope you enjoy this review.

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Added your podcast to my subscriptions and looking forward to hearing the review! I'm also interested in your experience because I'm planning to rent a Model 3 this year to hold me over until next year. ;)
Thank you! I hope you enjoy the review. Renting the Model 3 was a really great decision - I’m so glad I did it. Let me know when you rent yours!